Best Fairtex boxing gloves review

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This is the ultimate Fairtex boxing glove review.

In this helpful review, I’m going to show you (click to jump down to section):

Here is a helpful summary of Fairtex, their gloves and what I have found:

Key Points

  • Price: I’ve worked out that the average price of Fairtex’s top ten gloves are – £115.50 or $147.28 which is expensive for many people and in my opinion – overpriced.
  • What I like: Fairtex have nailed it on the head with their designs and the majority of their gloves are very protective and easy to use due to the combination of high impact foam padding and grip bars for hand closure.
  • What to look out for: The majority of Fairtex’s gloves have a layer less of padding and less impressive wrist support compared to other brands such as Hayabusa or Venum.

Moving on to the…

Top 10 Best Fairtex Boxing Gloves

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  1. Fairtex BGV11 F-Day Boxing Gloves Green
  2. Fairtex X Glory Boxing Gloves
  3. Fairtex Muay Thai Style Training Sparring Gloves
  4. Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BGV1 (most popular)
  5. Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves The Painter White-Black Unique BGV14PT (best looking)
  6. Fairtex Muay Thai boxing gloves BGV1 Falcon (best for small hands)
  7. DHLXFairtex Boxing Gloves
  8. Fairtex BGV9 Mexican Boxing Gloves Blue
  9. Fairtex BGV14 Boxing Glove Black/Black
  10. BGL6 Fairtex Red Lace-up Competition Gloves (best for competition)

Best Fairtex Glove For Kids:

1. Fairtex BGV11 F-Day Boxing Gloves Green


Even weight distribution: These new BGV11s F-Days have an outer shell made from a microfibre material which distributes the weight of the glove from the cuff to knuckles for maximum control.

Prevents knuckle injuries: Your hands will be able to take a lot of impact thanks to the BGV11s multi-layered latex foam which is rare for boxing gloves to have.

More good news is that the moulded hand compartment and attached curved-thumb of these gloves allow you to close your fists easily meaning you won’t strain your muscles.

Lastly the F-Days are…

Comfortable and have good wrist support: The well designed ‘long cuffs’ mean you get extra support and the ventilation system prevents the F-Days from overheating.


They don’t always live up to their promise: When checking the reviews for this product online, many people said the ‘FREE engraved Dog-Tag chain (necklace) and covering letter explaining the gloves backstory did not turn up as promised within the gloves product description.

While I don’t know if this is still an issue, saying you’ll give something to a customer for free and not giving it to them is like teasing a puppy and not giving it a reward – it’s not ethical. So in…


These BGV11 F-Day boxing gloves are at the top of this list today because they offer unparalleled protection, strength and have a clean ergonomic finish.

The only downside to the gloves is that the Free necklace you’re promised when purchasing might not arrive with the glove (even when they said it would).

Buy the F-Day boxing gloves on Amazon

2. Fairtex X Glory Boxing Gloves


Excellent material: The Glory gloves are made up of high grade Thai leather (whereas the majority of gloves on the market are made from a low-grade genuine leather) and…

Offer a padded palm (also a rare feature) which makes it…

Protective: When gloves such as the glory’s have a padded palm you’re able to absorb shots.

For example, when your sparring partner throws a hook and you catch it, the padded inner palm will absorb the impact meaning you won’t take as much impact to the head.

Easy to form a fist: Many people have complained in the past about Fairtex’s glove being “too stiff” and how you’re “not able to close a fist”.

Fairtex have listened to their customers and these glories are ergonomically designed to close easily so your punch can land with a hard-closed fist.


Could do with more knuckle padding: Now that we’re into the 2020’s of the 21st century the majority of top boxing gloves have a quadruple layered foam padding.

Unfortunately, these only have a triple layer giving you that one layer less protection but… they do make up for it with the palmed padding which is new!


The Fairtex X Glory boxing gloves have been made with the customer in mind.

While these gloves could have an additional layer of padding at the knuckle, they make up for it with a palm padding and superior materials.

Not to mention: These are hand crafted gloves which have been rigorously tested by a great brand…

Click here to buy these Glory gloves on Amazon

3. Fairtex Muay Thai Style Training Sparring Gloves


Grip bar: A foam grip bar is inserted into special boxing gloves which allows you to form a fist without any difficulty.

This is important because a closed fist protects your knuckles from breaking.

Snug fit design: Fairtex decided to create a compact boxing glove due to complaints of ‘too much space within the hand compartment’ and this snug fit is suitable for anyone with moderately large to small hands.

Sexy glove: I like how Fairtex have decreased the size of their logo and kept their smooth matte finish which makes the gloves look elegant and attractive.


May be too small: Some reviewers online have found that the size of the glove can be too small but it’s recommended to go with the size up when choosing boxing gloves.


Overall, these are a good pair of gloves which you can use whether you’re a complete beginner or an advanced fighter.

The design is excellent and they will serve you well for a long time thanks to the foam padding and leather materials.

Click here to buy these Fairtex gloves on Amazon

4. Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BGV1

(Most popular Fairtex gloves online)


Well padded: If you catch a shot you’ll feel less impact than other gloves because the padding is not only in large quantities, but is also well distributed across the glove (it’s not knuckle heavy).

Large velcro wrist: Having a wrist strap that is too small or one that keeps coming loose is annoying so…

Fairtex has learnt from their mistakes from other gloves and have made sure the velcro straps on these BGV1s are large, comfortable and fixed.


Can be too hard: As there is a lot of padding spread across the glove, you might find that it feels quite firm at first but… after multiple training sessions your gloves will be broken into and feel cosy.


Overall, the quality, reviews, and style of these BGV1s make them perfect for any beginner, intermediate, or advanced fighter.

The downsides are that the BGV1s can be too expensive for some people and the gloves can take a while to get used to… like a new pair of skinny jeans.

Click here to buy these gloves on Amazon

5. Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves | The Painter White-Black Unique BGV14PT

(Best looking)


Beautiful: Only one word can describe the BGV14 painter gloves – see for yourself… Actually… four words… ‘a – work – of – art’ (The Painter gloves are hand painted!)

Consistent weight: The outer shell of the glove is made with a tough microfibre material and thanks to the large long cuffs, the padding weight can be spread evenly.

Knuckle closure: Closing your fists will mean you can punch harder and avoid injuries and these Painters are ergonomically designed to do just that!


Expensive: The price is marked up as the quality of the glove is good and the paint has been applied by an artist but… it’s not exactly a Leonardo da Vinci stunner! Which brings us to the…


While these gloves look, feel, and perform excellently… they are quite expensive for what it’s worth so if you’ve got a budget behind you and fight regularly, then these are for you!

Click here to buy these Painter gloves on Amazon

6. Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BGV1 Falcon

(Best if you have small hands)

Price: £133/$169.99


Designed for people with small hands: This could be either a pro or a con for you, but if you have small hands they will feel lovely and snug.

Even padding distribution: A lot of other gloves out there have an over-padded knuckle area which can be uncomfortable to use.

Fairtex has ensured the padding is distributed across the Falcon gloves (from the wrists to the knuckle) providing an equal weight arrangement.

Premium quality leather: Premium leather is what makes up the outside layer of the Falcon glove and… leather is both durable and water resistant meaning these falcons will last a long time


Wrist support could be better: Multiple online reviewers have found the wrist support is too loose and unstable which means you’ll need a good pair of hand wraps.


If you have small hands then this is Fairtex’s best boxing glove for you because…

Not only will these BGV1 Falcons be comfortable, you’ll also have a pair of high quality leather gloves with an evenly distributed protective foam.

Apart from the wrist support (which could be better), you can’t go wrong with the BGV1 Falcons.

Click here here to buy the BGV1 Falcon boxing gloves on Amazon

7. DHLXFairtex Boxing Gloves


Easy to make a fist: Making a fist when training is important because if you punch with an unclenched fist you could fracture your hands.

Fortunately, Fairtex have gone one step further with these DHLX gloves and have incorporated a foamed grip bar allowing you to punch like you’re supposed to punch!

Super quality: I would describe the leather on the gloves as ‘good leather’ as opposed to a ‘superior leather’ because they are full grain (not fine grain – the better version) meaning some of the high-grade leather has been stripped from the hide.

In other words, these gloves are long lasting but are also more likely going to tear as the quality isn’t as good as it could be.

Rare glove: With only 300 of these DHLXs worldwide you’ll be lucky to get a pair and… they may already be out of stock!


Not a fan of the colour combinations: In my opinion, I don’t like how they’ve used a colour combination of yellow and red because… these colours don’t look good together and…

It also needs more padding: A lot of Fairtex’s gloves are made from three layers of foam and in this day and age, better boxing gloves have four layers of foam so they are missing the extra protection.


I like the quality and comfort these DHLX’s offer but in my opinion, a better decision would be to get the F-Day boxing gloves which are not only more protective, but cheaper with all the same features…

Click here to buy the F-Day boxing gloves on Amazon or…

Click here to buy these DHLX gloves on Amazon

8. Fairtex BGV9 Mexican Boxing Gloves Blue


Extra padding: The Mexican model has extra latex foam padding compared to other Fairtex gloves which make them safe for both sparring and bag work.

The foam is also evenly distributed across the glove allowing them to stay balanced.

Easy to hit hard: Mexicans like Andy Ruiz Jr have a reputation of hitting hard and these BGV9 Mexican boxing gloves are ergonomically designed with an attached thumb.

This allows you to close your fist easily which results in a harder punch and minimal muscle tension!

Great wrist support: Wrist support is essential for your safety and ability to punch hard without fear of injury.

The extra long cuff on these gloves enclose and stabilise your wrists like boxing gloves should do.


Quite uncomfortable: Many reviewers have said that the gloves “have a strange thumb and rough liner” which make them “pretty uncomfortable”. But in…


While these Mexican gloves can feel uncomfortable for some people, the water repellent lining and locked thumb mean these gloves can last long (without the build up of moisture) and close into a fist easily.

Therefore, the uncomfortable feeling you might experience is a good thing as the glove is protecting your hands from injuries.

Click here to buy these BGV9 Mexican boxing gloves on Amazon

9. Fairtex BGV14 Boxing Glove Black/Black


Good wrist support: The BGV14s have a long wrist cuff design which results in greater wrist stability.

Wrist stability is important because without it you put yourself at risk of hand/wrist injuries.

First-class materials: BGV14s outer material is made of microfibre which is as durable as leather but… does not degrade like leather does. Furthermore, microfibre is…

Lightweight: Many gloves sold out there are made from leather and a knuckle heavy foam which is too heavy! But these… BGV14s are made from microfibre (a lighter material than leather) and the foam is compacted and consistent throughout.


Padding: While the knuckle area of these gloves have a lot of padding.

It could be improved because other high-end gloves have an additional layer (quadruple foam) in comparison to Fairtex’s triple layered foam.


In summary, the BGV14 is another excellent Fairtex boxing glove due to the handcrafted (high quality) materials and overall protection. However…

There could be an additional layer of padding like you see with most high-end boxing gloves and what’s more:

These BGV14s don’t have any reviews yet!

This means:

They are not popular or Fairtex have only made so many (or both).

Click here to buy these gloves on Amazon

10. BGL6 Fairtex Red Lace-up Competition Gloves

(Best for competitions)


Designed for competitions: When you fight, you need a glove which feels snug (the laces on the BGL6 will allow that to happen).

You need a glove which feels comfortable (the locked thumb allows you to close your fist comfortably and stop your thumb digging into your opponents eye).

You need a glove with protective qualities (the soft yet protective triple foam core is perfect for sinking your shots in without hand pain).


Lack of reviews: It looks like nobody has reviewed these lace up gloves online yet… they were released in 2017.


“Make the best competition glove you can and forget about the cost” is what Fairtex did here.

Everything about them is aligned with a good pair of fight gloves but… I couldn’t find any online reviews about them which tells me they are very rare or very unpopular?

Click here to buy these gloves on Amazon

The Microfibre Glove below is suitable for children and adults 4+.

Fairtex BGV14 Kids Microfiber Gloves

(Best Fairtex Glove For Kids)


Long cuff design: You’ll find the long cuffed wrists are well padded and protect your young fighters’ wrists nicely and also…

They are very easy to adjust and any kid will be able to put them on themselves just like putting a pair of velcro shoes on.

Multiple sizes: The lowest size you can get is 4oz which is perfect for anyone between the ages of four and six and the largest size these Fairtex gloves come with is 16oz which is perfect for any adult meaning:

You can get two for the mini version of yourself!

Here is the glove size guide for kids:

Boxing glove size chart by Healthy Principles

Shock absorbing: Your young fighters hands will well and truly be protected with these microfibre gloves due to the multilayered foam padding which is evenly distributed across the glove.


Although the best, they are very expensive for a pair of kids boxing gloves so in…


While Fairtex’s microfiber boxing gloves are excellent at protecting a young girl/boy’s hands and will last a long time…

They are also very expensive which is why this boxing glove is designed for children who are boxing regularly and need something which will last.

This gives you two options:

  1. Buy these gloves on Fairtex’s website or…
  2. Get these less expensive pair of boxing gloves suited to kids from the age of 5 to 15 on Amazon here.

You now might be wondering:

  • Who this review is for?
  • How did we picked the Fairtex boxing gloves?

Who is This Review For?

This review is for fighters who train often and need a pair of gloves which will protect them for a long time. But here’s the thing:

Everyone will benefit from having a great pair of boxing gloves because broken knuckles are very common.

Did you know there is such a thing as a ‘boxers fracture’ (a broken metacarpal bone).

Your hands are your weapons in the fight game and whilst this guide is for committed fighters looking for the best, you will benefit no matter what your level is.

Summary: The Fairtex gloves reviewed on this guide are for anyone looking to train for a long time who will therefore need top quality, long-lasting gloves.

6 Common Questions About Fairtex

In this section, I’m going to answer the 6 most common questions about Fairtex boxing gloves and the brand itself.

Here they are (click to jump down to a question which interests you):

  1. Are Fairtex boxing gloves good?
  2. What size fairtex gloves should you get?
  3. Where to buy Fairtex gloves?
  4. Where are Fairtex gloves made?
  5. What does Fairtex mean?
  6. How to clean Fairtex gloves?

1. Are Fairtex Gloves Good?

After comparing all of Fairtex’s boxing and Muay Thai gloves and weighing up everything, here is what I found:

Fairtex hand crafts every pair of their boxing gloves which are mostly all great!

The minimum you’ll expect to pay for a pair of Fairtex boxing gloves is £45.00/$60.00 (which is high). And here’s the thing:

They are designed for fighters and are made by fighters.

Some of the qualities that stand out to me and which make Fairtex an up to date glove include:

  • Quadruple layers of foam
  • Shielded long cuffs
  • Palm padding

These plus many other rare qualities justify that yes, Fairtex make great boxing gloves which can sometimes be overpriced. However…

I wouldn’t say they are the best manufacturer of fight gloves because other brands such as Hayabusa are innovating at a rapid speed in comparison.

2. What Size Fairtex Gloves Should You Get?

The size you get will depend on your weight. For example if you have a normal BMI (body mass index) then:

  • 8oz gloves are best for people who weigh 40-50kg
  • 10oz gloves are best for people who weigh 50-60kg
  • 12oz gloves are best for people who weigh 60-70kg
  • 14oz gloves are best for people who weigh 70-80kg
  • 16oz gloves are best for people who weight 80-90kg
  • 18oz gloves are best for people who weigh over 90kg

Note: When sparring training partners, put a pair of gloves on which are a size up because this will protect both your hands and your sparring partner.

3. Where to Buy Fairtex Gloves?

You can buy Fairtex boxing gloves:

  • On most online e-commerce websites such as Amazon
  • Within many Muay Thai/boxing glove shops around where you live.

If you want to buy locally, then simply type in ‘where to buy Fairtex boxing gloves’ and businesses will pop up.

For example:

Screenshot of google maps representing where to buy fairtex boxing gloves

4. Where Are Fairtex Gloves Made?

Fairtex gloves are made at their factory in Thailand.

The majority of Fairtex gloves are made by hand with the help of machines and…

The Thai brand distributes their gloves to more than 50 countries worldwide!

5. What Does Fairtex Mean?

Fairtex is the name of a fight brand which was founded in Thailand in 1958 by Mr Philip Wong.

Mr Wong has grown the company to a multi-million pound status and the man has donated a lot of the company’s earnings to poor/unfortunate young people who are looking for a better life. For example:

Phillip Wong created Fairtex Muay Thai Camp (FMTC) in 1975 and another multi-million pound FMTC in Chandler, Arizona, USA.

What does Phillips’ interest in fighting mean for the brand?

It means that he and the team at Fairtex really care about every glove they produce and you can tell with the innovations and changes they’ve made to each of their gloves over the years. Also:

Fairtex have produced famous fighters from their Muay Thai Camps including:

  • Stamp Fairtex
  • Bunkerd Fairtex
  • Neungsiam Fairtex
  • Plus a lot more:
Notable Fairtex fighters. A screenshot from Wikipedia.

(Some fighters replace their surname with ‘Fairtex’)

6. How to Clean Fairtex Gloves

Equipment required:


Step 1) As soon as you finish your training, open them up as much as possible to let the air get into them

Step 2) Once you’ve opened them up, get your slightly damp cloth/disinfectant wipe and clean the inside and outside of the glove

Step 3) Finally, stick your Meister glove deodorizer within the glove and let them sit in a cool, dry place to air out

Note: Doing this regularly will help increase the life of your glove!


  • Leaving them out in the sun
  • Using a washing machine
  • Soaking in your basin


I hope you’ve found this Fairtex boxing gloves guide helpful.

Have you found a Fairtex boxing glove you like?

Or maybe you now know something about the brand?

Either way – let me know by leaving a comment below and follow us on Instagram for more!

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