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Squats vs Deadlifts For Athletes | Which Is Best For Power & Mass?

In this post, you’re going to learn the exact differences between squats and deadlifts as well as what one is best for you. This guide also includes: The different variations of squats and deadlifts Safety precautions you must take before attempting both exercises The influence of CrossFit on squats and deadlifts And objective evidence backed […]

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Kettlebell Lunges | Top 8 Lunge Variations You Can Do

You’re about to discover the top eight lunge variations you can do with kettlebells (FAST). On top of that, you’re going to learn: The importance of incorporating kettlebell lunges into your training The comparison between kettlebells and dumbells/barbells and which piece of equipment is best A beginner-intermediate level kettlebell workout (with three kettlebell exercises) Plus […]

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