An illustration of the best badminton racket for beginners.

This article will rate and review the best badminton rackets for beginners.

Whether you’ve been playing the game for a few months or fallen in love with badminton recently, the below models will help take your game to the next level.

Without wasting any time, let’s jump into it.

Senston N80 Graphite

(Best Overall)

Material: Graphite, Carbon Fiber

Grip Size: 3 3/4 inches


Lightweight construction makes it easy to handle: The fact that this racket weighs only 80 grams means you’ll find it easier to swing this model and generate power. You won’t have to strain your muscles to hit those point-winning smashes.

One-piece design makes it highly durable: Thanks to the built-in T joint (which means the head and the shaft are of the same material), this racket is less susceptible to early failure than those with a separate T joint.

A larger sweet spot makes it easier to hit the shuttlecock accurately: The sweet spot is the area on the racket head that generates the most power and control. So, a bigger sweet spot means more powerful and accurate shots.


String tension may not be enough: As such, you may have to re-string this model after every few matches.


Due to its lightweight construction, massive sweet spot, and one-piece design, the Senston N80 is currently the best badminton racket on the market.

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Yonex Arscaber Lite

Material: Graphite, Carbon Fibre

Sizes: 4U G5


Isometric racket head design ensures a larger sweet spot: If you have spent some time researching badminton rackets, you might have seen that nine out of ten models have an isometric racket head. That is because this design provides the racket head with an extended sweet spot.

Light flex shaft gives you more control over your shots: Do you struggle accurately placing your shots? If so, the Yonex Arcsabler Lite’s light shaft makes this racket a must-have.

Carbon fibre frame has made it highly durable: That is because carbon fiber can absorb shocks with incredible ease, helping it withstand mis-hits much better than other racket frame materials.


Swing speed could be quicker: As such, if you want to catch your opponent off-guard with a quick smash, getting into the shot-playing position early would be key.


Extended sweet spot? Check. Affordable asking price? Present. Durable construction? You bet. All these qualities make the Yonex Arcsabler Lite one of the best beginner-level badminton rackets.

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Yonex Basic 4000

Material: Aluminum

Sizes: N/A


Lightweight aluminum head makes it a cinch to swing: This makes the Basic 4000 an ideal first racket, especially for players who are looking to develop powerful shots without getting injured in the process.

Comes at a pocket-friendly price: Want to know how inexpensive this model is? You can get four of the B4000s at the price of one Arcsaber Lite. This means that you won’t face any financial difficulty replacing it.

Even balanced construction gives you maximum control over your shots: Aside from that, its even-balanced construction makes this racket easier to handle, making it useful for beginners who are still learning the ropes of the game.


May not provide as much power as head-heavy rackets: You may thus have to rely solely on your muscles to hit point-winning smashes or court-clearing clears.


The Yonex Basic 4000 ensures excellent weight distribution across its frame, making it easy for beginners to make quick changes in direction and experiment with a variety of shots.

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Dunlop Sports Carlton Aeroblade 2000

Material: Blend

Sizes: N/A


Alloy steel frame enhances durability: Sure, its tempered steel frame might have added a few grams to this racket’s weight. But it has also enhanced this model’s shock-absorbing qualities, making it ultra-durable.

Doesn’t require you to try too hard to hit powerful shots: The credit for this goes to this model’s head-heavy balance, which enables you to impart maximum power to your shots without applying too much effort.

Has a larger sweet spot than similarly priced rackets: As such, the risk of your shots not clearing the net and landing where you want them to land would be relatively low.


Not a fan of the swing speed: If there is one thing that might convince badminton players to ignore this racket, it has to be its slow swing speed.


The Carlon Aeroblade 2000 boasts superior shock-absorption qualities, has a larger sweet spot than rivals, and lets you impart maximum power to your shots with minimal effort. What more can you ask for!

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Victor Ultramate 6

Material: Aluminum

Sizes: N/A


Even-balanced construction offers the best of both worlds: As stated in our badminton rackets’ buying guide, even-balanced models offer the control of their head-heavy counterparts and the power of the head-light models.

Isometric shape provides you with a bigger sweet spot: The results of which include maximum repulsion power and an amazing racket feel every time you smash the shuttlecock.

A lightweight aluminum frame makes the racket much easier to control: This makes this model an ideal option for beginners who usually find it difficult to maneuver heavy rackets.


Shock absorption could be better: So, be ready for vibrations after mis-hits.


The Victor Men’s Ultramate 6 has everything (massive sweet spot, lightweight frame, even-balanced construction) that beginners look for in a badminton racket.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Choose Badminton Rackets for beginners?

First of all, look for a racket that is lightweight and easy to maneuver in your hands. This will help you easily swing the racket and hit the shuttlecock with as much force as you can muster.

Secondly, make sure the model you’re picking comes with a larger sweet spot, so that you can hit the shuttlecock more accurately. That’s because a larger sweet spot will reduce the likelihood of mis-hits.

Lastly, look for a model that offers an optimal balance between control and power, as this is crucial for you to hone and improve your skills.

Is a head-heavy racket good for beginners?

A head-heavy racket isn’t the best choice for any player still learning the ropes of badminton.

That is because its balance will increase the risk of the player injuring himself while trying to execute powerful smashes.

Looking for a high badminton racket that is also cheap? Look no further than our guide to the best budget badminton rackets.

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