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In this comprehensive guide, we’ll reveal the best Wilson badminton rackets on the market.

Wilson badminton rackets might not be as popular or as widely used as Yonex’s, but they perform equally well and are generally available at pocket-friendly prices.

Without further ado, let’s jump into it.

Wilson Blaze SX9000 Spider CV FC

(Best Overall)

Sizes: 7U G5

Color options: Black/Yellow

Material: Graphite


Basalt fibre and black graphite frame: While the basalt fiber ensures that the racket stays lightweight (hence the 7U weight), graphite has increased this model’s sturdiness. You can thus count on the SX9000 to be a reliable and long-lasting companion on the court.

Spider Silk Ballistic Frame Armor technology: This technology has provided the SX9000 with better shock absorption qualities than its peers. Even in the event of mis-hits, this model won’t sting your arm, great news for beginners who are still learning the ropes of the game.

Liquid Crystal Fibre Shock Trap Technology: At the cost of sounding technical, this technology evenly distributes the pressure forces created by the impact of the shuttlecock against the strings. As a result, even when you’d hit a smash, you’d still get a relatively softer and less harsh feel.


Doesn’t come cheap. Similar to most badminton rackets you see being used in championships, the SX9000 doesn’t come cheap. This might make it a tough sell for anyone who’s on a tight budget.


In summary, the Spider SX9000 CV FC is Wilson’s best badminton racket in 2022. This model has an ultra-lightweight construction, offers superior shock-absorption qualities, and is durable. Go for this model if its asking price doesn’t bother you.

Buy the Wilson Spider SX9000 CV FC on Amazon


(Best for flickers)

Sizes: 4U G5

Color options: White/Bright Blue

Material: Carbon Fibre


Ultra High Modulus carbon fibre frame: Many people don’t know that graphite and carbon fiber are made of the same material: carbon. Yet, despite having the same origins, both these materials have one key difference: carbon fiber is much stronger and requires much more force to break apart than graphite.

Stable Wrap Technology: This technology is the major reason why the CX 9000 is a must-have for every flicker. It has injected more flexibility in the racket’s T-joint, allowing you to play more controlled strokes by putting less strain on your wrist.

Even-balanced construction: Even-balanced rackets provide better control than their head-light counterparts and higher power than the head-heavy rackets. As such, they strike the sweet spot between head-light and head-heavy rackets.


Isn’t the most lightweight. For a racket that has been designed to attract flickers, the CX 6000 could have slashed a few grams off its weight.


The Fierce CX6000 EXZONE is a must-have for flickers. This model’s even-balanced construction and ultra-durable frame leave no doubt in my mind that it will give you superior control over your shots.

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Wilson Blaze 270

(Best for beginners)

Sizes: 4U G5

Color options: Red, Black

Material: Carbon Fibre


Carbon fibre frame: Carbon fibre’s superior shock-absorbing qualities have made this racket’s frame highly durable. No matter how many mis-hits you play on your journey toward the summit of the game, this racket won’t break.

Isometric racket head design: What’s the one thing that convinces most racket brands to opt for an isometric racket head design? Extended sweet spot. As a large sweet spot allows the players to hit more powerful shots with greater ease.

Stiff flex: Having a stiff flex means this racket will give you complete control over your shots, excellent news for beginners who find it challenging to accurately place the shuttlecock on the opponent’s side of the court.


Slow swing speed. Here’s one thing that might prove to be a deal-breaker. The Blaze 270 has a slow swing speed, meaning you’d have to get into the shot-playing position early if you want to hit a quick smash.


The Wilson Blaze 270 has everything — extended sweet spot, isometric head design, stiff flex, affordable asking price — that beginners look for in a badminton racket.

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Wilson Badminton Racket Reaction 70

(Best value for money)

Sizes: 2U G4

Color options: Black/Blue

Material: Carbon Fibre


Head-heavy balance: As stated in our badminton rackets buying guide, head-heavy badminton rackets have more weight concentrated towards the head/throat area, allowing players to transfer more power to their shots with less effort.

Hyper alloy composite construction: Thanks to the hyper alloy composite construction, the racket behaves consistently while playing shots. The construction has also added a few years to this model’s life.

Comes pre-strung: What’s the first thing you like doing after taking your badminton racket out of the delivery package? If you’re like me, stringing the racket won’t be anywhere near the top of your wish list. As such, the fact that this model comes pre-strung should give you an extra reason to buy it.


Some players might find it too heavy. A 2U frame weight means this model weighs in the 90 – 94 grams range, making it heavy for a beginner’s racket.


The Wilson Badminton Racket Reaction 70 is an excellent option for anyone who wants a premium racket at a bargain-basement price.

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Wilson Tour Junior Badminton Racket

(Best value for money)

Sizes: Junior

Color options: Yellow

Material: Aluminum


Aluminum construction: Three features of the aluminum frame make this racket a must-have for your little one. These include an ultra-lightweight construction, a thin grip for an easy hold, and maximum elasticity.

Available at a pocket-friendly price: Despite the fact that the price mentioned is for two rackets, it’s still less than what you pay for a single children’s racket of any other brand. What more can you ask for!

Comes in a complete package: Even though this model costs less than your average badminton racket, it still comes with two shuttlecocks and a carry case that can comfortably envelop two rackets.


Shuttlecocks that come in the package are of poor quality. Self-explanatory.


The Wilson Tour Junior Badminton Racket has everything that will make your little one fall in love with the game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Wilson Badminton Rackets Good?

Wilson badminton rackets are extremely good and are used by some of the best players the world has ever seen. Mistaki Matsutomo, the 1x Asian and Olympic Championships gold medal champion, plays with a Wilson racket.

What is the most popular Wilson racket?

The Wilson Fierce CX9000J CV is by far the most popular badminton racket of this brand. This racket is used by Japan’s Misaki Matsutomo, the 1x Olympic and Asian Championships gold medalist.

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