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This article will discuss the top best Victor badminton rackets on the market.

Victor badminton rackets are used at the championship level due to their quality construction materials, superior shuttle hold, and comfortable hitting.

Without further ado, let’s jump into it.

Victor AuraSpeed 90F Badminton Racket

(Best overall)

Sizes: 5U, G6

Color options: Light blue


Whipping Enhance System: The WES incorporates a soft material in a specific part of the shaft, just below the throat. This enhances the racket head’s acceleration, letting you quickly attack the shuttlecock with more control.

Fast and efficient swing: It features an outward-cutting frame structure in the 3 and 9’o clock positions and an inward-cutting structure at the 6 and 12’o clock positions, making each swing sharp and swift.

Withstands higher tensions: Thanks to the HM graphite frame, the AuraSpeed 90F has a thinner and harder frame than most of its counterparts. Which is great news as it means that this model can withstand much higher tensions.


Doesn’t come cheap: If you’re on a tight budget, this model might not be the right option for you.


In summary, the AuraSpeed 90F is Victor’s best badminton racket because of its use of innovative technologies, HM graphite frame, and durable construction. Go buy this racket if you want to win championships.

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Victor V-4400 Badminton Racket

(Best value for money)

Sizes: 3U, G3

Color options: Rot


Wave Ripple Technology: The WR technology cancels out the clockwise movement of ripples from the top by sending anti-clockwise waves bottom up. In doing so, it improves the accuracy of your shots and makes them more powerful.

Strung with Ashaway Zymax 66 string: The Ashaway Zymax 66 is a 0.66mm string, tailored specifically to combine high repulsion with superior durability. It’s this property that makes this string preferable to championship-level players.

Has a medium flex shaft: The medium flex shaft offers the best of both worlds. It does that by providing you with better control than its light flex counterpart and quicker swing speed than the heavy flex shaft.


Accuracy is a concern: As good as the strings are, they can be too tight for some players’ liking. This might pose a concern to anyone who plays with a feather shuttle.


The Victor Magan V-4400 impresses with its use of Wave Ripple Technology, Ashaway Zymax 66 string, and medium flex shaft.

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Victor Men’s Ultramate 6 Badminton Racket

(Best for beginners)

Sizes: G5/S3

Color options: Red/black


Even-balanced construction: The Ultramate 6 hits the sweet spot between head-light and head-heavy racket. You can thus count on it to deliver the power of the former and the control of the latter.

Isometric shape: An isometric shape means that this model is broader at the top. Compared to oval-headed models, this racket has a larger sweet spot, thus making it easier for you to hit shots with more precision.

Aluminum frame: While it is not as durable as a graphite frame, it is definitely more lightweight and thus easier to control. This makes it an ideal option for anyone still learning the ropes of this game.


It vibrates a lot in the event(s) of mis-hits. So, be ready for your hands to get strung at the start of your badminton journey.


The Victor Men’s Ultramate 6 has everything (lightweight construction, quick swing speed, large sweet spot) that you might want in a badminton racket.

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Victor V-3700 Badminton Racket

(Best for all-round performance)

Sizes: 3U/G4

Color options: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green


Graphite frame: Graphite frames are not only more durable than their aluminum counterparts. They also boast superior shock- and vibration-absorbing properties. Plus, they let you impart more power to your shots.

Large sweet spot: A large sweet spot means less frequent mis-hits, more powerful shots, and less effort to get the shuttlecock across the net.

Strung with multifilament string: Compared with the string you see on most under $50 rackets, the monofilament string is much more durable and impact-resistant, making it a must-have for players who don’t like stringing their racket every now and then.


Grip feels thin. Sure, you could rectify this problem with some tape. But it’s one issue that this model could have certainly done without.


The Victor V-3700 has everything to help improve every aspect of your game.

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Victor educational badminton racket

(Best for kids)

Sizes: 3 1/4 inches

Color options: Red, Orange, Blue


Steel aluminum frame. Compared with pure aluminum or even graphite rackets, this model is incredibly lightweight. Know the reason? Its steel aluminum frame which has slashed a few grams off of this racket’s weight.

Non-shaft design with shorter grip. The design makes it easy for children with small hands (age 4-6 years) to grip this model. As such, your little one won’t feel any strain in the arm after playing for hours on end.

Light on the pocket. Let’s face it. Your little one will outgrow this model before you even know it, pestering you to get a bigger model for him. So, doesn’t it make sense to invest in a pocket-friendly model to begin with?


Only available in one color scheme.


The Victor Educational badminton racket has everything to make your little one fall in love with the game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is VICTOR a good badminton brand?

Victor is an excellent badminton brand with a reputation for making high-quality rackets using the latest technology and high-end materials.

Is Yonex or VICTOR better?

Unfortunately, there isn’t an answer to this question that everybody will agree on. While some badminton players prefer Yonex, others vouch for Victor.

Check out our complete review of the best Yonex badminton rackets here.

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