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We analyzed 79 heavy bags across multiple websites to work out the average price of an adult heavy bag, a junior heavy bag, and a second-hand heavy bag.

Specifically, we looked through websites like Amazon, RDX, Boxfit UK, eBay, to find out how much they charge, why they charged what they charged, and what would be best for you.

Let’s get right into it.


  • Quick summary of our key findings
  • FAQs
    • What makes a heavy bag more or less expensive?
    • How much should you pay for a heavy bag?
    • What are the best adult and children heavy bags?
    • Where can you find a good adult and junior heavy bag?
    • Is it worth buying a used heavy bag?

Here’s a Quick Summary of Our Key Findings:

Average Adult Heavy Bag Price Online (See Data): £153.20/$211.03/$285.05 AUD

Average Junior Heavy Bag Price Online (See Data): £27.18/$37.44/$50.57 AUD

Average Adult Heavy Bag Price on Amazon (See Data): £62.71/$86.38/$116.97 AUD

Average Junior Heavy Bag Price on Amazon (See Data): £28.09/$38.69/$52.27 AUD

Average Second Hand Adult Heavy Bag (See Data): £63.75/$87.81/$118.91 AUD

Average Second Hand Junior Heavy Bag (See Data): £5.93/$8.17/$11.03 AUD

How Did We Go About Doing This Research?

We went about doing this research by reviewing the price of the most popular heavy bags online and calculating the average whether that be across every website we reviewed, through amazon alone, or via second-hand sales on websites like eBay and Gumtree.

To collect the data, we used a Google sheet like this and split the data into several columns:

Column 1 – product name: The name of the product copied from the website.

Column 2 – price: The price of the product in GBP (£).

Column 3 – link to the product: A URL that takes you to the product page where the product name and price can be found

Once the columns were set up and we’d gathered as much data as we could, we used a formula (=AVERAGE) to find out the average cost of the heavy bags.

Once we found out the average, we used Google’s currency converter to turn the GBP (£) to US ($) and AUS ($).


What Makes a Heavy Bag More or Less Expensive?

The price of a heavy bag can depend on the:

Size: The bigger the punch bag, the greater the quantity of materials and time it takes to create; this is why an adult heavy bag is £126.02 more expensive than a smaller, junior heavy bag.

Materials: The most expensive heavy bags are made from a leather exterior with EPA foam and finely blended fabrics. The least expensive bags are those made from plastic/synthetic leather and arrive unfilled.

Branding: Designer brands cost more because they have built brand loyalty through the creation of the best products with the best materials. Everlast and RDX can simply charge more because they’ve been selling high-quality products that people love for a long time.

Newness: A newly released heavy bag that contains the most up-to-date technologies is typically more expensive. It’s similar to the release of a new iPhone, the newer it is the more it will cost. Furthermore, whether the product is brand new or used (second hand) can make an enormous difference to the price as you can see from the average prices above.

How Much Should You Pay for a Heavy Bag?

When purchasing a high-quality adult heavy bag, you should expect to pay between £80 ($110 USD) to £120 ($165 USD). However, it depends on the type of heavy bag you’re looking for.

For example, are you looking for a heavy bag that is 6ft tall or or 3ft, new or used? Perhaps you would prefer to purchase a bag that comes pre-filled?

Here is how much you should pay for each scenario:

Note: Filled means that the bag arrives filled up and unfilled means the heavy bag’s interior is empty and you need to fill it yourself.

We worked out the following prices through the existing data at the top of this article as well as through further research.

  • 6ft heavy bag – new 
    • Filled: £144.39
    • Unfilled: £82.33
  • 5ft heavy bag – new
    • Filled: £109.05
    • Unfilled: £56.49
  • 4ft heavy bag (junior) – new
    • Filled: £104.85
    • Unfilled: £43.78
  • 3ft heavy bag (junior) – new
    • Filled: £86.42
    • Unfilled: £34.23

  • 6ft heavy bag – used/second hand
    • Filled: £51.25
  • 5ft heavy bag – used/second hand
    • Filled: £27.13
  • 4ft heavy bag (junior) – used/second hand
    • Filled:£22.89
  • 3ft heavy bag (junior) – used/second hand
    • Filled: £15.42

What Are the Best Adult and Children Heavy Bags?

The best adult heavy bag online is the 5pcs Leather Punchbag 5ft Blk/White Rex (see our full review here) and the best children’s heavy bag (for those younger than 12) is the Pro Power 3ft Junior Punch Bag (review on Argos).

Alternatively, one of the best heavy bag for juniors (between 13-18 years old) is the ONEX Pre-Filled Heavy Bag (review here on amazon or read our review here).

Where Can You Find a Good Adult and Junior Heavy Bag?

You can find a good adult and junior heavy bag on online websites like amazon.com, boxfituk.com, rdxsports.com, and geezersboxing.co.uk.

If you’re looking to purchase a heavy bag in-store, then a few great places on top of your nearest store include: Ringside, Argos, Boxfit UK, and TITLE.

What is the difference between a junior heavy bag and an adult heavy bag?

A junior heavy bag is a heavy bag that is suitable for children under the age of 18 wheras an adult heavy bag is suitable for adults 18 years and older.

A junior heavy bag is lighter and smaller to suit young people and their undeveloped physique.

Is It Worth Buying a Used Heavy Bag?

It can be worth buying a used heavy bag if you thoroughly check the bag in person or via a video call to see if there are any rips or tears.

This is because even a small tear can grow to a much bigger one with only a few strikes, therefore making your purchase unworthy.

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