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As a qualified personal trainer with sports academy certification, Tihomir Stefanov (Tisho) has helped over 100 people face to face, and thousands more online in their journey of a healthy body and mind. Tisho continues to study health relentlessly so that he can continue to deliver honest, objective, evidence-based information to health and fitness lovers.

Magnesium for Weight Loss | Does it help?

  Pretty much every dietitian recommends magnesium for weight loss, but is it actually the best solution? Magnesium is an essential mineral which the body needs to function properly. It helps with a variety of functions, including but not limited to: blood sugar regulation energy production and a whole flurry of other chemical reactions. Not […]

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Kettlebell Lunges | Top 8 Lunge Variations You Can Do

You’re about to discover the top eight lunge variations you can do with kettlebells (FAST). On top of that, you’re going to learn: The importance of incorporating kettlebell lunges into your training The comparison between kettlebells and dumbells/barbells and which piece of equipment is best A beginner-intermediate level kettlebell workout (with three kettlebell exercises) Plus […]

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