Alistair Knight holding a pair of venum elite boxing gloves.

This is a complete review of the Venum Elite Boxing Gloves.

The Venum Elite Boxing Gloves were the first pair of boxing gloves I bought back in 2017, and I have used them for hundreds of hours in training and sparring workouts.

In this article, I’m going to highlight the benefits of the gloves, the disadvantages, whether they are good, and whether they are worth getting.

Let’s dive right into it:

What Are the Advantages of the Venum Elite Boxing Gloves?

Venum Elite Boxing gloves.

Stitching: The reinforced double stitching on these gloves are excellent, and they have remained excellent for the last four years, which really highlights the quality Venum have put into them.

Aeration: Venum has added 22 (!) perforated holes all across the palm side and thumb area of each glove, that’s 44 holes across one pair for letting in the cool air and letting go of the hot. The reason this matters is that when you are boxing, your hands can get really hot which makes other boxing gloves uncomfortable and sweaty to wear.

Protective: These Venum Elite Boxing gloves contain a shock-absorbing, triple-layer, medium-density foam padding that absorbs shock and protects your kunckles during sparring and bag work. The foam doesn’t just stop at the knuckle side of the glove, but also transcends down the palm and into the wrists of the glove, offering superior protection when parrying shots.

Secure wrist straps: When training, I have found the hook and loop wrist straps have kept the Venum gloves very stable and the velcros on each of the wrist straps have lasted for many years now and I’ve used these gloves hundreds of times.

Comfortable fit: The curved anatomical fit provides natural hand placement and has helped me strike with maximum power over the years.

Design: I personally really like Venum Elite’s appearance. They are striking to the eye and the colors demonstrate vibrancy.

What Are the Disadvantages of the Venum Elite Boxing Gloves?

Synthetic leather: While the synthetic leather on these gloves have kept in tact over the four years I’ve had them, the glove’s feel and durability could be even better if Venum used real leather. That being said, if they did use real leather, they would be a lot more expensive.

Unique construction may be unfamiliar to some: Everyone has different-sized hands so they may not be as comfortable for you as they are for me. For reference, my hands are 20 cm long and 9 cm wide, and my 16oz Venum Elite gloves fit me perfectly.

My hand getting measured.

Relatively expensive in comparison to other synthetic leather gloves: The Elite’s cost about $80-$95 which is roughly $10-20 more expensive than gloves in a similar category such as the Everlast Prostyle glove and Fairtex Training Glove.

Additional padding could be added: My hands have felt quite sort after using these gloves on hard heavy bags/when sparring due to the fact that they are not as heavily padded as other sparring gloves such as the Cleto Reyes Safetec Professional Fight Gloves.


In summary, the Venum Elite Boxing Gloves offer a unique design and superior protection during sparring or training sessions.

They benefit from shock-absorbent triple-layered foam filling to protect wrists and knuckles, a unique hook and loop closure for a secure fit, an innovative air vent system with 22 perforated holes per glove for improved breathability, a comfortable curved anatomical fit for natural hand placement, and an attractive design.

However, the gloves may be unfamiliar to some users due to their unique construction; they are more expensive compared to other similar boxing gloves; they may not fit all hand sizes due to the tight wrist support; and they do not have as much padding as more protective sparring gloves.

The most important elements of a boxing glove are its comfort, quality, durability, performance in training, and performance in the ring, so let’s look into the details of each element with these Venum Elites.

Comfort and Fit

Venum Elite palm side.

The Venum Elite Boxing gloves offer a comfortable fit due to the following factors:

  1. The piping between the palm and the hand offers plenty of room for my hand to fit into the shape of the gloves.
  2. The attached thumb places my thumb in a comfortable position.
  3. There is more than enough room for my four fingers to wrap around the knuckle side of the glove.
  4. The thick grip bar helps me to form a fist more easily.
  5. The strong velcro strap can easily be adjusted, it doesn’t move around when I throw punches, and I can easily take the glove off if I wish.

The only downside is when I have been hitting a hard heavy bag or my sparring partner for a long time. That is when my fingers start to ache, but I’ve experienced the same feeling in many other gloves such as my old Ringside boxing gloves.

Durability and Longevity

Close up of venum elite boxing gloves stitching.

The durability of these Venum Elite gloves is exceptional. I love the fact that (even without maintenance) after four years of continual use with these gloves, they have remained in excellent condition! The shape of the glove remains the same, there are no tears, and the stitching seems almost brand new.

The only thing that has a slight defect is the logo on the front of the glove, which has been worn away slightly. That is the only reason I haven’t given the Elite’s a five-star for durability and longevity.

Performance in the Ring

The Venum Elite boxing gloves have felt great both when sparring in the ring and during training sessions.

For what they are worth, the Elite’s pack a serious punch. I have found my 16oz pair to be superb when hitting the heavy bag, hitting my sparring partner, or working with my coach on the mitts.

I love the satisfying feeling of really connecting with my coach’s mitts and the sound echoes throughout the boxing gym.

They are highly comfortable and, even hitting a hard object like my sparring partner, I never felt pain when using these gloves. I only felt some discomfort when I had been hitting a hard (and wet) outdoor heavy bag continuously for more than one hour; but this is normal no matter what glove you wear.

If you are thinking of competing in them, however, I would think again, because it would be much wiser to buy a pair of lace-up boxing gloves due to the fact that lace-up gloves have superior wrist support (very important when going three-plus full-on rounds with an opponent).

I purchased the 16oz version, yet I was still able to maintain my speed and accuracy. The 14oz gloves would be even better if I used these instead.


The Venum Elite boxing gloves are relatively expensive in comparison to other beginner velcro boxing gloves, but their performance, comfort, and ability to last a long time make them more than worth it!

You can check out the price of these gloves on Amazon.

Features of Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

  • The gloves are made with premium Skintex leather material.
  • A specific mesh panel is located under the fist area to provide excellent thermal regulation.
  • They are equipped with triple-density foam for optimal shock absorption.
  • The palm area is reinforced to enhance absorption capacity.
  • Strengthened seams ensure long-lasting durability.
  • Thick velcro wrist strap that has never lost its ability to stick for me.
  • 22 perforated holes per glove
Are Venum Elite boxing gloves any good?

The Venum Elite boxing gloves are very good because of their high-quality materials, solid craftsmanship (which has made them last for over four years for me), and overall comfort in the way my hand can easily slide into the thick and ergonomic mold, clench a fist, and train effectively.

Are the Venum Elite Boxing Gloves Worth Buying?

Yes, if you are looking for a terrific, reliable, long-lasting boxing glove with the most up-to-date boxing technologies, then these Venum Elite Boxing gloves will be perfect for you. I really appreciate how comfortable they are when I box, and, given they have lasted me 4 years with no faults, I would 100% recommend getting them.

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