Resides in: London, UK.

Education: Reigate College.

Expertise: Boxing and Book Summaries.



Alistair started boxing in 2017 and fell in love with the sport.

He trained six days per week, twice per day.

Alistair wanted to become the best boxer in history, but suffered back-to-back snowboarding injuries that impacted his ability to continue.

Thanks to his Search Engine Optimization experience, Alistair started this blog to teach the world what he was taught from the hundreds of hours spent with wonderful professional boxers and coaches.

Alistair continues to train with various boxing gyms across London and actively seeks advice from the best trainers and product manufacturers so that you can get the best information.

As the founder of Healthy Principles, Alistair intends to impact the world by matching curious minds on the internet with insights from experts. However, the experts we hire never describe themselves as experts because we know that there is always more one can learn.


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