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Thank you for your interest in Healthy Principles! Please do take a look around our site where we aim to provide the best health and fitness advice to all. It will really help you in understanding the style of our writing because we expect a high standard. If you feel this may suit you, please get in touch with the contact form below.

What we’re looking for

Our readers are interested in techniques and advice that will improve how they workout whether that includes nutrition, types of exercise, or boxing-related guides. We are seeking articles that offer real innovations and solutions. All submissions must be original content that have not been published elsewhere.

We are interested in the following types of articles for Healthy Principles:

  • Opinion pieces addressing the latest news or trends in health and fitness.
  • How-to or instructional articles that are research based in describing how to do something. E.g. How to perform the best dynamic stretches
  • Research articles that can be applied to a health and fitness topic
  • Reviews of boxing and exercise equipment. All reviews must show a balanced view, with advice on whats good and lacking from the product.
  • Interviews with athletes or fitness celebrities
  • Articles that explore specific areas or angles of Healthy Principles, especially within the fields of boxing, exercise, and nutrition.

Key Points

  • Be able to write in a similar conversational we use at Healthy Principles
  • Must show a passion for boxing or health and fitness.
  • Images: Each post must contain a featured image (700px X 405px). There must also be two more images complementing the body of the post. (600px X 400px)
  • Word count on articles must be 1,000 – 1,500 words minimum.
  • Use facts and quotes as often as possible.  Please link to sources that back up what you’re referencing.
  • Short paragraphs – Keep paragraphs within 2-5 lines
  • Ensure post is SEO optimised
  • Use subheadings to separate the content into blocks.
  • Conclusion– end your blog with a conclusion to wrap up the post.

Guest Posting Rules

  • You must not link to your domain within the main body content of your guest post. This can be included in your bio/signature of your
  • No promotion of your brand/product/domain.

What is in it for you?

Being one of the Healthy Principles team comes with a few benefits:

  • You will be read by thousands of readers
  • You will have a profile with a link back to your domain.
  • We’ll share your work with thousands of followers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • We’ll provide advice on how to improve your blog if this is needed.

Interested? Come on, let’s build a community together.

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