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Kettlebell Lunges | Top 8 Lunge Variations You Can Do

You’re about to discover the top eight lunge variations you can do with kettlebells (FAST). On top of that, you’re going to learn: The importance of incorporating kettlebell lunges into your training The comparison between kettlebells and dumbells/barbells and which piece of equipment is best A beginner-intermediate level kettlebell workout (with three kettlebell exercises) Plus […]

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Cardio for bad knees

The best cardio for bad knees What is the best cardio for bad knees and why do people have this problem in the first place? It appears that having bad knees and knee pain, in general, has become a common issue over the past years. When that is the case, finding proper means of doing […]

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How to Lose Leg Fat Fast | The Definitive Guide

Achieving sustainable fat loss In this article, we’ll give you the definitive answer and guide to the question of “How to lose leg fat fast?” Over 10,000 years ago everyone got their food through hunting and gathering. Through the history of evolution this calorie scarce experience has conditioned us as humans (our persuasive ‘limbic brain’) […]

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Why Is Stretching Important? 7 Scientific Benefits Of Stretching

This is a complete research-backed guide to why stretching is important. First, I’ll show you why stretching is important including the seven scientific benefits. Then, I’ll take you through the different types of stretching so that you can understand them. Sound good? Let’s dive right in… Contents: Key Points: Why Is Stretching Important? What are […]

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