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This is the ultimate review for the best punching bags you can find online.

Within this review, you’re going to see:

  • The Top 3 free-standing bags, heavy bags, dummy bags, punch bags with a stand, water punch bags
  • The Best punch bag for working out at home
  • Insights into the most common punch bag questions
  • Plus a lot more!

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Top 3 Best Free Standing Punch Bags

Helpful note on purchasing location: If you like the look of a product, the link you can click on will take you to Amazon for your country. I.e. if you’re in the US.

Best overall:

1. Dripex Free Standing Punch Bag for Adults


Absorbs your punches nicely: The Dripex free-standing bag comes with Dual TPU absorbers as well as 360° springs which help absorb your shots and prevent noise. You’re also able to remove the strings yourself for less vibration, meaning, you can do an intensive strength training workout.

Super stable: The base of this Dripex bag literally sucks to any surface you’d like to use it on. The reason why is because there are 12 strong suction cups beneath. Furthermore, you’re able to add up to 137lbs of water and 182lbs of sand which is recommended for extra stability.

Fine quality: The stainless steel tube which runs down the spine of the bag is enclosed with layers of high-density foam, eco-friendly fabric and an exterior PU leather for great tear resistance as well as a fast rebound. This means you’re able to safely throw knees, elbows, and kicks, although, we’d recommend wearing gloves and a quality pair of hand wraps.


It can move around over time: Some people have found that they need to use gravel and fill the base with water as the bag can move around over time.


The Dripex bag is the best free standing punch bag for any ability and it can be used on any surface.

It’s high quality, somewhat sturdy, and also absorbs your punches/kicks well.

Buy the Dripex Free Standing Punch Bag on Amazon

2. Lions Free Standing Punch Bag 5.5ft


Inexpensive: This punching bag with a stand costs half the amount of all the other free-standing bags reviewed on this list.

Can be used for both adults and children: This LIONS punch bag stands at 5ft 5 which is the perfect height for hitting an opponent chin (if you’re an adult) and isn’t too big for a child to use.

Soft, fine materials: With multiple layers of foam construction and a leather exterior striking surface, you can throw any punches or kicks without breaking the bag and without hurting yourself.


You need to assemble it: The base and the bag come in two separate boxes, so you’ll need to follow the instructions which arrive with the product to set it up.

This should only take ten to fifteen minutes and you can easily contact LIONS (the seller).


In summary, the Lions Free Standing Punch Bag is a great punching bag for any ability and any age.

The bag is well padded and durable thanks to the foam and leather. It’s also incredibly cheap in comparison to other punching bags reviewed on this guide.

Buy the Lions Free Standing Punch Bag on Amazon

3. TurnerMAX Free Standing Punch Bag 6ft


EVA soft foam: This best-selling free standing punching bag is composed of multiple layers of EVA foam meaning you can strike it with any part of your body. However, it is still hard to hit so it’s best to wear boxing gloves with it.

Sturdy: The base of the punch bag is 65cm long and it can be filled with either sand or water to really help stabilise on any surface.Ch


Unpleasant smell: The exterior of the TurnerMAX punch bag is made from synthetic leather which is known to smell pretty pungent. However, over time this smell with go away.

Not that sturdy if filled with water: If you’re a heavy weight or a big hitter, the base can move around so it’s best to fill it with dry sand which is approximately 30% heavier than water.


The foam and general size of the TurnerMAX bag is good and it will serve as a great piece of equipment for any fighter of any ability.

However, it can smell a bit when brand new and it’s best to fill it with sand if you get it.

Buy the TurnerMAX Free Standing Punch Bag on Amazon

Top 3 Best Heavy Bags

Best overall:

1. MAXX Professional Filled Heavy Bag 5ft


Free gloves, bracket chain, and skipping rope: Free add-ons are always great to receive, and this heavy bag comes with three different ones!

Prefilled: This can be either a positive or a negative for you, but a pre-filled bag is so much easier to set up and it saves you having to buy sand/foam from your local merchants.

Great reviews: The MAXX professional punch bag has excellent reviews online and is even an Amazon recommended product.


The bolts are known to be quite weak: Many people have found that the bolts simply snap off after five minutes of using it. But, if you buy some extra bolts from the local merchant dealer this shouldn’t be a problem for you.


Overall, the MAXX heavy bag is great for anyone with any ability and it even comes with free items too!

However, I’d recommend going to your local merchant and show them the bracket it comes with as you’ll need to buy more because the brackets have a history of breaking.

Click here to buy the MAXX Professional Filled Heavy Bag on Amazon

2. ONEX Pre-Filled Heavy Bag


Multiple sizes for both children and adults: As the bag is only 5ft, it is both suitable for children and adults who prefer a lighter bag.

Prefilled: A prefilled bag is much easier to set up than an unfilled bag, this means you will be able to start your workout when it arrives at your doorstep.

The heavy bag comes with a decent skipping rope: While the rest of the accessories are low-quality, the skipping rope isn’t too bad and would be suitable for any beginner.


The bracket is poor: Multiple people have complained about the bracket which can either come loose or the bag simply comes off of it when hit hard. For this reason, I’d recommend buying a bracket separately at the local merchant.

The bag is good, but forget the rest: This bag comes with over 11 different accessories – which sounds great… on paper. The accessories will be suitable for any newbie looking to start throwing punches. But if you’re a more seasoned fighter, buy your training equipment separately as these are of low quality.


The ONEX Pre-Filled Heavy Bag is overall: good. The training bag is brilliant and it has proven to last a long time. However, the bracket and the accessories which come with it are many designed to get you to buy the bag because… when you start using them, you’ll find you’ll want to put them away again.

So, if you’re happy to get a great heavy bag and are willing to buy a separate bracket, then this will hold up well for you.

Click here to buy the ONEX Pre-Filled Heavy Bag on Amazon

3. SOGO Sport Filled Punch Bag


Good stitching and material: What is impressive with the SOGO sport heavy bag is how precise the stitching is.

It’s clearly well manufactured and the people who have used the bag have never complained about rips and tears. This is probably due to the fact that the exterior is made with a super strong tear-resistant fabric called nylon.

Train anywhere you like: Thanks to the strong exterior nylon fabric, you can use this heavy bag in any room of your home or any outdoor area. You also have multiple sizes to choose from. The smaller size you get, the easier it will be to throw uppercuts/head-kicks but a larger bag is best when you’re looking to throw leg kicks and body hooks.

Free delivery: Surprisingly, the other heavy bags above require you to pay extra for delivery. The SOGO Sport heavy bag on the other hand does not.


Too light for some heavy hitter: Some heavier hitters have complained that the bag is too light to hit (which is great if you have children) but can feel like hitting a pillow with too much movement.

The good thing above lots of movement is that you’ll be able to move your feet around more (something you want to get into the habit of doing)


In summary, the SOGO Sport heavy bag is in the list of the top 3 heavy bags because it has all of the following: durability, practicality, and versatility (everything you want from a heavy bag).

Yes, if you’re a heavy-weight, this bag might be too light for you, but then again: the move it swings, the more realistic it will be to your opponent in the ring/cage. So in my opinion (and the opinion of the reviewers), this would make the perfect addition to any fighters gym.

Click here to buy the SOGO Sport heavy bag on Amazon

Top 3 dummy punch bags

Best dummy overall:

1. Century BOB Freestanding Punch Bag (Height Adjustable 60-78 inches)


Height adjustable: Are you small or tall? Good is the answer! Because you can adjust this dummy from 60 inches (5ft) up to 78 inches (6.5ft).

Sturdy once filled with sand: The base of the dummy can either be filled with water or sand. But… if you’re a strong, heavy hitter, I’d recommend filling it with sand because it is over 30% heavier than water.

Useful for technical shots or power punches: The realistic manikin can be used for any type of strike/combination. You can even dress BOB up in the worst football/soccer shirt you know and let out your frustration (common Tottenham)! Okay, maybe that’s too much? 😉

Easy to move around: For the gym, for the garden, for the bedroom, wherever you want to hit BOB, he is waiting for you.

Note: I’d recommend bringing BOB indoors after you’ve finished abusing him because he doesn’t like being left outside in the wind and rain. (I’m being serious, his rubber skin will wear down and you won’t want holes in your BOB)


Expensive: Century are the real deal when it comes to a successful BOB dummy brand, but this dummy retails at very high prices and also includes delivery expenses.

The screws can rust and pop out: If you hit the bag hard and leave it outdoors, BOBs screws will unscrew and rust over time. Some people have to screw them tight again after every session.


Overall, if you’re a professional fighter looking for a more realistic target or a football hooligan looking to get the most out of some unpunishable skin, then the Century BOB is for you.

Beware however, that when you click on the link below, you might find the price too high and therefore need to review the third Dummy on this list (at a quarter of the price).

Click here to buy this Century BOB Dummy on Amazon

2. Century Bob XL Freestanding Punch Bag (Height Adjustable 60-82 inches)

Best dummy for tall people


Longer body: The XL BOB now also includes a lower pelvic area. The benefit of this is primarily for MMA fighters/kick boxers who have more of a target to hit than the standard ‘upper torso’ dummy.

Tallest (and shortest) adjustable dummy on this list: This dummy can stand up to 6.8 ft tall (equivalent of Tyson Fury) tall and 5ft small. This makes it perfect for both children and adults.


Very expensive: This dummy is priced in the mid 3-figures, making it one expensive piece of training equipment.


Overall, if you have a good amount of budget and want to have fun training with a more realistic target, then this is a great BOB dummy to buy.

Click to buy this Century Bob XL Freestanding Punch Bag on Amazon

3. BodyRip Free Standing Punch Bag

Best priced dummy


High-quality PU Grain Leather: PU grain leather is a good material and is one of the most common leathers for making boxing/MMA gloves.

Easy to move around: You can easily empty the sand or get a strong friend to help you move it from your gym to your home or garden.

Great way to stay fit and healthy: A fun way of letting off some steam and it is something professional fighters use to train.

Well-priced: Not only does this Bodyrip punch bag come with free delivery, but it is also ½ the price of any of the other dummy bags reviewed above, therefore making it suitable for those on lower budgets.


Very light: Unfortunately, if you’re a big hitter, you’ll need to fill the dummy with sand because water is 30% lighter than sand. I’d also recommend using a funnel when adding in the sand as it can be difficult to get in.


In summary, if you’re looking for a dummy punch bag which is well priced, high quality, and easy to move around, I’d recommend going with this Bodyrip Freestanding Dummy.

Buy the Bodyrip free standing punch bag on Amazon

Top 3 water punch bags

This is the best water bag overall:

1. The Aqua Bruiser


Comes with 2-year manufacturers warranty: As this is the best selling water bag on the market, the company now allow a 2-year manufacturers warranty so that if you punch your way into any faults, you might be able to get some warranty.

You can throw multiple (realistic) strikes: The shape of this Aqua bag allows you to perform any strike/combo in the arsenal (knees, elbows, left hooks, you name it!). The fact that you’ve got both the shape and the movement of the swing makes this water bag much better (and cheaper) than any dummy bag you can buy.

Wrinkle-free bag: The Aqua bag now comes with a new valve system which allows you to pump up the bag (once it’s filled with water) meaning your water bag stays in good shape without getting any wrinkles.

Both adults and children can use it: The bag is attached to a hanging kit which can be adjusted depending on how tall you or your child is.


Quite expensive: This bag comes at quite a high price tag: low-end three figures but it is cheaper than the majority of BOB freestanding dummy bags.


The Aqua Bag Bruiser will certainly enable you to pack a punch and what I find brilliant about this water bag is its realistic shape. Although more expensive, this bag is suitable for anyone and would be the one I’d personally buy. But you can…

Click here to see the reviews on Amazon

2. Everlast Hydrostrike Water Bag


Realistic yet protective: Hydrostrike technology makes hitting the bag feel realistic and it also serves to protect your heavy shots. Different to what you’d experience when using the heavy bag.

Very simple to fill up: Simply open the cap and fill it up with some water. Job done.

Great for throwing a variety of shots: The shape of this water punch bag makes it very easy to throw every shot in your arsenal. The main shot you can work on is upper cut, as the bag should be set at your head level.


Low in stock: This product looks like it is going to be unavailable soon.

It could leak: Two people have said that this water bag can leak after a while of hitting it.

Very hard for kicking: Any water bag you use will be hard as the exterior is made of plastic. This can be a good thing if you’re looking to condition your shins before a fight, but it’s best to stick with a softer training bag if you’re a kickboxer/muay thai/MMA fighter.


The Everlast Hydrostrike water bag is an excellent punching bag for anyone looking to improve their boxing style. I like how the hydrostrike technology imitates the feeling of hitting an opponent and I also like how simple it is to set up.

The only downside is that it is low in stock and some people have said it has leaked for them in the past, but… we don’t know what they did to the bag.

Click here to buy the Everlast Hydrostrike Water Bag on Amazon

3. Aqua Energy 15” Training Bag


2 year manufacturers warranty: Most companies will only offer one year so this provides great reassurance for any big hitters.

You can hang it outside without a problem: The Aqua Energy bag is made with UV resistance which means you can hang it out in the hottest or coldest climates without any problem.

Easy to use and move around: First, you can very easily fill this bag up by opening the cap and inserting some water. Second, if you want to move it elsewhere, you can very easily empty the bag and set it up somewhere you prefer.


Not that suitable for kicks: Kicking a water bag with no protection can hurt a lot. It will feel like someone is slapping your shins and feet whenever you connect.

Not the most popular: It’s a new water bag on Amazon which has some very good reviews, but not a lot of them.


Overall, Aqua Energy 15” Training Bag is joint second place in a way. It’s not overly expensive for a punching bag and the quality is very good. The only reason it isn’t higher up in this list is because it hasn’t got a lot of social proof yet. In all honesty, I haven’t tested it out myself, so this is something I’m basing off of lots of research alone.

Click here to buy the Aqua Energy 15” Training Bag on Amazon

Top 3 best punch bag brands

From reviewing the top brands on Amazon’s front page for “punching bags” as well as researching the highest ranking punching bag brands on Google, the brand that came up the most included:

  • RDX: RDX are one of the most popular fight brands which sell fantastic punching bags. Since 1999, RDX have been making their punching bags more affordable and technologically sound. Thanks to this effort, they now have a customer base of over 200 million.
  • Title: Fighters and coaches alike have been depending on Title to product the highest quality punch bags since 1998. They are one of the biggest authorities in the fight game.
  • Everlast: Everlast are the oldest fight brand company in the world and they’ve had 100 years to increase the quality and quantity of their punch bags and fight gear.

Best punching bags for youths (ages 5-10 & 10-15)

For 5-10-year-olds:

When your boy or girl is just starting out, I’d recommend getting something that is soft, solid, fun, and durable. When I read this sentence back again, the punching bag which comes to my mind is the PDX kids punch bag or the Dripex punch bag.

For 10-15-year-olds:

Now, at this age your child is going to be having his or her growth spurts, for this reason, I’d recommend getting a slightly larger punch bag which is still light and easy to use, but also more challenging than a bag for younger kids. You can get this XN8 free standing punch bag here (which goes up to 5ft 5) or this 6ft Gallant punch bag.

What Are the Best Punch Bags for Working Out at Home?

You can use any punch bag for working out at home but… if you’re looking to throw multiple combinations with power, the two best options you can choose are a free-standing punch bag or… a heavy bag.

Both of these punch bags can be set up with a few metres of space and are relatively inexpensive to buy:

Best free standing punch bag you can use at home:

The best heavy bag you can use at home:

A free standing punching bag is a great option (whether for indoor or outdoor use) as a heavy bag may need to be hung from the walls and can be a hassle setting up.

However, a heavy bag (even with a solid stand), is still less expensive in comparison to a high-quality free standing punch bag (one that doesn’t fall over easily once hit) so if you’re on a budget, I’d recommend going with a heavy bag.

The Best Punching Bag Wall Bracket

This one here is the best:

Why is this the best?

A wall bracket is something designed to hang a heavy bag up forever with the least noise possible.

This is what this AQF wall bracket does.

It can hold up to 60kg of weight (in any weather) and comes out 43 cm (half a metre) from the wall meaning you have plenty of space to move around the bag and strike from multiple angles.

The AQF wall bracket also comes with strong wall fixings, a D-shackle and clear, easy instructions to set it up.

Also, you can always refund it within 30 days if you don’t like it.

What is the downside of this wall bracket?

The only downside is that it doesn’t come with a chain to hold your heavy bag meaning you’ll have to buy it separately. Here is a good chain you can use.

Click here to buy this AQF wall bracket and fixings

What Are the Best Punch Bags for Beginners

A beginner might like to choose a punching bag which is:

  • Not too hard to use: There’s nothing worse than starting out on a heavily weighted bag which barely moves around.
  • Easy to set up: Some punching bags like heavy bags can take a long time to set up and hang, especially if it is…
  • Pre-filled: Some bags come prefilled and some do not. If you want to spend 1 hour pre-filling your bag with a material of your choice, then sure, go with it. But a high quality already-filled punch bag such as this one does the job well.
  • Easy to move around: You may find that the place you want to put the punching bag is no good for whatever reason. This is why I’d recommend getting a free-standing punch bag until you’re absolutely sure you’d like to drill a few holes in your wall.

A punching bag which fits this criteria would be the Lions Free Standing Punch Bag.

You can buy this on Amazon by clicking the image below:

What Are the Best Punch Bags for Professional Fighters?

The best punching bag a professional fighter can get is one made from high-quality materials.

What does this mean?

It means buying a bag made from fine leather and filled with a combination of different materials suited to your combat sport.

For example, a kickboxer may opt for a slightly lighter and softer bag to protect their ankles and knees from injuries.

There is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ boxing bag a professional can use and only use.

He or she needs to use a combination of multiple punch bags due the reasons labelled in the heading below (click here to jump to it).

What Are the Best Gloves to Use With a Punch Bag?

A punching bag can be quite hard to hit sometimes, which is why we recommend using a good quality pair of boxing gloves so you have maximum protection and wrist support.

Over the last year of writing boxing glove reviews and researching what makes the best gloves the “best”, I’ve found…

The best glove is one made from high quality italian leather with quadruple layers of foam padding and solid wrist support.

When I read that sentence back to myself the boxing glove which instantly stands out in my mind is…

The hayabusa T3 boxing glove. Click this link to review the article I wrote about it.

Common Punching Bag Questions

What Are Punching Bags Made Of?


Here are the different exterior materials punching bags can be made from with the first being the highest quality:

  • Leather
  • Synthetic leather
  • Canvas and PU (polyurethane)
  • Plastic
  • Leather

There are multiple grades of leather, with genuine leather (the lowest grade) being the most common. Leather is considered the best because they are both comfortable to use and durable over the long run.

You’ll also find that a leather boxing bag looks more aesthetically pleasing due to the colour of the hide.

Price: You’ll pay anywhere from £50 ($65) to £500 ($650).

Synthetic Leather

In order to bring down the costs of a leather punch bag, manufactures in the fight game introduced the synthetic punch bag.

Synthetic Leather punch bags are not only durable, but they also feel similar to the real thing which is important when throwing kicks and punches over a long period of time.

Lastly, you also get to save a lot on the price…

Price: You’ll pay anywhere from £30 ($39) to £100+ ($130+).

Canvas and PU (polyurethane) Punching Bags

Canvas and PU punching bags are common amongst the larger heavy bags and have been since the introduction of polyvinyl after World War 2.

Canvas and PU is a heavy cotton material which doesn’t feel great to hit with your bare feet or fists. The material also isn’t as resistant as leather or synthetic leather but it still offers a lot of resistance.

Price: You’ll pay anywhere from £20 ($30) to £90+ ($120+).

Plastic Punching Bags

Plastic punching bags have been around since the early 1980s when Tom Critelli, who was working as a deputy sheriff invented a water-filled bag which could be drained and then refilled.

This means a plastic bag is great when using a water filled bag but I wouldn’t recommend getting any other sort of punch bag with plastic such as a plastic heavy bag.


Because the plastic material will be really uncomfortable to hit (even with boxing gloves on).

You may be wondering – ‘well, if a plastic heavy bag is bad, why should I use a plastic water-filled punch bag?’

Because a plastic water-filled bag is useful for throwing really nice upper cuts or a long range right hook without hurting your hand like you could on the heavy bag.

Price: You’ll pay anywhere from £15 ($19) with a really cheap plastic punch bag to £200 ($260) for a luxury water punch bag.

Interior filling

Punch bags are then filled with a particular material. This can include:

  • Water: Water filled punch bags are very easy to fill up and last a long period of time as the outside material is generally very thick. Punching a water-filled bag also feels good as you’re able to sink your shots into the punch.
  • Air: Filling your punch bag with air will allow it to stay light and fast which can be great for your reactions. Speed bags and double-end bags are the most common punch bags which are filled with air. However, air-filled bags tend to lose air within a week so need pumping up regularly.
  • Sand: If you’re looking to add a lot of weight to your bag, sand may be a good option as it is dense, inexpensive to obtain, and if the bag splits: it won’t cause a massive mess. However, this type of bag isn’t recommended for outdoor use as it will harden if exposed to a mixture of wind, rain, and cold.
  • Clothing/fabrics: A brilliant option if you’re looking for a lighter punch bag. Most MMA fighters will fill their bags with a mixture of sand and clothing to get the perfect firmness for kicks, knees, and elbows.

How you fill a bag is also very simple. Watch this video tutorial below to fill your heavy bag (with sand and insulation material):

What to Look Out for in a Punch Bag?

Not all punch bags are created equal, and some shouldn’t be sold at all. Right now, I’m going to show you 3 things to look out for in a boxing bag so you can avoid the mistakes many other people make.

1. Material and its Impact On Price

As we’ve discovered in the heading above (‘What Are Punching Bags Made Of?’), punching bags can come in multiple materials.

Typically, the higher quality the material you buy the more expensive the punching bag will be but… a better material will feel better to hit (especially if you’re throwing kicks).

The following list contains showcases different materials which make up a punch bag and its quality:

2. Do You Want a Filled or Unfilled Punching Bag?

Some punch bags you can buy online do not come filled. For some, this is a good thing because there are benefits to both a filled bag and an unfilled bag.

Advantages of a pre-filled boxing bag:

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Can be the perfect amount of filling for you
  • May have a good quality filling

Disadvantages of a pre-filled boxing bag:

  • There may be too much/too little filling for your needs
  • The inner material may not be best if you’re using the punching bag outdoors
  • Unless you trust the brand, you don’t know what they’ve put inside of it

Advantages of an unfilled boxing bag:

  • Full control to put what you’d like to put in
  • You can pack it down well
  • If using sand you can wrap tape around it to prevent leaks

Disadvantages of an unfilled boxing bag:

  • You may not be able to pack it as well as a professional (which may make it uneven and loose)
  • It requires about 20 – 30 minutes and some of the materials are heavy
  • You have to pay extra for the materials you’d like to use

3. Are You Training for Competition or Strength and Fitness?

If you’re training for a competition: you’ll want to use a wide variety of punching bags with different shapes and weight.

The reason why this is important is because it can be easier for you to change your style of fighting when hitting multiple bags.

For example, a water-filled ball bag will be something you’d use to throw uppercuts and punching power whereas a double end bag would be something you use for reactions and timing.

Furthermore, you can easily become too used to using one bag and therefore be able to predict how it will move and when you should strike.

What if you don’t have access to multiple punch bags?

If you don’t have access to multiple punch bags, it’s still important to keep training as using one bag is better than no bags at all.

But really imagine as if that punching bag you’re using is your opponent and think about how your opponent would try to close the distance on you.

Read the complete guide to boxing footwork so you can win whether your opponent is closing the distance on you or vice versa.

If you’re training for strength and fitness: you can use any bag you like… If you’re looking to build muscle, then a heavy bag can require you to hit it harder for it to move, but you can still use the same amount of force when hitting a lighter punch bag. Besides…

Growing muscle can be sped up by lifting weights correctly in the gym.

Now, for general fitness, any type of movement where your heart rate is elevated is a great way to stay fit and healthy. This means you can choose any punch bag you like which will suit your training place.

Note: If you’re planning to get a punching bag for outdoor use, I’d recommend getting a water-filled punching bag or a bag made from textiles.


Because if you buy a sand-filled punching bag and it rains/is very cold, the sand can harden and you may as well be punching a brick wall.

This leads us to the question:

How Much Does a Punching Bag Weigh?

A punching bag can weigh between 15 and 200 pounds.

The heavier types of punch bags are heavy bags (hence the name), and the lightest types of punch bags are double-end bags which can be pumped up with air.


This guide was written to help you find the best punching bag and answer your burning questions about the equipment.

I hope you’ve enjoyed it and have gained a good grip about what you wanted to know. Which is why…

I’d like to turn it over to you:

Did you find the punching bag you were looking for?

What are your thoughts on the punching bag workout – did you try it?

Perhaps you now know that bags can be filled with sand, water, air, or clothing?

Either way, let me know your thoughts in the comments below and…

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