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Best Freestanding Punch Bags
Common questions about freestanding punch bags:

Best Freestanding Punch Bags

Best overall: Dripex Adult Freestanding Punch Bag

Runner up: Gallant 5.5ft Freestanding Boxing Punch Bag

Best for kids: Protocol Punching Bag

Best for power punches: Everlast Powercore Freestanding Bag

Best for home use: Century Original Wavemaster Freestanding Heavy Punching Bag

Best for tall people over 6FT: RDX Freestanding Punch Bag with Gloves

Dripex Adult Freestanding Punch Bag

Best overall

Color options: Back or Red

Age range: 13+ recommended due to its size and weight.

Size: 5 feet 9 inches / 175cm

Weight: 17.5 Kilograms

What is Good About The Dripex Freestanding Punch Bag?

It is very sturdy: Once the base has been filled with sand, it becomes unmovable due to weight of 182lbs. It also has 12 suction cups at the base that will stick to most flat surfaces.

It absorbs punches well and doesn’t make a noise: Just above the base of the Dripex freestanding punchbag there is a clever shock-absorbing system made up of 4 springs that reduce the noise the bag makes and a duel PVC shock absorber that enhances durability and reduces stiffness.

Fast rebounds for reactions: When fighting in a bout, the opponent will be fast to respond to every punch you throw. Dripex has taken this factor into consideration by adding dual PVC shock absorbers to increase the bag’s spring.

What is Bad About The Dripex Freestanding Punch Bag?

Time setting it up: It can take up to an hour to set up. Due to its size, the punchbag comes in two deliveries (one with the base and one with the bag). You will need to fill the base with sand and then screw it to the bag. However, the size of the hole where you insert the sand is quite small, which makes it tricky to get in. We recommend using a funnel to fill it up so that you don’t experience any issues.


In conclusion, the Dripex freestanding punch bag is one of the best freestanding bags out there due to it’s size, responsiveness, and quality materials. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro, the Dripex bag will meet your training needs.

Click here to buy the Dripex punch bag on Amazon

Gallant 5.5ft Freestanding Boxing Punch Bag

Runner up

Color options: Red, brown, black, white

Style options: Targets, heritage, dragon

Age range: 13+ recommended for beginners due to its size and weight

Note: If your child is younger than 13 but is experienced and very tall, then this bag is suitable for them.

Size: 5 feet 5 inches / 165cm

Weight: 20 Kilograms

What’s Good About the Gallant Freestanding Punch Bag?

You’re able to move around the bag better: The Gallant freestanding bag has a very narrow base (only 28 cm) which means you’ll be able to strike in range without tripping over which is one of the biggest disadvantages of a freestanding bag in comparison to a heavy bag.

It absorbs your punches well: Thanks to the soft 5cm EPA foam that is filled with microfibre cuttings, you’re able to hit the bag comfortably without experiencing the repercussions you would when hitting a harder punch bag.

Gallant has superb customer support: The brand has a good reputation for customer feedback and if you purchase the bag via their website (or via Amazon) and feel dissatisfied, you’re entitled to a 30-day refund.

Awesome choice of designs and colors: The majority of boxing bags out there are plain and have very few color options. The best thing about the Gallant freestanding punch bag is the choice you have on offer.

What’s Bad About the Gallant Freestanding Punch Bag?

You will experience a lot of swaying: The connection between where the bag fits to the base is quite thin. This flimsiness causes the bag to move around a lot. While this can be a good thing (such as causing the realistic effect of an opponent), it can be frustrating if you’re training for power and need to hit the bag very hard, very frequently.

It doesn’t rebound as fast as you’d like it to: When fighting an opponent in real life, that opponent will be fast to counter your punches. Unfortunately, the rebound effect does lag as you can see in this video:



If you’re looking for a freestanding bag with a narrower base that feels good to sink shots into and you’re not put off by the $140 / £99 / AU$180 price tag, the Gallant freestanding punch bag is certainly worth considering.

Click here to buy the Gallant 5.5ft Freestanding Punch Bag on Amazon


Click here to buy on Gallant’s website (only one color option)

Protocol Punching Bag

Best for kids

Color options: Red

Style option: Inflatable ball with stand

Age range: For children/adults taller than 4 feet with adjustability up to 4 feet 9 inches

Size: 121cm – 147cm / 4 feet up to 4 feet 9 inches

Weight: 2.74KG

What’s Good About the Protocol Punching Bag?

It’s both for children and adults: If you are looking to get something for both yourself and a youngster, then the Protocol punching bag would be suitable for you because you can adjust the height from 121cm – 147cm / 4 feet up to 4 feet 9 inches.

Improved target practice and better reflexes: The only area of the punch bag that you’re supposed to hit is the small padded ball which makes you focus on hitting the target instead of a large surface like a typical freestanding bag. Furthermore, when you hit the padded ball the metal stand will move around a lot making the target a moving one and therefore increasing your reflexes.

It’s relatively inexpensive: The Protocol punch bag is only $95 / £67 / AU$123 which may sound expensive but for a punching bag is somewhat affordable.

What’s Bad About the Protocol Punching Bag?

Be careful not to hit the metal pole: The target is quite a small one so it’s important to wear well-padded boxing gloves as you wouldn’t want to connect with the metal pole the inflated ball is attached to.

It can move around unless you fill the base with sand: If you hit the Protocol bag really hard it can move around which is frustrating when you’re trying to train. Therefore, it’s important to fill the base up with sand as opposed to water because sand is much heavier.


The protocol punching bag is the best of its kind thanks to the impressive rebound and comfortable, albeit, hard-to-hit foam ball.

The price tag of $95 / £67 / AU$123 is relatively low in comparison to other freestanding bags and the protocol is suitable for anyone from 4 feet to 6 feet tall making it worth the price if this is a good height for you.

Buy the Protocol Punch Bag with Stand on Amazon

Everlast Powercore Freestanding Bag

Best for power punches

Color options: Black

Style option: Powercore

Age range: For children/adults taller than 4 feet 3 inches

Size: 131cm – 164cm / 4 feet 3 inches with height adjustability up to 5 feet 4 inches

Weight: 24.2 lbs /10.9kg on delivery. With sand: 250 lbs / 113kg

What’s Good About the Everlast Powercore Freestanding Bag?

It’s heavy and doesn’t move around a lot: Sometimes you need a bag to focus solely on technique and punching power. The Everlast Powercore bag meets this need because, once it’s filled with sand, the base doesn’t move and the bag only tilts at approximately 25 degrees when you hit it with maximum power.

It absorbs your punches well: The tri-disc foam construction allows you to sink your punches in without the common shock we experience when hitting a more solid bag.

It’s height-adjustable: It’s rare to find a freestanding bag that can be adjusted and the Powercore can adjust from 131cm up to 164cm.

What’s Bad About the Everlast Powercore Freestanding Bag?

It can move around a lot if you only add water: This is a common problem in most bags, but the Powercore (despite the sturdy base and steel plate technology) can still move around if the base is only filled with water. The solution to this is to add sand instead as it is denser.

It only goes up to 164cm (5 ft 4 in): The Powercore is quite small and isn’t suitable for fighters taller than 175cm.


The Everlast Powercore is a beast of a punch bag thanks to the clever engineering that allows any fighter to train technique and power simultaneously.

If you are smaller than 175cm and have a high budget to spend, then you’ll struggle to find a better freestanding bag than the Powercore.

Buy the Everlast Powercore Freestanding Punchbag on Amazon

Century Original Wavemaster Freestanding Heavy Punching Bag

Best for home use

Color options: Blue, black, and red

Age range: For children/adults taller than 3 feet 9 inches and smaller than 6 feet.

Size: 119 cm – 172 cm/3 feet 9 inches with height adjustability up to 5 feet 8 inches

Weight: 22 lbs/10kg on delivery. With sand: 270 lbs/122kg

What’s Good About the Century Original Wavemaster Freestanding Bag?

Easy to move around: All you need to do is tip it on its side/put a towel underneath and move it around which is ideal if you are using the bag in a tight living space.

It’s sturdy: While the freestanding bag can be knocked over with considerable force, you can hit it really hard and it will stay standing up. This is because it can weigh up to 270 lbs (122kg) when filled with sand.

Height adjustable: You can choose from up to seven different height adjustments of 47 inches (119 cm) to 68 inches (172 cm). This makes it perfect for low kicks as well as high kicks.

What’s Bad About the Century Original Wavemaster Freestanding Bag?

It could be slightly taller: The top of the bag can only be adjusted to a maximum of 172cm (5ft 8in). This means if you’re over 6 ft, you will only be able to punch/kick down. Therefore, if you’re over 6ft, we recommend the RDX freestanding punch bag which you can review on Amazon here.

It will move around a lot if you only use water: Like the majority of freestanding bags, if you fill the base up with water, and only water, the bag can tip over much more easily in comparison to using sand. This is because sand is heavier than water, therefore, making it the solution.


Need a robust freestanding bag you can use in the comfort of your own home?

Then the Century Original Wavemaster is a good port of call for another high-quality freestanding bag that presents some serious padding with a fast rebound – and the real bonus is that it’s easy to set up, fill up with sand/water, and move around in a small space.

However, like the other high-end freestanding punch bags reviewed here, it doesn’t come cheap.

Buy the Century Original Wavemaster Freestanding Heavy Punching Bag on Amazon

RDX Freestanding Punch Bag with Gloves – 6FT

Best for tall people

Color options: Black, blue, gold, green, red, white

Style option: Pedestal

Age suitability: 13+

Size: 181 cm/5 feet 11 inches

Weight: With water: 176lbs/80kg. With sand: 264 lbs/120kg.

What’s Good About the RDX Freestanding Punch Bag?

Lots of color options and a great style: I think this RDX bag is one of the coolest and most elegant freestanding bags on this list, and, while there could be more styles to choose from, this is made up with the awesome six color options (black, blue, gold, green, red, white) that will leave you spoilt for choice.

The biggest freestanding bag on the market: The RDX is currently the largest freestanding bag out there, standing at 181cm with a base of 35cm in diameter. This makes it perfect for anyone who is tall and can throw powerful punches.

Very sturdy: Looking for a bag that doesn’t move around when you hit it? Then the RDX is for you. With 17 heavy-duty suction cups attached to 8 sliders, you’ll be able to throw destructive blasts at the bag and experience rock-solid steadiness.

Superior materials: The RDX bag is crafted with multiple layers of fine Maya Hide leather and high-density foam padding which will allow you to sink your strikes in with little shock to your body which can be especially important if you’re throwing elbows and kicks. Furthermore, the precise stitching will give you a freestanding bag that is durable over many years.

What’s Bad About the RDX Freestanding Punch Bag?

It’s not the best when in range: The downside to having such a big and sturdy base is that it takes up a lot of space. This is especially difficult when you’re trying to punch in range as you can’t get as close as you’d like to.

Expensive: Like the majority of high-end freestanding bags reviewed on this article, this RDX bag is priced at £165 / $232 / AU $302


If you are looking for an all-round beast of a freestanding bag that is suitable for all under 7ft tall, then this easy to assemble, durably delightful RDX punch bag will serve you nicely whether you’re using it in a gym or in your living room.

Buy the 6FT RDX Freestanding Punch Bag with Gloves on Amazon

Common Freestanding Bag Questions

What is a freestanding punch bag?

A freestanding punch bag is a bag that is attached to a weighted stand that holds it in place on the floor.

You can throw punches, kicks, knees, and elbows at it making the equipment suitable for all non-weapon-combat sports.

The opposite of a freestanding punch bag is a heavy bag that is hung up by a metal chain.

Should you fill a freestanding punch bag base with sand or water?

Sand is always best if you hit hard because it is heavier than water. However, if you want to move it around often, filling it with water is another great option.

It’s worth testing both depending on how hard you hit and how frequently you need to move the bag.

Freestanding punchbag vs. heavy bag

Both the freestanding punch bag and the heavy bag suit different fighters depending on their needs.

For example, a freestanding punch bag can sometimes be better than a heavy bag as it can be moved around much more easily. In comparison, a heavy bag is difficult to move because it is hung up by a chain that is usually bolted to the ceiling.

However, a heavy bag can be better than a freestanding bag as the base of the freestanding bag may get in your way when you’re fighting in range: whereas the heavy bag has no base.

Here are more pros and cons of both to help you decide:

Pros and cons of a freestanding punch bag


  • It can be easier to set up
  • It can be moved around easily
  • They rebound faster which it more realistic to an actual fight
  • They come in different weights and sizes (with some being height adjustable) which makes them suitable for young children and adults
  • They are so much fun to use


  • The base may get in your way if you’re up close in range
  • You will need to buy sand to fill up the base if water doesn’t hold it in place because sand is heavier
  • The base of low-quality freestanding bags can break causing sand/water leaks
  • You need to find a flat enough surface to use one on

Pros and cons of a heavy bag


  • Heavy bags don’t move around the space as much as freestanding bags
  • Heavy bags are excellent for working on your power strikes
  • They come in different weights and sizes which makes them suitable for young children and adults
  • They’re fun to use and will give you a great workout


  • It can be difficult to set up
  • You may have to bolt it to the ceiling
  • You might have to buy more bolts if the old ones become worn out
  • A full-sized adult heavy bag can move around slower
  • It may fall down depending on the age and how well it was set up
  • Depending on the size and weight of the heavy bag, it can swing a lot which is bad if you have a small space

Which is better overall?

The freestanding punchbag and the heavy bag can be as good as each other depending on your needs and requirements.

I personally prefer the heavy bag because it doesn’t have a base like the freestanding punch bag.

This means that I can move around and change angles without tripping up when up close.

What is a good freestanding punch bag workout?

A good punch bag workout is one that gives and provides a wide variety of styles and techniques which anyone can do or learn to do no matter the level of skill.

We have created a 60-minute (any level) punch bag workout that you can use for any type of punch bag here.

How does a freestanding punchbag break?

A freestanding punchbag can break in numerous ways. For example, it can break:

With age: Like a lot of fitness equipment, fabrics (including real leather) will deteriorate over time.

With quality: Great quality comes with great longevity, those built with poor quality materials can break sooner.

With craftsmanship: Are the punch bags mass-produced in a factory with ill thought or are they delicately hand-stitched and crafted with care? Generally, the more time and consideration a freestanding punch bag goes through in the manufacturing stage the better the product will perform and be over the long run.

How long does a freestanding punch bag last?

The time it takes for a freestanding punchbag to become unusable can range from 1 to 2000+ workouts depending on:

  • How hard you hit
  • The quality of the materials and manufacturing
  • Where you store the bag (inside or outside)
  • And a lot more

The free-standing punch bags reviewed above are top of the range and will serve you well whatever your needs are. (Click here to jump back to the review.)

How can you move a freestanding punch bag easily?

If you haven’t got anyone around to help you move it, you can put a towel underneath the base and drag it to where convenient. Alternatively, you can tip it on its side and roll the bag.

How are freestanding punch bags typically delivered when purchased online?

On delivery, freestanding punch bags typically come in two separate boxes due to its size and weight. One box will contain the stand and the other will contain the bag.

Can it be stored in the garden?

It’s better to avoid storing a freestanding punch bag in the garden (even with a tight tarpaulin/cover) because the majority of freestanding bags are made from leather and rubber which can deteriorate sooner in poor weather conditions.

Can it be taken apart?

Yes, the freestanding bag can be separated from the base by simply removing the bolts you put it together with and lifting it up out of the base. However, the specific instructions for dissembling the bag will come via a paper manual/be found on the manufacturer’s/retailer’s website.


I hope you have enjoyed this guide and have been able to find a suitable freestanding punch bag or an answer to your question.

Now, I’d like to turn it over to you.

  • What freestanding punch bag have you got/are going to get?
  • Do you prefer freestanding punch bags or heavy bags?
  • Do you have a question you’d like to ask?

Leave a comment below and I’ll get back to all of you.

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