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Looking for guidance on what the best hand wraps are for your combat sport?

As a boxer and former mixed martial artist myself, I have created this guide so that you know:

A) What the best hand wraps are for your sport

B) What to look out for when buying good hand wraps

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What Are the Best Hand Wraps?

We’ve looked at a range of hand wraps that are suitable for Muay Thai, Boxing, and MMA and have selected three pairs for each.

The biggest things we’ve highlighted for you are:

  • Quality
  • Adjustability
  • Comfort
  • Pros
  • Cons

To discover the best hand wraps that’ll make you stand out, choose your sports best hand wraps below:

Top 3 Best Muay Thai Hand Wraps

Fairtex Elastic Cotton Handwraps HW2-120 and 180″- Full Length

Length: 180″


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Secure hook and loop thumb
  • Elastic cotton


  • Top-range price as far as hand wraps go


While Fairtex is not the largest company or the most well-known company to fighters, they certainly produce some of the best Muay Thai gear.

Now, while these are the most expensive pair of hand-wraps that’ve been reviewed today, that isn’t to say that they aren’t the best; because sometimes the best things are slightly more expensive.

100% Cotton: What is one of the best fabrics that is breathable, easy to wash, and durable? That’s right, cotton! Cotton is a very comfortable, elastic fabric which is 100% what you’d want from a pair of hand wraps because you’ll want to feel comfortable while working out.

Multiple Colours: Do you want black, yellow, red?

With a wide range of colours to choose from you not only get the chance to stand out when hitting the speed bag, but the differences in colours can really help when you’re faced with the problem of having the same coloured wraps as your training partners.

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2. TOP KING TKHWR-01 Pro Hand Wraps

Length: 177″


  • >Great length
  • Easy to adjust
  • 100% elastic cotton


  • Top-range price


Top King are at the top of their game when we’re talking about a superior Muay Thai hand wrap. Their ‘TKHWR-01 Pro’ hand wraps were made for one thing in mind:

To serve professional Muay Thai fighters with the best hand wraps.

How do they do this?

By crafting elasticated cotton wraps that provide:

A) Comfort

B) Good adjustability

When you wear these hand wraps, you can feel a nice snug fit with enough length so that you will never run out of the wrap.

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3. Adidas Hand Wraps

Length: 100″ – 177″


  • Attached thumb
  • 100% Stretchable woven tape
  • Stay in shape well


  • The Adidas logo can easily wear away
  • The shorter 100″ wrap can be too small for some adult


If you’re looking for a cotton-rich hand wrap that is both low cost and easy to adjust, this Adidas hand-wrap is best suited to you. Its ability to stay in shape after putting it in the wash is very ideal and saves you a lot of time. (There is nothing worse than having wrinkled up hand wraps that take forever to put on.)

The price is significantly lower than the other two hand wraps reviewed above yet they are made from the exact same material: cotton; and are both stretchy as opposed to stiff.

While there have been many complaints about the size of the hand wrap, it’s because those complainers have purchased the smaller size (100″). The 177″ wrap is better suited for adults and the 100″ wrap is better suited for children.

cute child posing with red boxing gloves on
Keep those hands up!

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Top Three Best Boxing Hand Wraps

1. Ringside Boxing Hand Wraps

Length: 180″


  • Thumb loop and hook closure
  • Good thickness to your knuckles
  • Elastic material with a long length


  • Likely not going to last a year
  • One of the most expensive boxing hand wrap


Ringside, probably the most widely recognised brands in the boxing industry, deliver great results when it comes to boxing gear. These hand wraps may be more price than others (£10+ more), but you’ll be getting your money’s worth because:

A) They are made from a hook and loop closure with great length

B) They’re significantly thicker than those thin, cheap hand-wraps; yet also very elastic.

  • The length of the ringside hand-wraps gives you additional wrapping for making Xs’ and padding for your knuckles.
  • The hook and loop closure ensures that the hand wrap is easy to put on because your thumb can stay attached to the wrap at all times.
  • With a thicker wrap like this one, you’ll get greater knuckle protection which will feel good thanks to the elastic stretch

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2. Venum Hand Wraps

Length: 157″


  • Hook and loop closure
  • Elastic Cotton
  • Good price


  • Not very long


Got big hands? These Venum hand wraps are not for you, honestly…

Note for Mr or Mrs Big Hands: While you still will be able to wrap your hands, you’ll find you’re cut short right at the end when you need to do your X’s and wrap your wrist.

Got small hands? Perfect! These Venum hand wraps are for you…


The material, like most of Venum’s gear, is excellent. The cotton fabric not only makes it comfortable to wear (especially in-between the fingers) but is also a very elastic and durable fabric which means that:

A) It will fit snugly to your hand (if they’re the right size)

B) They may last a long time

They are also very inexpensive compared to other hand wraps on the market (less than £10)

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3. Box Raw Hand Wraps

Length: 177″


  • Good Length
  • Specially crafted thumb lock loops
  • Premium stretch cotton blend


  • 20% Polyester


BoxRaw has grown massively since its launch in 2017 and produces very comfortable equipment that not only makes boxing better for you, but the brand has also become immensely popular among the boxing community.

BoxRaw’s philosophy: “protect your tools and they will protect you”

What I especially like about BoxRaw are their innovative thumb lock loops that are far more comfortable than other thumb loops because they are both thicker and softer meaning you won’t get the rubbing feeling.

The fabric is also made from 80% cotton meaning you get an elastic material that is durable and soft to your skin.

Their hand wraps also come with a breathable carry bag so you’ve got your own space to keep your gym bag organised, and they’re a really great price considering how well recognised Box Raw is as a brand.

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Top Three MMA Hand Wraps

1. Meister MMA Hand Wraps

Length: 180″


  • Sold as a pack of 3 (very inexpensive)
  • Cotton blended with spandex
  • Hook and loop closure


  • Thin


Is it worth getting?

Short answer: Yes, overall with the price and overall quality being second to none. It’s worth it.

But here’s the downside: They’re very thin.

This means that there is less padding however you can easily buy additional knuckle protection padding if they fit under your MMA gloves.

Sometimes, MMA fighters with smaller gloves prefer thinner hand wraps because it means they can actually fit their hand wraps on.

Long answer: The spandex and cotton blend provides the ultimate ‘Mexican Style hand wrap’ because it provides a greater variety of fitting, whether that’s for a stretched (tight) fit or a slacked (loose) fit depending on what you prefer.

This, as well as the hook/loop closure, and value for a bundle of 3 pairs, separate the Meister’s hand wrap from others on the list.

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2. Pro Impact

Length: 180″


  • Great elastic support
  • Durable
  • Great length


  • Slow customer responses
  • Frays and shrinks over-time


Pro Impact has made a big impact on the sport of boxing as a large supplier of boxing equipment including training kit, bags, mitts, boxing gloves and of course: hand wraps.

While there has been some talk of the hand-wraps shrinking over time, they are labelled as machine washable which is very important when it comes to the stink of boxing.

You’ll finally be able to let go of your nose every time you open your gym bag. ?

For less than £10, you also get a durable, elastic hand wrap that is both comfortable and supportive thanks to its ability to stretch and loosen depending on your personal preference.

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3. AQF MMA Wraps

Length: 157″


  • Elastic fabric
  • Cheap hand wrap
  • Ideal for MMA


  • Polyester (plastic) material


As an MMA fighter, you want to find a balance between a wrap that fits well under your glove and a wrap that protects your knuckles, bones, muscles, and tendons.

Some MMA fighters struggle with finding this hand wrap because most hand wraps are too thick and too big, making it impossible to put on your 4oz gloves.

These AQF wraps are a shorter length and are thin meaning you may be able to fit your hands into most gloves.

The AQF hand wraps have good elasticity, however, their quality isn’t as preferred as other wraps that are made from a cotton fabric.

These hand wraps are in fact, 100% polyester which is a synthetic material.

Overall, although not commonly known as a brand, if you’re looking for a hand wrap that provides approved quality at a low price, then the AQF MMA wraps are for you.

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RDX Hand Wraps

Length: 177″


  • Good length
  • Thick woven material
  • Easy to secure


  • It may be too big for small MMA gloves


Your hand wraps are like a knight’s shining armour. They’re meant to be durable, comfortable in battle, and most importantly: protective.

The RDX was chosen as the best (lowest cost) all-round hand wrap because it ticks all of the boxes.

Yes, I’ve chosen the longer 177″ which may not be suitable for some MMA fighters with small gloves.

However, a long hand wrap can be better to use when fighting because you have more padding and protection for the 27 bones in each of your hands.

Furthermore, a thicker, stable, and solid hand may give you greater confidence and control because you don’t have to worry about injuring your hand which can be so common in any combat sport.

If you’re an MMA fighter and you’re worried about getting a pair of hand-wraps that’ll fit in your 4oz gloves, I’d 100% recommend getting the AQF Hand-Wraps as these are 50cm shorter.

And for everybody else: what are you waiting for? Get it now by clicking on the link to Amazon below.

>> Discover the RDX Hand Wrap on Amazon <<

Hand wraps come in many different sizes, colours, and brands that can seem confusing to choose from.

All you need to know is this old saying:

Hand wraps today are there to keep the doctor away

Although the same couldn’t be said for your opponent ?…

Whether you’re training for fitness or for the next big competition, we’ve got your back (but mostly your hands) because we’ve reviewed the top three hand wraps whether you’re a Muay Thai monster, beautiful boxer, or a notorious MMA guy or gal.

Note: The gloves reviewed below have affiliate links. Whatever you buy may earn us a small commission.

Who Needs to Use Hand Wraps?


With no hand wraps on you put your hands at risk of a minor/major injury.

Your hands are your weapons when it comes to combat sport, so what happens when you throw and land punches onto a hard surface like a punching bag or somebodies skull?

You put your 2 groups of tendons and 27 small bones at risk of sprains, strains, and fractures.

How do you prevent this problem?

Wrapping your hands may prevent these common injuries because when you clasp your hand into a fist with good hand wraps on, your joints become aligned and the soft tissues of your hand compress, therefore providing increased support for both your hand and wrist throughout the punch.

An injury many fighters can get is a fracture to the fourth or fifth metacarpal; this is commonly known as the “boxer’s fracture”.

What’s The Difference Between Muay Thai, Boxing, and MMA Hand Wraps?

lady with red hand wraps and and silver ring on non ring finger

There is no major difference between a Muay Thai, Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA hand wrap.

As you can imagine, however, an MMA fighter will need to put their hand wraps on underneath a 4oz Glove (which can be tricky to do) meaning a thinner, shorter hand wrap may be ideal depending on the type of MMA glove you use.

The main differences between hand wraps are their:

  • Colour
  • Brand
  • Elasticity
  • Length
  • Thickness
  • Material

What to Look Out For When Choosing Hand Wraps?

When choosing your hand wraps, there are two different types to choose from.

#Type 1: The Mexican Style Hand Wrap

The Mexican style wraps (the preferred among the fighting community) are usually made from semi-elastic cotton and spandex.

Due to their elastic qualities, they stick to your hands as opposed to becoming loose like the traditional style wrap can be guilty of.

#Type 2: The Traditional Style Hand Wrap

Traditional style wraps are weaved from cotton which is an excellent fabric that is comfortable for your skin.

Cotton is a durable, comfortable, and moisture controlled fabric that serves as a great hand-wrap.

Which style of hand wrap is best? 

It’s really a personal preference. As a boxer, myself and my training partners have worn both and have found the Mexican style hand wrap to be better thanks to its stretchy, cotton material.

Note: Quick-put on inner hand wraps like this one are best to avoid because they offer less protection than ‘normal’ hand wraps. Fighters buy them because they put this inner hand wrap on first, then wrap an additional hand-wrap on top which can make it considerably more comfortable, especially between the fingers where a hand wrap can rub.

Fighters may also use these quick-put on inner hand wraps because they can be used when doing very light bag work, where it’s unlikely you’ll injure your hands/wrists.


I hope you have enjoyed reading this review and have found a pair which will:

Protect you

Last a long time

Feel comfortable

Now, I’d like to turn it over to you:

What hand wrap would you pick as your favourite from this list?

Perhaps you’ve already bought a hand wrap and want to give additional information about it?

Maybe you now know how important hand wraps are?

Either way, let us know by leaving a comment below!

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