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Best Boxing Gloves for Beginners in UK | Ultimate Guide (2020 Update)

by Alistair Knight

best boxing gloves for beginners uk review and comparison

What are the best boxing gloves for beginners?

As a boxer for over 3 years, my job is to keep my hands protected at all times because at the end of the day: they are your weapon. In this article, my job is to give you an honest review of the best boxing gloves for beginners that myself, my sparring partners, and other credible online reviews have put together.

Boxing is already hard enough, and we want to make sure that it’s easy for you to choose the best boxing gloves out there for your:

  • Comfort
  • Protection
  • Safety

Note: The gloves that are reviewed below have affiliate links. Whatever you buy may earn me a small commission.

Now, there are many of those other companies that claim they have the ‘best quality gloves’, but when you try on their boxing gloves, you’ll experience all kinds of problems.

For example, some of those boxing gloves can:

  • Harden quickly
  • Turn and stay hot and sweaty
  • Become difficult to make a fist
  • Tear in common places
  • And more!

boxer on mitt with coach in a black and white silhouette

If you’re in a hurry, check out the top-rated boxing gloves

Twins Special Boxing Gloves (Velcro)

8 oz – 16 oz Genuine Handmade Leather boxing gloves with velcro straps, ideal for training and sparring.

Check on Amazon

So where do you look when you need to find the best pair of boxing gloves?

Whether you’re a novice looking to get started, or an amateur/professional boxer looking to find the best gloves that can be used for your sparring and bag work, we have reviewed the top 5 best boxing gloves in the UK below (in no particular order) for beginner-intermediate boxers.

Venum Unisex Adult Elite Boxing Gloves

I have personally been using the Venum Unisex Elite Boxing Gloves for 3 months now. Continue reading my unbiased review where I talk about the pros and cons about the gloves.

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves Pros

Very large padding

These gloves are very protective thanks to the triple-density foam.

I find that when I am sparring my training partner or hitting the heavy bag; it’s very soft on your hand and it provides great defence when you’re blocking shots, making these a great choice for both a sparring glove and a bag glove.

The thumb is also attached to the glove which also provides additional thumb support.

Hand injuries are very common in boxing and these gloves are my favourite when it comes to overall hand protection (especially as I’ve never injured my hands before).

Easy to take on and off because of the large elastic velcro

I prefer using hook and loop (velcro) when it comes to bag work because it saves SO much time.

Yes, lace-up gloves can feel better because you can adjust the tightness (which is important when you are training very frequently).

However, you can always wrap zinc tape around your velcro glove to provide additional support to your wrist (although it isn’t necessary).

These velcro gloves are perfect when you don’t have someone available to help you put your lace-up gloves on and most beginners prefer velcro boxing gloves as training glove.

100% genuine Semi-aniline Leather

What is special about Semi-aniline leather?

Semi-aniline leather is a special material because of how durable the leather construction is from scratches and wear and tear.

The gloves also contain a small coating of pigment which acts like make-up does to the skin. This will help keep the elegant appearance over time while letting the semi-aniline skin breath underneath.

Cons about the Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

Can feel too heavy

If you purchase the bigger size such as the 16 oz like I did, you’ll find that your shoulders will tire quickly.

This, of course, isn’t a bad thing, but previous 16oz gloves I’ve used before such as the 16oz ringside boxing gloves were easier to use because they felt lighter…

Hook and loop gloves are not the best for sparring or fighting

If you’re thinking of sparring as a beginner, I would advise getting a pair of lace-up gloves because if any velcro is showing, it could potentially cut your opponent.


🏥 Protection and Safety – 5 star: Very thick glove thanks to its triple density foam, great at protecting a novice boxer (although its thickness can affect ease of use).

💰 Price – 4 star: A very affordable pair of gloves

🥊 Ease of Use – 4.5 star: I have personally found that these Venum gloves can be too heavy if you purchase a larger size, although they are very soft and comfortable to wear.

What we like:

✔️ Superb protection
✔️ 100% Genuine Semi-aniline leather
✔️ Large velcro enclosure

UK Amazon Review:

“Love these gloves, they’re VERY nice looking and the build quality is of a high standard! Really comfortable, 14oz is perfect for all round use, gives the perfect amount of protection!” 5 out of 5 star

Discover more reviews on Amazon

What we dislike:

🚫 There can be too much room on the inside if you have small hands
🚫 Although every individual is different, I found these gloves were much thicker than my previous pair of 16 Oz gloves, but are great for conditioning your upper body.


The Venum Elite Boxing Gloves are very good for your boxing training. They have excellent reviews on Amazon and I personally enjoy using them to hit hard with comfort.

alistair knight posing with venum elite boxing gloves

This is me 🙂

The gloves aren’t too expensive (less than £65) and the genuine leather make these one of the best boxing gloves you can get.

RDX Boxing Gloves – ConvEX Skin Leather (Hook and Loop)

The RDX ConvEX Skin Leather boxing and kickboxing gloves are an absolute beauty to use when it comes to a comfortable, versatile, and protective glove that all fighters need whether you’re a beginner or an elite boxer.

But what are the pros and cons?

RDX boxing glove pros

EVA & X-FOAM padding

The biggest benefit with this glove is that it is layered with EVA Padding on the outside and X-FOAM within the inside palm area which are two very high-quality materials.

What does this mean for you?

It means that you get a glove that provides maximum shock absorbency, therefore reducing the chances of becoming injured.

Its ConvEX skin PU leather material

ConvEX Skin is a long-lasting leather that is comfortable to wear during your sparring, bag work, and mitt work making them an all-round glove.

It’s long-lasting ConvEX Skin Leather is a far more durable material compared to those other ‘synthetic’ plastic boxing gloves, making these RDX gloves a great choice.

Regulated temperature

Have your hands ever felt really hot during your boxing training? If they have it may be because the gloves you were wearing didn’t contain nylon.

Nylon is a very light, strong, and chemical-free fabric which is brilliant at aeration because air can easily flow through it.

These RDX boxing gloves contain an inner nylon mesh as well as an antimicrobial lining that ensures a ‘no bacteria boxing glove’ with a fresh hand feeling.


RDX boxing glove cons

Small and flimsy straps

The velcro straps are very convenient for quickly slipping your boxing gloves on and off.

However, as the straps are so thin, they lack stability meaning you miss out on proper wrist support.

What is the solution to this?

Tape your wrists a few times over with a zinc oxide tape. Personally, I recommend taping your wrist during every session to ensure that you do not damage your wrists — if you have an unsupported wrist strap.


🏥 Protection and Safety – 3.5 star: Well padded thanks to X-FOAM and EVA Padding. Wrist support could be improved.
💰 Price – 5 star: One of the cheapest boxing gloves online. (Compare prices on Amazon)
🥊 Ease of Use – 4.5 star: A comfortable pair of leather gloves that are great at regulating temperature.

What we like:

✔️ Low cost
✔️ Great padding and wrist support
✔️ Inner anti-sweat repellent with good ventilation

UK Amazon Review:

Mr Oliver

Gloves are well manufactured, comfortable to wear and they give good protection to your wrist while punching. Would absolutely recommend. 4 out of 5 Stars

Discover more reviews on Amazon

What we dislike:

🚫 The size of the RDX boxing gloves can be too small. We recommend buying the next size up.


These best selling boxing gloves are designed and manufactured from a very well established boxing brand and are a versatile, comfortable, and inexpensive pair of boxing gloves that are great for both beginners and pro fighters.

Everlast Pro Style Elite Training Boxing Gloves

Everlast, a company that started in 1910 have been manufacturing boxing gloves since 1917 when Jack Dempsey (R.I.P), needed protective equipment that would last a full 15 rounds.

These Everlast Pro Style Elite boxing gloves are their most recent boxing glove that boxers use and love today. Everlast is a company that build long-lasting equipment (‘ever last’) and these gloves do just that with their premium manufacturing.

Everlast Pro Style Elite boxing gloves Pros

The technology

Ever heard of ‘Evercool’ or ‘Everfresh’? It’s Everlast’s unique technology that makes these a great pair of gloves.

The Evercool technology will cool your hands during your boxing training because the gloves are made from a breathable fabric that has its own ventilation.

This means when you throw your punches you’ll also be regulating the temperature within the glove itself.

The Everfresh technology comprises of antimicrobial treatment keeping your gloves fresh and free from offensive odours.

A large, padded velcro wrist wrap

Unlike their ancestor whose velcro wrist wraps were too thin; the new Pro Style Elite Training Gloves now come with a padded velcro wrist wrap which ensures that you don’t miss out on the full wrist coverage.

Now, not only is there added padding on the wrist but the actual length of the wrap is much longer, meaning it is super easy to adjust, slip-on, and slip-off.

Everlast Pro Style Elite boxing gloves Cons

Uncomfortable inner fabric (to begin with)

Now, while the synthetic leather has been proven to last a long time, another boxer online has found that the inner fabric can be difficult to get used to because his fingers would rub against the inner-mesh.

Although, this went away after he used the gloves more.

The good news is that the inner mesh is smooth to the touch which meant that his fingers did not create blisters like a shoe would to your feet.

Although the general tightness between his gloves and the inner fabric were both uncomfortable to begin with, he’d still recommend these Everlast boxing gloves because of their gradual comfort over time.


🏥 Protection and Safety – 4 Star: Good wrist support with an extra long and extra thick velcro strap and decent, well distributed padding
💰 Price – 5 Star: Looking for the cheapest boxing gloves out there? (Review these gloves on Amazon)
🥊 Ease of Use – 3.5 star: The inner fabric can be uncomfortable and may be difficult to get used to.

What we like:

✔️ Breathable technology
✔️ Very cheap boxing gloves
✔️ Great wrist support

UK Amazon Review:

“Overall good gloves, I like the balance of the weight within the gloves – wraps well around the wrist and heavy at the knuckles (helps with throwing a punch)” 4 out of 5 star

Discover more reviews on Amazon

What we dislike:

🚫 Gloves can feel too tight if you have big hands.
🚫 Inner fabric can be uncomfortable to begin with.


A great beginner boxing glove that has brilliant reviews on Amazon and from training partners, are low cost (£25), and are manufactured from a trustworthy company.

If you are looking to compete as an amateur in boxing, we would advise getting higher quality, genuine leather boxing gloves like the Twins Special or the Venum Elite boxing gloves because you’ll find them more comfortable when using your boxing gloves more often.

Both of the boxing gloves mentioned above are also reviewed within this article.

Twins Special BGVL-3

As a ‘Top rated’ boxing glove on Amazon and a popular boxing glove in my personal gym and around the UK, the Twins Specials really do have something special about them.

I love how these gloves are super lightweight (0.560 KG) and are designed for the best hand and wrist protection during training with their attached thumb, durable velcro wrist strap, and high grade genuine Thai leather.

However, while these are one of the best gloves out there they’re not completely perfect.

Read on so that you don’t miss out on understanding the pros and cons of the Twins Special boxing gloves.

Twins Special boxing gloves Pros

Protection and padding

The first thing that make these boxing gloves so popular are their padding.

The gloves are very comfortable to wear thanks to their snug fit design and thick padding which are evenly spread across the glove.

The evenly spread padding results in a distribution of weight throughout the glove as opposed to those other knuckle heavy boxing gloves which can feel uncomfortable.

Wrist support

As you know, wrist support is essential in boxing and these gloves provide extra long wrist support where the gloves go halfway down your forearm:

Not many boxing gloves provide this level of unique wrist support which is one of the primary reasons why the Twins Special made it onto our ‘Best Boxing Gloves UK guide’.

Handmade quality

Lastly, every single pair of the Twins Special Thai boxing gloves are handmade with genuine leather.

What does this mean for you?

It means that you get an expertly designed boxing glove which has been crafted with care as opposed to a manufacturing facility.

You also get to enjoy your workout in a genuine Thai leather material which has greater longevity compared to PVC.

Twins Special boxing gloves Cons

Can be too tight for those with big hands

Due to their snug fit technology, the Twins Special BGVL-3 boxing gloves can be too tight for some people who have larger hands.

What is the solution?

Get the next size up because that will ensure you may:

A) Get a pair of gloves that fit you
B) Further protect your hands and sparring partners (which is important)

Satin lining may rub

Now, if you’ve forgotten to pack your hand wraps for your boxing workout (which I’ve done on occasion), you may experience a rubbing sensation every time you land a punch because the inner satin lining will rub on your bare skin.

What is the solution?

Pack your hand wraps the night before because a layer of fabric covering your skin will protect the friction between your skin and the inner satin lining.

Related guide:

Compare different hand wraps on Amazon


🏥Protection and Safety – 4.5 star: Very well padded gloves with brilliant wrist support both work together to protect your hands.
💰 Price – 4 Star: Mid-range gloves with good pricing (review on Amazon)
🥊 Ease of Use – 4.5 star: Can be too bulky to wear if you purchase the larger size although the weight is distributed well across the glove (it’s not knuckle heavy).

What we like:

✔️ Genuine Thai leather boxing gloves (hand-made)
✔️ Additional wrist support (with a long, easy to adjust velcro strap)
✔️ Snug fit design with brilliant padding

UK Amazon Review:


“I bought these as a step up from slightly cheaper gloves and as an alternative to the very expensive gloves you can get. They are brilliant quality, very comfortable and very well made.” 5 out of 5 star

Discover more reviews on Amazon

What we dislike:

🚫 The inner satin lining may rub if you do not have hand wraps on.
🚫 The leather will begin to smell if used without adequate cleaning (click here to discover the solution).
🚫 Gloves may be too small for other boxers with big hands.


Are these gloves worth it? To be honest, if I personally didn’t think these gloves were worth the price they wouldn’t be on this ‘best boxing glove guide’ because I genuinely care for your protection, comfort and safety as I am also a boxer.

Now, while I haven’t tried these gloves on my sparring partner, Ryan, has been using these boxing gloves for 3 years now and he says they’ve been a great pair of training gloves that have been through all sparring, bag work, and pad work.

The handmade-genuine leather craftsmanship is the reason why Ryan is still able to use these gloves and the reason why they are rated 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon here.

Fairtex BGV1 Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

The Fairtex BGV1 boxing gloves have generated a massive following amongst all combat fighters, and definitely deserve a spot on our top boxing glove list.

But what is so special about these Muay Thai gloves (that are made in Thailand) and why should a pair of Muay Thai gloves be on a ‘best boxing glove for beginners guide’?

Let’s address these questions by looking at the pros and cons.

Fairtex BGV1 Pros

Lots of hand freedom

Since these Fairtex gloves are really Muay Thai gloves, they provide a lot of space meaning that your fingers are not fixed in one position.

This will ensure that you will have more control over your training partners as well as be able to parry shots more effectively because you have more freedom within the glove.

All-round quality and stitching

Firstly, these gloves are made from sleek premium leather and are made to last.

Many boxers use these gloves because it seems they have little manufacturing faults. For example, there has never been any comments or witnesses of ‘double stitching’ or ‘uneven threading’ where other gloves have been guilty.

The leather quality also combine with Fairtex’s three-layered foam system for supreme shock absorption and cushioning of your knuckles.

Lastly, the velcro wrist strap is firm as opposed to flimsy which is important as the gloves age because flimsy wrist straps may become unfastened mid-training or even rip as the velcro deteriorates in time.

Fairtex BGV1 Cons

Higher price range

Due to its premium leather manufacturing these gloves fall into the more expensive boxing glove category (more than £100) which is quite a lot compared to very similar gloves like the Twins Special boxing gloves or the Venum Elite boxing gloves which are cheaper.

Top handed padding

Now, most boxing gloves will have knuckle dense padding whereby the padding is focused at the front of the glove.

Muay Thai gloves like this one distribute the padding across the whole area of the glove in the logic that: more weight distributed across the glove = more control when grappling your opponents.

What would be the downside to having less padding at the knuckle?

You guessed it, more risk to your knuckles…

What is the solution to this?

Wear ‘long hand wraps’ with ‘under wraps padding’ like you can see I’m wearing below:

alistair knight's hand and under hand wraps for boxing

Note: You ALWAYS want to wrap your hands before hitting anything with your hands as any beginner boxing glove cannot protect you on their own.


🏥Protection and Safety – 3 star: Triple layer padding with great wrist support but have a poor distribution of foam.
💰 Price – 3.5 Star: High-range gloves that seem overpriced (review on Amazon)
🥊 Ease of Use – 4.5 star: A very comfortable pair of boxing gloves (thanks to lots of finger space)

What we like:

✔️ Firm (not flimsy) velcro strap that is easy to adjust.
✔️ Premium leather quality with single stitching
✔️ Lots of internal space (great for controlling your opponent and parrying)

UK Amazon Review:


“Easily the best purchase I have made, I’ve been using them for 8 months now and the shape has held up extremely well and there is not a tear in sight.” 5 out of 5 star

Discover more reviews on Amazon

What we dislike:

🚫 Foam padding is not knuckle heavy meaning knuckle injuries can happen if not protected
🚫 Expensive compared to similar boxing gloves for beginners (£100+ on Amazon)
🚫 Gloves may be too small for other boxers with big hands.


Would you rather get a boxing glove that:

A) Has been proven to last for years at a high cost?
B) Has been guilty of rips at a cheaper cost?

If your answer to this question is ‘A’, then these well trusted and tested gloves are for you.

Yes, you may be able to get a cheaper glove you may have to sacrifice the premium quality and internal space that these gloves offer.


Look, I care about your comfort, safety, and protection. And, seeing those other beginner boxing glove reviews, I HAD to write this article.

Your boxing gloves (as well as your hands) are your weapon.

The only way you’re going to win the battle is by using your weapons and any of the gloves reviewed on this guide will help you do the job that needs to be done, whether your goal is:

  • Weight loss
  • Learning self-defence
  • Competing
  • Or all of these!

What beginner boxing gloves would you recommend getting that aren’t mentioned in this article? Comment below if you have a personal favourite.

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