Amir Bashir’s Story (Author at Healthy Principles)

Written by Alistair Knight | 16 May 2022

Amir Bashir - Healthy Principles' badminton writer

Resides in: Punjab, Pakistan

Education: University of the Punjab.

Expertise: Badminton


  • Massive sports fan
  • Writing
  • Reading


Amir is a Chemical Engineer by degree, but his love for writing (and hate for early mornings) forced him to change his career after graduating from engineering school.

This was way back in 2015. Since then, through thick days and thin, Amir has mostly been writing when he isn’t sleeping, eating, traveling, playing badminton, or watching Liverpool FC on the television.

Amir also loves reading fiction — there isn’t any novel written by John Grisham that you won’t find in his library. His family knows where to find Amir whenever he goes invisible inside a mall: In the bookshop.

Amir played a lot of badminton when he was back in high school, and plays with his friends to this day.

As an author at Healthy Principles, Amir will be evolving and enhancing badminton advice online, so that more people can learn more about the sport and progress.

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Contact Amir directly here: [email protected]

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