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This article will rate and review the best badminton rackets for smashing.

All the models recommended below can generate a lot of power and speed while still giving you reasonable control over your shots.

Without further ado, let’s jump in.

Yonex Astrox 88D Pro

(Best overall)

Sizes: 4U G5, 3U G4

Colors: Camel gold


Head-heavy balance helps generate more power for smashes: It does that by concentrating more power in the head, making it difficult for the opponent to return smashes hit with full force.

A stiff frame helps transfer more power to the shuttlecock: A stiffer racket might not be as forgiving as a more flexible racket when it comes to mis-hits. But it will allow you to impart more power to your smashes.

Higher string tension helps give greater punch to your smashes: Provided you’re good enough to hit its sweet spot consistently, this racket’s higher string tension will give more power to all your shots.


Doesn’t come pre-strung: This may prove to be a deal-breaker if you’re one of those players who hate stringing their rackets.


The Yonex Astrox 88D Pro has everything to be the best racket for smashing, including head-heavy construction, stiff frame, and ultra-high string tension. Go for this model if you like taking the game to our opponent.

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Li-Ning G-Force Extra Strong 9000

Sizes: N/A

Colors: Charcoal/lime


Can withstand up to 35 lbs of string tension: A racket with such a high string tension capacity will supplement the effort you put into hitting your smashes, making it nearly impossible for your opponent to do anything but stand and watch the shuttlecock hitting the floor.

MPCF Technology and carbon fiber frame have bolstered this racket’s strength: This, in turn, will have a positive impact on the intensity of your shots while also enhancing this racket’s durability.

Minimal air drag helps the racket move quickly and easily through the air: The result? You won’t find it hard to impart more power and speed to your shots. Another benefit of reduced air drag is that you can easily change direction while playing shots, a potentially point-winning technique during a fast-paced game.


Doesn’t come cheap: Self-explanatory.


The Li-Ning G-Force Strong 9000 can withstand string tensions of up to 35 lbs, has a reinforced and strengthened frame and helps you quickly move it through the air. All these qualities make it one of the best badminton rackets for smashes.

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Yonex Astrox 100ZZ

Sizes: 4U G5

Colors: Dark Navy


More weight in the head helps generate more power for smashes: At the same time, it makes this racket slightly tricky to control for players who aren’t as skilled as they want. So, you may have to be at the top of your game to take advantage of this model’s head-heavy balance.

An ultra-stiff flex helps transfer more energy from your swing to the shuttlecock: Additionally, ultra-stiff rackets are less likely to deform under the stress of powerful shots. This makes the Astrox 100ZZ a good choice for you if you want a racket that won’t break anytime soon.

HM Graphite frame and shaft have bolstered the racket’s stiffness: This ensures the quickness of the shuttlecock upon leaving the string bed, making your smashes quicker and more powerful.


Not the best for beginners: Given this model is heavier at the top, beginners may find it hard to achieve accurate and consistent shot placement.


The Yonex Astrox 100 ZZ is designed to complement the game of aggressive players. As such, if you don’t let any opportunity for a smash pass you buy, opt for this model.

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VICTOR Thruster TK-030 C

Sizes: 4U G5

Colors: Red/Black


Graphite frame allows for faster racket speed and greater power on smashes: It also resists wear and tear pretty well, making the TK-030 C an excellent choice for players whose gameplay involves lots of smashes.

Isometric frame shape allows for more snapback during a smash: In doing so, it will enable you to hit more powerful shots consistently.

G5 grip allows for a more secure hold on the racket: Not only will it help improve your overall performance, but the G5 grip will also allow you to hit more powerful shots while experiencing minimal fatigue in the process.


Shock absorption could be better: This means that this racket might vibrate quite a bit in the event of mis-hits.


The Victor Thruster TK-030 C allows you to hit more powerful shots while taking minimal damage (hand fatigue, wrist strain, etc.) in return.

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Li-Ning 3D Calibar X

Sizes: 3U, G4

Colors: Blue/Black


Aerotec Beam System reduces drag coefficient for faster swings: As a result, you won’t experience much resistance while moving this racket through the air as you aim to hit a potentially unplayable smash.

Higher balance and heavier head allow for more mass at the top of the racket: As you might guess, the added weight at the top helps you generate more power and force when hitting a smash.

Incredibly lightweight for a head-heavy badminton racket: You won’t experience much difficulty maneuvering this racket in your hand or changing positions on the court.


The included case is of poor quality.


The Li-Ning 3D Caliber X racket allows you to make powerful hits without exerting too much effort, thereby reducing the risk of injury.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Choose Badminton Rackets for Smashing?

All the best badminton rackets for smashing have a head-heavy balance and stiff or ultra-stiff frame to help transfer more power to the shuttlecock. They can also withstand higher string tension, as it helps them provide more power and control.

Is a lightweight badminton racket good for smashing?

In most cases, the best rackets for smashing weigh on the heavier side, as it helps them generate more power.

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