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This is the ultimate TITLE boxing gloves review.

In this review, you’ll find the best TITLE boxing glove for you no matter what your goals are.

Further on in this post, I’ll also answer the most frequently asked questions about TITLE.

Ready to rumble?

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Top 8 TITLE Boxing Gloves

This is the most popular pair of TITLE boxing gloves on this list: 

Here is the list:

1. Ali Legacy Training Gloves

(Best TITLE glove based on quality – disregarding the price) 

What’s Good About the Ali Legacy Training Gloves?

  • Genuine leather: A combination of full grain, metal, and suede leather means these gloves look incredible and are durable.
  • Moisture-wicking: You can wear the Ali Legacy’s all day long without worrying about your hands getting too sweaty, as the moisture-wicking fabric in these gloves keeps your fists cool and dry.
  • Dual cross-strap wrap: The cross-strap wrap around your wrists will keep these gloves nice and secure, giving you peace of mind while you’re training in or out of the ring.

What’s Bad About the Ali Legacy Training Gloves?

  • Price: The cost of the Ali Legacy Training Gloves is enough to drive all but the most serious boxers away. Buying a pair is certain to sting your wallet.


Named after world-renowned boxer Muhammad Ali, these gloves are an absolute wonder to behold.

Looking prominently displayed at home or on your wrists, these gloves are a fantastic pair.

If you can take their very expensive hit, I would definitely recommend them.

Even though these aren’t Ali’s actual gloves, there is still a sense of power and respect when you wear them.

Buy these Ali Legacy Training Gloves on TITLE’s website here

2. TITLE Gel World Gloves

(Best all-around: based on quality, price, reviews)

What’s Good About the TITLE Gel World Gloves?

  • Gel lining: These gloves offer unparalleled protection for your fists. Taking on the punch bag for prolonged periods now doesn’t leave your hands as bruised and sore.
  • Durable leather: A tough leather exterior means that you can use these gloves for years, without experiencing any fading.
  • Secure fit: The strap has both a D-Ring and a hook and loop closure, meaning it can be fastened easily and securely.

What’s Bad About the TITLE Gel World Gloves?

  • Heavy hitters: These gloves are heavy. Customers have reported that wearing them for a long time can leave your arms aching more than usual. Their weight also makes them a poor glove for speed training, due to slowing your punches.
  • Don’t dry quickly: Other users have also raised points about the gloves inability to dry properly without assistance.  This is due to their lack of venting.


On the whole, a very good pair of gloves. These Gel World gloves are perfect for beginner and intermediate boxers who are looking to improve without sustaining wrist or knuckle injuries. Their extra weight may take some getting used to, but with practice can help you improve.

Buy these TITLE Gel World Gloves on Amazon

3. TITLE Boxing American Heart Association (AHA) Gloves

(Runner-up: based on quality, price, reviews)

What’s Good About the TITLE Boxing AHA Gloves?

  • American Heart Association: In 2018, Title partnered with AHA to deliver these fantastic gloves. Because of that partnership, 10% of every sale goes to the AHA so they can continue their hard work into cardiovascular medical research.
  • Extremely comfortable: Due to their multiple layers of padding and gel lining, these AHA Boxing gloves are incredibly comfortable to wear.
  • Moisture-wicking: Just like the Ali’s, the AHA gloves are incredibly effective at keeping your hands both cool and dry while you’re wearing them.
  • Multiple sizes: Unlike other gloves on this list, these gloves are currently available in three sizes: 10, 12, and 16 oz. This means that you can buy the one that fits you best, instead of an ill-fitting glove.

What’s Bad About the TITLE Boxing AHA Gloves?

  • Lacking wrist protection: Due to their elastic wrist strap, these gloves don’t offer as much protection to the wrist as they do to the rest of your hand. But, with a good pair of hand wraps on, you might be ok.


A brilliant choice if you’re looking to buy a pair. They are incredibly light and comfortable, which means that training in them should feel like a breeze.

Since they are moisture-wicking too, you don’t need to worry about your hands staying sweaty during training.  They’re also an excellent price, and one you should buy.

Buy these TITLE Boxing American Heart Association (AHA) Gloves on Amazon

4. TITLE White Lace Sparring Gloves 2.0

(Best for professionals)

What’s Good About the TITLE White Lace Sparring Gloves 2.0?

  • Make a tighter fist: Articulated split thumbs and wrist curvature offers higher flexibility and means you can make tighter fist than with other gloves.
  • Lace ’em up: These gloves are fastened with laces rather than the standard strap. This means that they provide a more comfortable and stable fit, perfect for long training sessions.
  • A sight to behold: The combination of white and grey leathers make these gloves look absolutely sublime. You’ll certainly be the centre of attention with these on your hands.
  • Quick-drying: The moisture-wicking, printed interior lining is extremely effective at keeping these gloves both dry and fresh.

What’s Bad About the TITLE White Lace Sparring Gloves 2.0?

  • Price point: Nearly equal in price to the Ali Legacy Gloves, these are an expensive pair of gloves designed only for those who take boxing very seriously.


These are a spectacular pair of gloves. Comfortable and strikingly good looking, they are well worth the price – though only if you’re going to get the use out of them. Not recommended for people newer to the sport, these should only really be picked up by professionals and semi-professionals.

Click here to buy these TITLE White Lace Sparring Gloves 2.0 on…

TITLE’s website here or on Amazon here

5. TITLE Classic Pro Style Training Gloves 3.0

(Best TITLE gloves for beginners)

What’s Good About the TITLE Pro Style 3.0s?

  • Shock absorbing: Multilayered foams of both high and low density offers shock-absorbing protection for your fists.
  • Satin nylon compartment: The hand compartment of these gloves is made from a satin nylon blend, designed to prevent any moisture retention in the gloves.
  • Synthetic leather: Because synthetic leather was used instead of grain leather, these gloves can perform as well as their leather counterparts, but at a fraction of the cost.
  • Revisiting the classic: TITLE have redesigned their classic model for the third time, offering better security and performance.

What’s Bad About the TITLE Pro Style 3.0s?

  • Not for experienced boxers: Whilst their build quality is good, these gloves are designed more for inexperienced boxers getting to grips with the sport.
  • Can be tight: The fit of the TITLE Pro Style 3.0s can be on the snug side, meaning you’ll have to spend some time breaking them in properly if you’ll want to get the most use out of them.


Brilliant gloves for beginners, these gloves are inexpensive and offer good protection against the bag. A more adept boxer should look elsewhere, but that doesn’t change the fact that these gloves may be the best things to help you get into the sport.

Click here to buy the TITLE Classic Pro Style Training Gloves 3.0 on Amazon

6. TITLE USA Boxing Competition Gloves

(Best for competition bouts)

What’s Good About the TITLE Competition Gloves?

  • Traditional lace-up closure: The traditional lace-up closure is perfect to keep a boxer’s fist safe and secure during a fight.
  • Quadruple foam padding: With four layers of foam padding, your hands won’t be hurting at the end of the bout, but your opponent certainly will.
  • Meet official standards: These gloves are precisely measured to the exact size and weight to accommodate the official USA Boxing Standards.

What’s Bad About the TITLE Competition Gloves?

  • Will be outgrown quickly: Because these gloves are designed for children, they will be outgrown before they wear out. Considering their price, there may be an unequal return for a relatively large investment.


If you’re going to be the next Championship boxer, then these are exactly what you’ll need to enter and win those official tournaments. Protective, secure, and rugged these will last for years.

Click here to buy the TITLE USA Boxing Competition Gloves on Amazon

7. TITLE Platinum Proclaim Training Gloves

(Best for training)

What’s Good About the TITLE Platinum Proclaim Gloves?

  • Contoured inner fist: Supports a more natural and comfortable position while training and sparring.
  • Integrated air release: A panel in the upper palm increases airflow for cooler and drier workouts.
  • Extra long-lasting leather: The striking cover of the Platinum Proclaim Gloves has been strengthened, so it can be used extensively without wearing out.

What’s Bad About the TITLE Platinum Proclaim Gloves?

  • Tough to break in: Customers have reported that the Platinum’s can take more than a few training sessions to break in, but are comfortable when they finally do.


I thoroughly recommend these pair of gloves. They might be tight at first, but once you’ve gone through the pain of breaking them in, they are extremely comfortable and protective. A real hallmark for quality training gloves, I’d pick these up if you’re going to be training regularly.

Click here to buy the TITLE Platinum Proclaim Training Gloves on Amazon

8. TITLE Classic Kid & Youth Gloves

(Best TITLE gloves for juniors)

What’s Good About the TITLE Classic Kid & Youth Gloves?

  • Overstuffed: These gloves are packed with extra padding, making sure that neither your child nor their opponent gets hurt.
  • Cost friendly: The TITLE Classic Kid & Youth Gloves are very friendly to your wallet, and are the perfect gloves for your little fighter to try out boxing without fully committing.
  • Hook and loop: The easy to use, hook and loop closure is perfect for kids who want to put on their own gloves securely.

What’s Bad About the TITLE Classic Kid & Youth Gloves?

  • One size: Because these are designed for youths, this glove only comes in one size – 10oz.
  • Will be outgrown quickly: Because these gloves are designed for children, they will be outgrown before they wear out. Considering their price, there may be an unequal return for a relatively large investment.


If your child wants to try boxing for the first time, I’d strongly suggest going for these.

They won’t break the bank and are very good quality. Ultimately, due to their size, they won’t fit past approximately 10 years of age.

Note: if your child is over the age of 10 years old, I’d recommend choosing the junior boxing glove reviewed on this article: Best Fairtex Boxing Gloves Review.

If they’re younger than 10 years old, and want to experiment with getting into the ring though, then you can’t go wrong with this pair of TITLE gloves.

Click here to buy the TITLE Classic Kid & Youth Gloves on TITLE’S Website here or on Amazon here

Frequently Asked Questions About TITLE

Are TITLE Boxing Gloves Good?

Capable of converting almost any boxer, TITLE boxing gloves are among the best that you can get. They might be more expensive than other brands, but you are paying for quality gloves.

I would thoroughly recommend that anyone interested in boxing at least tries using TITLEs, just to see how they compare. You won’t regret it.

What to Look Out For When Buying a Pair of TITLE Boxing Gloves?

Primarily, you want two things from any gloves you buy. Comfort and protection.

Punching something can be quite damaging to your knuckles and wrists, so the last thing you want is gloves that don’t protect you. This is where a pair of TITLE gloves should excel.

It’s always best to try on boxing gloves before you commit. That way, you can make sure both the weight and fit is right for you.

Best Way to Clean Your TITLE Boxing Gloves?

So how do you clean them then? Well, using a special anti-bacterial spray is thoroughly recommended. Always use one that’s designed for sports gear, like Clear Gear, since these are designed to be kind to the skin.

Normal anti-bac sprays can cause irritation, or worse, so using a gear friendly one is a must. Simply spray your gloves inside and out, and then let dry.

They also have a deodorising property, so they don’t just kill any bacteria but get rid of that horrible sweaty smell too. Nice and easy.

Nobody likes a stinky glove, and unclean boxing gloves are a breeding ground for bacteria. They simply thrive in the hot, sweaty environment you’re creating for them.

This bacteria can be harmful to both you, and anyone you fight while wearing the gloves – so it’s always best to clean them regularly.

The most important thing to remember is never machine or hand wash your gloves.

Do this and you’re likely to completely ruin them. Especially if they’re made from leather. It’s also important not to clean them with alcohol, for much the same reason.

Venum vs TITLE Boxing Gloves?

There’s some debate over which gloves are better, Venum or TITLE. They can be found at similar prices, and offer similar levels of protection, so how do you choose?

In the end, it all comes down to personal preference. I like TITLE because I think they’re more protective and offer a better fit. Also, they look better. Venum gloves are just a bit too ‘flashy’ for me, whereas TITLE have a more mature, ‘classic’, look.

Related: Click here to review Venums best boxing gloves

But what do you think? What would you choose, and why? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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