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To evolve and enhance health advice on the internet for all

We’re committed to being your most trusted health blog so that you can look, feel and become: fit and healthy

To do this, you’ll discover content that not only educates and inspires you but is also very relevant and valuable because we really want to help you.

We’ve selected the best writers to present objective, accurate, and interesting content that will show, help, and change the lives of you and your family.

Bottom line: We’re here for you all the time so that you can get the best answers to your questions.

Meet The Team


Tihomir Stefanov ‘Tisho’ | Qualified Personal Trainer

Tihomir Stefanov 'Tisho Stefanov', profile picture - lead writer for healthy principles




As a qualified personal trainer with sports academy certification, Tihomir Stefanov (Tisho) has helped over 100 people face to face, and thousands more online in their journey of a healthy body and mind.

Tisho continues to study health relentlessly so that he can continue to deliver honest, objective, evidence-based information to the world.

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Alistair Knight | Founder & Boxer

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As well as helping the whole world, my personal job within Healthy Principles is to help fighters and athletes become the best they possibly can become.


By spending my time practising and learning more about being an athlete to ensure that I continue to provide the best, evidence and experience-based insights for you.

I’m a former athlete in boxing, digital marketer, and entrepreneur.

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