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This article will rate and review the best boxing gloves for training.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, the below models will provide ample protection for your hands, wrists, and ankles, as well as increased support and comfort during heavy bag work, sparring, and other training exercises.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the ring.

CLETO REYES Training Gloves with Hook and Loop Closure

(Best overall)

Sizes: 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz, 18 oz

Color options: 25 different color options


Latex foam padding provides a soft and cushioned feel: It also provides effective protection against punches and other impacts, while enhancing the durability of these boxing gloves. Plus, since latex foam is a lightweight material, the wearer will experience minimal hand fatigue.

Hook and loop closure system ensures a secure and snug fit: This can help improve your performance, especially during strikes and technical movements. You can also count on this closure system to help you easily put on and take off these gloves.

Attached thumb feature helps minimize the risk of thumb injuries: Aside from that, it will keep your hand in the correct position, thereby providing extra support to your wrist and hand during training and sparring sessions.


Take time to break in: That means that it may take you several sessions of intense training before these boxing gloves are fully comfortable to wear.


The Cleto Reyes Training Gloves will provide your hand with a soft and cushioned feel, reduce the risk of thumb injuries, and increase hand speed for more effective strikes. Small wonder, then, that they are our top pick.

Buy the CLETO REYES Training Gloves with Hook and Loop Closure on Amazon here or buy them on Cleto Reyes Official Website here.

RDX Boxing Gloves Sparring Muay Thai Pro Training Gloves

Sizes: 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz

Color options: Black


Maya hide convex skin leather is durable and comfortable: You can thus count on these training gloves to easily withstand heavy punches and rough use as well as allow airflow to reduce sweat accumulation and keep skin irritation at bay.

Layered EVA padding sheet helps absorb shock and reduce the impact of punches: The cushioning effect may also help you get a better grip on these training gloves, improving your precision and control during training.

Palm bar enhances the grip of the gloves for a better hold: Moreover, it will ensure even distribution of the gloves’ weight, reducing pressure points. This, in turn, will help you comfortably wear these gloves for extended periods.


May feel too big for those with small hands: For those with small hands, even the smallest pair may feel too wide.


The RDX Training Gloves are an affordable, albeit high-quality pair that boast excellent durability, comfort, and hand support. Go for these gloves if their only shortcoming isn’t a deal-breaker for you.

Buy the RDX Boxing Gloves Sparring Muay Thai Pro on Amazon here or buy them on Ebay here.

Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

Sizes: 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz

Color options: Black, Blue, Red


Curved anatomical grip provides a more natural fit to the hand: The results? Reduced pressure points and increased grip. Aside from that, these gloves’ curve will stabilize your wrist to reduce the risk of injury during bag work.

Patented thumb-lok feature reduces the risk of thumb injury: By locking the thumb into place, this feature will also enable you to punch with greater power. It does that by giving you the peace of mind that your thumb is neatly tucked away.

Full mesh palm allows improved airflow for enhanced comfort: Although every boxer stands to benefit from the added breathability of this glove, those training in hot and humid environments will find it especially appealing.


May not be the most long-lasting: Multiple people have complained that their Pro Star Training Gloves ripped after a few months. This can be explained by the use of synthetic leather, which is less durable than genuine leather.


The Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves come with a breathable mesh, fit snugly around your hand, and reduce the risk of injuries during training. Plus, the fact they come in multiple colors and sizes makes them suitable for many.

Buy the Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves on Amazon here or buy them on Everlast’s Official Website here.

Title Classic Pro Style Training Gloves 3.0

Sizes: 8 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz

Color options: Black, Blue, Red


Satin nylon lining wicks away sweat and moisture from the hands: This will keep your hands dry and comfortable, regardless of the intensity of your training sessions. Also, by ensuring quick sweat evaporation, the lining keeps these gloves fresh and odor-free.

Multiple layers of high and low density foams enhance these gloves’ shock absorption: The resulting cushioning will allow for improved technique during training since you won’t be distracted by hand discomfort.

Two-ply strap provides additional support for the wrist to reduce the risk of injuries: It will also allow for a more comfortable fit and keep the gloves securely in place, thereby reducing the risk of slippage during training sessions.


Average build quality means they may not be the best for experienced boxers: Self-explanatory.


The Title Classic Pro Style Training Gloves 3.0 are comfortable to wear, offer a secure and snug fit, and minimize the risk of injuries. Multiple color and size options and an affordable asking price further sweeten the deal.

Buy the Title Classic Pro Style Training Gloves 3.0 on Amazon here or buy it on Title Boxing’s Official Website here.

Adidas Hybrid 200 Leather Boxing Gloves

Sizes: 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz

Color options: Black/Gold, Black/White, Blue/White


Real leather outer shell provides enables these gloves to withstand rough use during training: Also, since it is super-soft and flexible, you will get a better fit and improved comfort during sparring sessions.

Perforated foam construction ensures excellent breathability: Together with the moisture-wicking liner on these gloves’ interior, which saves them from water damage, the perforated foam will all but guarantee that your hands stay cool and dry.

Tafetta lining has made these gloves ultra-durable: How can we be so sure? The fact that this material is used in the construction of luxury curtains, wedding dresses, and ball gowns gives us plenty of clues about how strong it is!


High asking price might prove to be a deal-breaker: Make no mistake about it. These boxing gloves cost twice as much as some of the models discussed above, something we were expecting given the usage of genuine leather.


The Adidas Hybrid 200 Leather Boxing Gloves are comfortable to wear, allow excellent air circulation to keep your hands cool and dry, and can absorb shocks and impacts to reduce the risk of injuries. What more can you ask for!

Buy the Adidas Hybrid 200 Leather Boxing Gloves on Amazon here or buy them on Adidas’s Official Website here.


How to choose the best training gloves for boxing?

Make sure to opt for gloves made of durable materials, such as genuine or synthetic leather. That is because gloves made of cheap materials may not be able to withstand the rigors of sparring and training.
Next, pay attention to the weight of the gloves. If you want added protection for your hands, opt for thicker gloves as they will have the padding to reduce the risk of injury. Conversely, if you want greater speed and maneuverability, opt for lighter gloves.
Finally, make sure the gloves come with a hook and loop closure. The boxing gloves you may choose must also be breathable. Otherwise, your hands may feel like an oven during long and intense training sessions.

What ounce boxing gloves are best for training?

Most boxers opt for 12 oz and 16 oz gloves for punching bag sessions. These gloves aren’t too lightweight to not absorb any shock or impact. At the same time, they aren’t too heavy to restrict your hand speed and maneuverability.

Are heavier gloves better for training?

While heavier boxing gloves can offer better shock absorption and increased resistance, they may hurt speed and agility, as well as hand-eye coordination. As such, these gloves may be better for power training.

What gloves do boxers train in?

As you might guess, different boxers train in different gloves. For example, Canel Alvarez can be seen training in Everlast and Winning Gloves. The same can be said about Tyson Fury, with the Gypsy King remaining loyal to Everlast gloves throughout his career.

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