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This is the ultimate review on the best Twins boxing gloves.

In this review, I’m not only going to share what the top gloves are, but I’m also excited to show you:

  • The best Twins boxing glove for when you’re on a budget
  • The best Twins boxing glove for competition bouts
  • The best Twins boxing glove for kids/juniors
  • As well as common questions about Twins

The Best Twins Boxing Gloves

Jump to the pair of boxing gloves you’d like to find out about:

1.  Twins Special Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BGVL-3 (Best overall, best budget, and best training glove)

2. Twins Premium Leather Boxing Glove (Best for competition bouts and the smaller sizes make them the best for kids)

3. Twins Air Flow Breathable Boxing Sparring Gloves (Best for sparring)

Twins Special Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BGVL-3

(Best overall, best budget, and best training glove)

Sizes: 8oz; 10oz; 12oz; 14oz; 16oz; 18oz

Color options: Blue


Can be used for both muay thai, boxing, and kickboxing: These Twins BGVL-3 gloves are a mauy thai glove due to the more rounded cuff and deeper hinge point that helps with clinching and blocking kicks. However, they are still an excellent bag glove that can also be used for boxing and kickboxing due to the sensational materials and craftmanship which I’ve highlighted below.

Padding: I really like the medium density multi layer foam that is neither too stiff nor too soft. This is because it gets great feedback on the bag and you’re able to sink your punches in. Furthermore, the padding is well distributed across the glove with about an inch of foam by the back of the foam and 1/2 an inch of foam at the palm area of the glove.

Firm grip bar: The BGVL-3 has a solid 3/4 inch grip bar that aids in forming a fist when throwing punches.

Ventilated palm: There are five perforated holes on the palm side of the glove which lets cool air in when training.

Genuine leather construction: I love the thick leather Twins use on the exterior of the glove which also doesn’t bunch up over time. This real leather increases longevity since it is a durable material in comparison to synthetic leather that cheaper gloves usually contain.


Takes time to break in: Due to the thick leather and the multiple layers of foam padding, these BGVL-3’s will take some time to break in until you get that custom fit. However, you are able to make a good fist when you first try them on because of the grip bar.

Wrist support could be better: There is a strong leather wrist strap but there is a slight gap between the skin and the inside wrist compartment, which is perfect for mauy thai fighters that need to clinch, but less supportive for boxers in comparison to gloves like the Hayabusa T3s.


Overall, these Twins Special BGVL-3 Mauy Thai Boxing Gloves are one of Twins’s most popular glove, and it’s not surprising that this is the case because the quality of the stitching, leather, and foam padding ranks this glove in the same rating threshold as Hayabusa or Cleto Reyes gloves.

Click here to buy the Twins Special Muay Thai Boxing Gloves BGVL-3 on Amazon

Twins Premium Leather Boxing Glove

Red Twins Boxing Gloves

(Best for competition bouts and the smaller sizes make them the best for kids)

Sizes: 4oz; 6oz; 8oz; 10oz; 12oz; 14oz; 16oz; 18oz

Age range: 4oz — 3-5 year olds; 6oz — 6-9 year olds; 8oz — 10-13 year olds; 10-18oz — ages 14+

Color options: Green; Blue; Purple; Red


Multi-layer foam: Twins use a premium EPA multi-layer foam that will both protect your hands and impact your opponent in a boxing bout.  These competition gloves are perfectly molded to your hand which makes them feel more comfortable when putting them on. However, I would still wear them during your fight camp because it will take some time to fully break-in and experience that custom fit.

Excellent wrist support: Like with all lace-up gloves, you can tighten these Twins Premium gloves enough to lock your wrists and hands symmetrically whilst not feeling overly tight. Furthermore, Twins have added padding to the wrists and palm of the glove which will take the impact away when parrying shots.

Good stitching: There is good double stitching and piping throughout the glove which will help with durability.

Nice design: I like how the back of the glove has a strong radiant color yet the palm is completely black. Furthermore, the imprinted logo isn’t overkill (like brands such as Venum seem to exemplify).


Large shipping cost: Shipping to the UK will cost £14.95, shipping to the US will cost $15.02, shipping to Canada costs $25.69, and shipping to Australia costs $27.68. Here is Twins’s shipping policy and you can calculate how much it would cost by visiting their checkout.


Overall, the Twins Premium Leather Boxing Gloves are Twins’ best competition boxing glove because they have terrific wrist support, protective high-quality padding, and overall good craftsmanship. It is the most expensive pair of boxing gloves on the list, but it will serve you well for years of competitions or sparring sessions.

Click here to buy the Twins Premium Leather Boxing Gloves on Twins’ website

Note, if you would prefer to purchase a velcro version, we recommend getting the velcro version here.

Twins Air Flow Breathable Boxing Sparring Gloves

(Best for sparring)

Sizes: 10oz; 12oz; 14oz; 16oz

Color options: White; Blue; Gray; Green


Good sized grip bar: There is a thick grip bar on the palm side of the glove which will help you form a fist and clinch your opponent.

Ventilation: The name of these boxing gloves give it away, but there are multiple perforated holes on the thumb of the glove and a mesh panel that both a cool flow of air into the glove both during and after training. Even if you are not in a hot country or gym, this strong ventilation will prevent dampness and therefore prevent the build-up of mold.

Simple yet elegant design: I love the colors of these gloves and how simple the design is. There is a soft Twins logo on the wrist strap, an imprinted logo at the knuckle area, and a nice ‘airflow’ inscription by the mesh of the glove that reminds you of the glove’s key benefit.

Cow-hide leather construction: The exterior side of these Twins Air Flow gloves consists of a thick genuine leather material that is an incredibly strong material that will provide long-term longevity.

Fully attached thumb: I really like how Twins have opted for a fully attached thumb where the base of the thumb to the tip of the thumb is fully attached. This will prevent your thumb from poking out when throwing a punch, keeping you safe from injury.

Well-distributed padding: Twins use multiple layers of thick EPA foam that uses a medium-density to absorb shots well, protect your opponent, and also provide good feedback on the punch bag.


Mesh panel: Mesh panels are great for ventilation, but the material can easily catch on velcro materials (such as hand wraps). Over time, this material will wear down in comparison to leather which wouldn’t abrade at all. If you would prefer a full leather construction, I’d recommend going with the BGVL-3’s which we’ve reviewed below here.


In summary, these Twins Air Flow Breathable Boxing Sparring Gloves are a great pair of gloves thanks to the super ventilation, leather construction, attached thumb, and meticulous craftsmanship. I’m impressed with how Twins add all of the finest materials and up-to-date boxing technologies to this glove, and the only thing I would swap would be the mesh palm for leather perforation.

Click here to buy the Twins Air Flow Breathable Boxing Sparring Gloves on Twins

Common Questions

Are Twins Boxing Gloves Good?

Twins manufacture brilliant boxing gloves that are up there on quality with brands like Cleto Reyes and Winning. The reason why is because they use superb materials (such a the premium leather, medium density foam, tricot nylon liner, and the thick grip bars) and excellent craftsmanship (such as the stitching, piping, molded foam, and elegant design).

However, some of their gloves, such as the BGVL-3’s are more of a muay thai glove due to the more rounded shape of the glove and the hinge point.

Where Are Twins Boxing Gloves Made?

Twins boxing gloves are made in Thailand and Twins have a headquarter office in the United States.

Is Twins Boxing a Good Brand?

Twins is a brilliant boxing brand that has been supply a wide array of boxing and muay Thai equipment since 1996. During this period, the Thai brand has built the trust of professional, amateur, and recreational boxers alike to deliver high performance and protect them from serious injury.

“Twins Special is also among the small group of boxing glove manufacturers whose boxing gloves have been approved by the world’s largest sport governing bodies, such as the Nevada State Athletic Commission, the International Boxing Association (“AIBA”), and International Federation of Muaythai Associations (“IFMA”).[1]”

Where to Buy Twins Boxing Gloves?

You can buy Twins boxing gloves both online and in-store.

Online: Twins US or Twins UK; Amazon;;

In-store: Google search for ‘Twins boxing gloves near me‘ to find a local store. Most boxing glove stores will sell Twins gloves. Contact the store first to check to see if they have any in stock.

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