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This is the ultimate review on the best Ringside boxing gloves.

In this review, I’m not only going to share what the top gloves are, but I’m also excited to show you:

  • The best Ringside boxing glove for when you’re on a budget
  • The best Ringside boxing glove for competition bouts
  • The best Ringside boxing glove for kids/juniors
  • As well as common questions about Ringside

The Best Ringside Boxing Gloves

Jump to the pair of boxing gloves you’d like to find out about:

1. Ringside Professional Fight Gloves (Best overall and best for competition bouts)

2. Ringside Heritage Pro Fight Gloves (Best splurge and best for sparring)

3. Ringside Apex Flash Sparring Gloves (Sparring Runner-Up)

4. Ringside Gel Shock Boxing Super Bag Gloves (Best training glove and best budget)

5. Ringside Boxing Junior Training Glove 6oz (Best for kids 4-12 years old)

Ringside Professional Fight Gloves

(Best overall and best for competition bouts)

Price: £60/$80USD/$111AUD

Size: 10oz

Color: White; Red; Yellow


Genuine leather glove: Ringside Professional Fight Gloves come in a genuine leather material that enhances its durability. This is because real leather is tougher and less prone to tears in comparison to synthetic leather which brands like RDX and Venum so often use.

Comfortable: The inner tricot polyester liner is very comfortable as you are able to easily slide your hand it and it doesn’t bunch up in the palm area. When the glove is on, it feels snug and not overly tight. The finger compartment is very deep and your fingertips do not get pinched when they’re on. Furthermore, these gloves have a broken-in feel which helps you form a fist easily.

Excellent stitching: The Professional Fight Gloves have strong, precise stitching on every area of the glove which shows good attention to detail and enhances durability.

Padding: Ringside uses a multi-layer EVA foam padding that is well distributed across the glove. Even the wrists and palm side of the glove have at least ½ inch of foam, which prevents a knuckle heavy glove and helps when parrying punches from an opponent. The multi-layer foam by the knuckle area of these Professional Fight Gloves is of medium density. This density will both protect your hands when fighting and provide superb feedback when hitting the bag.

Fully attached thumb: A lot of gloves only have a small thumb attachment, but these Ringside gloves are fully attached, which helps with longevity and protects your thumbs from poking out.

Wrist support: When fully laced up, your hands and wrists will be locked in one place. This support will prevent the worry of striking the punch bag at an awkward angle.


Design: While the color choices are good, I noticed that the patch at the wrist and the logo in the middle of the fight glove are of different sizes and are not symmetrical to both the right and left glove. While this doesn’t impact performance, Ringside could have better attention to detail when creating the glove.

No ventilation holes: Perforated holes help increase the cool air to flow into the Ringside glove both during and after use. Without them, you can experience an overheating sensation.


In summary, these Ringside Professional Fight gloves are brilliant pair of competition gloves that have excellent padding, stitching, quality materials. They are also significantly less expensive in comparison to other Ringside gloves, making them all the more worth it.

Click here to buy the Ringside Professional Fight Gloves on Amazon

Ringside Heritage Pro Fight Gloves

(Best splurge and best for sparring)

Price: £132/$179USD/$249AUD

Sizes: 10oz; 14oz; 16oz; 18oz

Color options: Brown and Cream


Leather: The exterior of the glove is made from a thick AA, premium drum-dyed cowhide leather that is 100% genuine. This is the highest quality leather a boxing glove can have and it massively enhances durability in comparison to gloves made from synthetic material.

Excellent stitching: There is fine double stitching in every area of the glove without blemishes or fraying. This attention to detail enhances the longevity of the glove.

Padding: These Ringside Heritage gloves contain a thick pre-curved IMF foam padding that has a medium-density feel. The padding is well distributed across the glove with about half an inch of padding on the palm side and the wrist. As a sparring glove and competition glove, it doesn’t provide the best feedback (noise and spring) on the punch bag, but the thick foam does protect your knuckles well.

Comfortable: Ringside have focused on creating this heritage glove with a priority on comfort. The insider nylon liner is soft to the touch, is easy to slip on, and the moisture-wicking technology helps to dry the glove after a workout (which also prevents the build-up of bacteria).

Wrist support: One of the biggest benefits of these Heritage gloves is how supportive they are for your wrists. Ringside uses a ‘Quick Tie Tech Lace System’ that tightens and secures your wrist and hand together symmetrically when you pull on the laces. Strong wrist support is imperative when striking an opponent because an unsecured wrist can be injured if the target is struck at an awkward angle.

Attached thumb: The attached thumb holds your thumb in a comfortable position and it also prevents it from poking out, which means you avoid poking your opponent and potentially injuring your thumb.

Ventilated holes: The perforated holes on the thumb area will keep your hands cool and it will aid in drying out the glove after use.


Take time to break in: It will take four to five training sessions to properly break in these Ringside Heritage gloves at which point the rigidity will disperse or loosen and the ability to form a fist will be easier. If you are planning to fight in these gloves, I recommend purchasing them several weeks in advance of the bout.

Not a fan of the color: There is only one color choice available (cream), and for the price of the glove, I would have expected Ringside to produce more striking colors, though, I do think that their color choice does emulate the ‘Heritage’ element of historic boxing gloves. However, I absolutely love the design of the glove with the embroidered slogans and logos are stunning.

Laces can wear out: After only one year of use, the laces on the Ringside glove look worn down and will need to be replaced.


In summary, the Ringside Heritage Pro Fight Gloves are Ringside’s best boxing glove because of the impeccable attention to detail, expensive materials, and overall performance that will aid in winning competition bouts.

Click here to buy the Ringside Heritage Pro Fight Gloves on Amazon (sparring version), or click here (if you’re from the US) to buy the 10oz gloves that are suited for competition bouts.

Ringside Apex Flash Sparring Gloves

(Sparring Runner-Up)

Price: £62/$82 USD/$115 AUD

Sizes: 14oz; 16oz; 18oz

Color options: Gold and black; red and white; silver and black


Design: The design of these Ringside Apex Flash gloves is great. I love the exterior carbon fiber look with the juxtaposing colors where the thumb meets the back of the glove. The symmetrical ringside logo that travels across the back of the glove is unique, and I think that the slogan — ‘the best in boxing’ — on the palm side of the glove is an elegant feature.

Protective padding: These Apex Flash gloves have injected molded foam which means that instead of there being any layers, there is a thick 2-inch piece of foam that is well distributed across the glove (especially at the wrist). Having good padding is important for sparring so that you can protect your hands and your opponent, so Ringside were thoughtful of this when creating these Apex gloves.

Great stitching: The stitching on these hand-crafted gloves is perfect. I can’t see any fraying so the workmanship is accurate and precise.

Grip bar: There is a medium-density grip bar on the glove that enables you to clench a fist more easily.

Slightly comfortable: Feels comfortable by the fingertips thanks to the neoprene foam and the foamy tricot polyester liner. However, the IMF foam by the knuckle compartment could feel better. It doesn’t conform to your fists as Rival gloves do, and there is a bit of space between fingers due to how stiff the padding is.


Not genuine leather: Ringside uses synthetic leather for its exterior material, which is high quality and thicker in comparison to cheap synthetic gloves, but isn’t as durable as real leather you would find in gloves like Cleto Reyes or TITLE.

Ringside patch on the wrist: There is a plastic logo patch on the wrist strap that is sharp and could your sparring partner if you hit him at a bad angle. Therefore, we recommend taping it up so that you don’t cut your sparring partner by accident.

Not the best for training on the bag: While thick, injected foam padding is excellent for sparring, it doesn’t provide much feedback (feedback meaning noise/bounce-back) when hitting the punch bag or working the pads with the coach.


In summary, the Ringside Apex Flash Sparring Glove is a good pair of boxing gloves due to how well-padded it is, the level of stitching, and the design. However, there are some flaws that Ringside could have easily avoided, such as the sharp patch on the wrist, the cheaper exterior material, and the comfort at the knuckle area.

Click to buy the 14oz here, or the 16oz here, or the 18oz here on Amazon

Ringside Gel Shock Boxing Super Bag Gloves

(Best training glove and best budget)

Price: £60/$79USD/$111AUD

Sizes: Large – 14oz; Regular – 12oz

Color options: Blue; Black; Red


Padding: There is a thick layer of IMF padding that has a good medium-density to it, meaning it isn’t overly stiff. Your knuckles will also benefit from the gel shock padding which is a dense material that will absorb a lot of impacts. The padding is also well distributed across the glove, where you’ll find half an inch of foam surrounding the wrist and palm area.

Good size grip bar: There is a large grip bar on the palm side of the glove that will make it easy for you to form a first.

Leather: Ringside uses a high-quality genuine leather material with a satin finish that gives the glove a nice texture. Real leather is more durable than synthetic leather, which will help these gloves last a long time.

Wrist support: These Gel Shock Super Bag gloves have an elastic wrist strap that provides a snug, locked-in feel when your training. However, the only issue with the strap is that the elasticity will degrade and become stiffer over time, meaning the strap wouldn’t last as long as a leather strap-like Cleto Reyes and Rival utilize.

Ventilation holes at thumb: Two perforated holes are located on the thumb of these Gel boxing gloves that will help keep them cool during use. However, it would be even better if they had more perforated holes on the palm side of the glove.


Plastic patch on the wrist: The patch on the wrist could potentially cut your sparring partner if it grazes them.

Takes time to break in: Easy to form a first, but these Gel Shock gloves make it hard to open your hand without straining your fingers.

Inside liner: Ringside has included a soft polyester nylon liner but they have also included a rough microfibre material which is quite scratchy. A tricot liner would be better as this is more comfortable and helps to keep your hands dry equally as well. The first boxing glove on this list (Ringside Professional Fight Gloves) has a tricot liner.

Palm side mesh: A palm side mesh is excellent for ventilation purposes but the mesh material can catch on velcro meaning your hand wraps or other boxing equipment could catch on it, thereby wearing the material down over time.


Overall, these Ringside Gel Shock Boxing Super Bag Gloves are a good pair of inexpensive boxing gloves that would suit fighters training no matter your level. That being said, I would still go purchase the Ringside Professional Fight Gloves (the first gloves on this list) because they are virtually the same price, they can also be used for training purposes, and they have a lot more positives.

Click here to buy the Ringside Gel Shock Boxing Super Bag Gloves on Amazon here or on Ringside here

Ringside Boxing Junior Training Glove 6oz

(Best for kids)

Price: £52/$68USD/$96AUD

Sizes: 6oz

Age suitability: 4-7 years old

Note: If your child is between 8-13 years old, I would recommend getting a bigger glove, such as the Everlast Prospect Gloves which we have reviewed on this heading on our ‘Best Everlast Boxing Gloves’ page.

Color options: Red and black


Easy to use: These gloves are easy to put on, adjust for tightness, and take off. This is due to the soft inner liner and the strong leather velcro strap that children can do themselves.

Durable: There is strong double stitching and the exterior is made from premium leather material, that is longer lasting than synthetic leather which many children’s boxing gloves are made from.

Protective: The molded foam on this glove is well distributed and also has a high density, this means when your child strikes a hard surface such as a punching bag, the child will not injure their hands.

Attached thumb: Ringside has added an attached thumb to these junior training gloves, meaning your child’s thumb will not poke out and be at risk of injury.


They could have more color options: Ringside has only made this glove in a red and black color, which looks great, but it would be good to see more.


In summary, these Ringside Boxing Junior Training Glove 6oz are the perfect choice of boxing gloves for any child ranging between 4-7 years old due to their protectiveness, durability, and overall ease of use.

Click here to buy the Ringside Boxing Junior Training Glove 6oz on Amazon

Common Questions

Are Ringside Boxing Gloves Good?

Ringside produce brilliant boxing gloves because, from our research, we’ve noticed that the majority of Ringside’s gloves use excellent materials, such as real leather on almost every glove; clever craftsmanship, such as how much attention to detail is placed into the stitching and piping; secure wrist support, such as their strong velcro wrist straps or their Quick Tie Tech Lace System used on the Heritage gloves.

However, while Ringside gloves are good, they aren’t completely perfect. For example, we can see the occasional patch on the wrist of glove’s like the Gel Shock Superbag glove or the Apex Flash Sparring gloves; or the fact that it can take some of the gloves (such as the Heritage Pro Fight gloves) several weeks for the glove to be fully broken into and flexible.

Is Ringside a Good Brand?

Ringside is a great brand that has been creating a wide variety of boxing equipment since its origins in the latter half of the 1970s.

Their consistency and love of innovation over this time frame have given Ringside a reputation as one of the world’s largest and most dependable suppliers of boxing gear for participants of all levels.

They also have awesome support. I reached out via Ringside’s live chat at 10 pm BST, and someone responded within one minute! The customer service lady answered a lot of questions about Ringside for my research.

She told me that the company’s mission was to “provide the highest quality equipment for all levels of boxers and athletes.”

Customer support is one of the most important things a brand can invest in, and Ringside has hit the nail on the head with it.

Where Are Ringside Boxing Gloves Made?

Ringside boxing gloves are made in a factory in Taiwan and their headquarters are in Kansas, United States. Here is the evidence:

Screenshot of support chart with ringside as evidence.

Where to Buy Ringside Boxing Gloves?

You can buy Ringside boxing gloves both online and in-store.

Online: Ringside US or Ringside UK; Amazon;;

In-store: Google search for ‘Ringside boxing gloves near me‘ to find a local store. Most boxing glove stores will sell Ringside gloves. Contact the store first to check to see if they have any in stock.

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