Healthy Principles Product Selection Process

Finding informational advice online is easy to do. But finding the most accurate, trustworthy, and usable information isn’t always possible.

This is the problem Healthy Principles is fixing, and this page will show you how we create content with links to vetted products and services.

Our vision at Healthy Principles is to have astronomically useful, original, and better content so that you can make the best decision for yourself and the people you love.

We help you take action on the things that you’re passionate about. This means our editors will occasionally link to relevant products and services we are certain you will benefit from.

Putting Readers First

We carefully select products that will genuinely benefit you. If there is a need or we think you will gain value from a product or service, we will give you the option to find out more via a text link.

All of our product reviews, roundups, and articles with shopping links are editorially independent. All of our editors are thoroughly trained on when to use such links and we never let our sponsors and business partners influence our content.

How We Select Products

Before anyone on our editorial team considers researching and writing about a product, we ask ourselves the question: Do we have enough expert knowledge on this product that we are recommending?

If the answer is no, we simply do not write about that product or promote it. Instead, we will purchase the product or hire an expert who has significant experience using it.

Every product we promote undergoes hours of rigorous analysis where our editorial team will research verified reviews and speak with experts on the matter. This can be research of:

  • A comfortable and durable yoga mat
  • The latest Venum boxing gloves
  • Or essential clothing for healthy individuals

If we believe the products meets our criteria for quality, convenience, expense, and measurement, then we dive into researching and creating balanced and objective content.

How We Create Balanced and Objective Product Reviews

  • We show what the product is like physically and how it is used, with original content from multiple sources and feedback.
  • We measure how the product performs quantitatively in terms of its performance. For example, in our boxing product reviews/roundups, we ask ourselves, does this boxing glove meet all of the most important needs that a boxing glove must meet:
    • Durability: How was it crafted and what materials were used?
    • Comfort: How much room does the glove have, does it rub or cause marks after hitting the heavy bag, how heavy is it?
    • Protection: How many layers of foam padding does it have, what type of foam does it have, how is the foam distributed?
    • Training or competition: Is this a training glove or a competition glove?
    • Visuals: Is it aesthetically pleasing to the eye, will the fighter look good amongst his or her peers?
      • If some of these needs are not meet, we will highlight that via the heading ‘Con’ or ‘What is bad about [name of product]’, for example:
A screenshot with the heading, 'con', with the disadvantage being the gloves wrist support.


  • We showcase why a product is better than another

For example, in our introductions, we give clear reasons why our readers should choose a certain product:

A screenshot of a list of various boxing gloves being reviewed with a short summary of which is best for what; such as which is the best boxing glove for budget


  • We cover similar products and explain which ones are best for certain circumstances
  • We discuss the benefits and drawbacks of a particular product, based on thorough research
  • We describe how a product has evolved from previous models
  • We describe how a product has been designed and provide a history of the manufacturer

Once our content has been edited, we assess those recommendations for affiliate relationships with potential or existing business partners. If you do make a purchase at the retailer’s site after clicking one of our links, Healthy Principles may receive a small share of the revenue from that purchase. That revenue supports our independent editorial process and helps us deliver on our mission evolving and enhancing informational advice for every country. No editorial staff, nor contributors from our network, receive a commission from those purchases.

Simply, we do the hard work — backed by a team of experts — so you don’t have to.

This is because we want you to feel confident in making the best decision for yourself and the people you love.