Dynamic & Static Stretching Examples

What are some great dynamic and static stretching examples for better training, performance, and relaxation? In this article we will show you: Dynamic stretching routine example Examples of great static stretches We will even answer these important questions for you: Should you start with a dynamic or static stretch before you workout? What stretches should […]

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Why Is Stretching Important? 7 Scientific Benefits Of Stretching

This is a complete research-backed guide to why stretching is important. First, I’ll show you why stretching is important including the seven scientific benefits. Then, I’ll take you through the different types of stretching so that you can understand them. Sound good? Let’s dive right in… Contents: Key Points: Why Is Stretching Important? What are […]

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Rest Day for Boxing | Ultimate Checklist

How to have a Rest Day in Boxing for Improved Performance, Smarter Training, and Mental Relaxation In this ultimate guide, I’m going to show you everything you need to know about a boxers rest day. More specifically you’re going to find out scientific reasons for: Why you should take rest days (including my personal stories […]

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