Top 10 Best Hayabusa Boxing Gloves (Ultimate Review)

Written by Alistair Knight | 15 July 2020

Hayabusa boxing gloves, the ultimate review with three illustrated gloves

This is the ultimate review of the Top 10 Hayabusa Boxing gloves.

Within this review, you’re going to see:

  • The prices
  • Well researched facts about the pros/cons of each glove
  • Stories about the brand
  • What my personal thoughts are
  • Plus a lot more!

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Now, let’s turn to the key points of this review so you can get the answers right away.

Key Points

  • Price: The Hayabusa Boxing gloves reviewed on this guide range from £40/$49 but they can cost up to £199/$229 with personalised leather styles – compare prices here.
  • The Hayabusa brand: Hayabusa fight wear is becoming one of the best fight brands out there. They want to “influence fighters globally to thrive in combat sports so they become stronger and healthier”.
  • Advantages: The majority of Hayabusas gloves’ come with incredible wrist support (four inter-locking splints keeping your wrists aligned), visually impressive (multiple colour choices) and protective beyond comparison (4 layers of foam).
  • Disadvantages: Expensive compared to other great gloves and difficult to put on for some people.
  • Durability/quality: Interestingly, some of Hayabusas gloves are not real leather because researchers have found Vylar (vegan leather), is the best material for boxing gloves.
  • Protection: The quadruple layer of foam the gloves’ come with will not only protect your hands but…. also protect your head when blocking hooks and rear-hand power punches.
  • Appearance: The gloves look the part and if I could compare them to anything, I’d compare them to the terminator due to the three diagonal slats which run from the thumb to your pinkie finger.
  • Comfort/fit: While some of Hayabusas gloves take a long time to break-in, others will become your hands best friend due to a luxurious feel and… even Georges St-Pierre uses the brand…
  • Performance: Some of Hayabusas gloves are for training purposes only and others are used for competitions.
  • What to look out for: Some of the boxing gloves become hot and sweaty despite the additional ventilation. Let me know if your Hayabusa gloves do the same in the comments below.
  • What I like: I love how much wrist support all of Hayabusas gloves come with and… I feel like I don’t need to buy lace-ups thanks to the four-interlocking splints that keep your wrist in-line.
  • What I dislike: I am not a fan of the inner stiffness on some of the gloves. While they protect your wrists and hands super well you still need to break them in.
  • Comparison to other brands: The overall quality is much better than the majority of the brands out there but this quality comes with a cost as Hayabusa’s gloves are not cheap.

Here’s a nice visual representation:


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Now, before I show you what the best Hayabusa boxing gloves are, it might be useful for you to know who I am and whether or not I’m qualified to give you this advice…

Who I Am and Why You Should Listen to Me:

My name is Alistair and I’m a former boxer from the UK.

I’ve boxed as an amateur for three years and I’ve reviewed dozens of boxing gloves across multiple websites and today…

My goal is to help you understand everything you need to know about Hayabusa and their amazing boxing gloves.

Ready to discover the answers to your questions?

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Table of contents (with jump links): 

Top 10 Hayabusa Boxing Gloves

From best to worst based on design and quality (with jump links):

  1. Hayabusa Iron Man Boxing Gloves (best looking)
  2. Hayabusa Captain America Boxing Gloves
  3. Hayabusa Black Panther Boxing Gloves
  4. Hayabusa ‘The Punisher’ Boxing Gloves
  5. Hayabusa Captain Marvel Boxing Gloves
  6. Hayabusa T3 LX Boxing Gloves
  7. Hayabusa T3 Kanpeki Boxing Gloves
  8. Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves (best overall with price, quality and design)
  9. Hayabusa Classic Laced Boxing Gloves (best for competitions)
  10. Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves (cheapest glove)

Best boxing gloves for kids/youths:

  1. Hayabusa S4 Youth Boxing Gloves

1.  Hayabusa Iron Man Boxing Gloves

(Best looking)


  • Looks incredible: Designed by experts and hand-crafted using luxurious materials to make you shine.
  • Industry-leading wrist support: Hayabusa is the only company who make dual-x wrist support and a double velcro strap which makes you feel like you’re wearing lace-ups.
  • Odour resistant: These gloves come with an odour resistant anti-microbial lining (containing traces of silver) which stop sweat travelling into the foam.
  • Long-lasting leather: The Iron Man gloves are made from a super-durable 100% microfibre leather meaning… They will last a long time!
  • Marvel: Marvel licensed and approved the design of these gloves which is like having a signature from Mike Tyson printed on your glove – AWESOME!!!


  • Expensive: These gloves are £200/$220 which will put a lot of people off and…
  • You’re only paying for design: If you want to save £90/$120 you can get the exact same gloves without the iron man feature right here (number 8 on our list).


The highest quality materials, engineering and design have propelled these gloves to superhero quality.

You’ll be seen as dedicated, passionate and an intelligent fighter like the personality traits of Tony Stark.

Exactly what Hayabusa was trying to accomplish!

2. Hayabusa Captain America Boxing Gloves


  • Built to protect: You’ll find the Captain Americans protective because of the gloves quadruple density foam (most of those other gloves sold out there only have triple density) and the strong wrist support means you will do more damage.
  • Wipe away sweat thumb: Ever get sweat in your eyes when training? You can wipe your calories away any day thanks to the Marvel-lously absorbing SWEAT-X™ thumb!
  • Lab-tested material: Hayabusas two research labs have found Vylar (VYLAR®-2) leather to be stronger than genuine leather.
  • Ergonomically comfortable: How do you create a boxing glove which is comfortable? Design, make, test, repeat. Hayabusa has been doing that since 2006 and they listen to their feedback well.


  • Very expensive: All of Hayabusas Marvel boxing gloves (these included) are priced at £220 ($250) which is a good price for all the work they have put into it but a huge price for some people.

Moving on to the…


Overall, while these are priced way above many peoples budgets…

However, the amount of time and testing that has gone into the making of these gloves really makes up for why the price tag is so high. I mean, the Captain America gloves are:

  • Brilliantly designed
  • Beautifully aesthetic
  • Bloody great!


The Marvel gloves are engineered with:

  • Specialised Vylar leather
  • A protective double wrist strap
  • And four layers of padding!

What this means for you is a long-lasting glove which will support you in your mission to the top of whatever your goals are.

3. Hayabusa Black Panther Boxing Gloves


  • Subtly beautiful: I love the fine details behind these gloves and how the silvery black bring them to life.
  • Marvel imprinted logo: Are you a Marvel fan? I’m a big one and these gloves have been specially licensed by Marvel themselves meaning… Hayabusas designers have worked with Marvel to create a phenomenal product!
  • Quadruple foam padding: Looking for a glove which actually protects your knuckles? These come with four layers of foam padding (most of the other gloves on the market come with three) so you get that extra protection!


  • Very expensive: These gloves are priced at £220/$250 so while the panther gloves will protect your hands, they might break your bank account.

Note: A cheaper option (which has the same material/technologies without the design) is the Hayabusa T3s boxing glove you can review right here.


Want to find one of the best looking, most popular boxing gloves in the world?

These gloves are just that. However…

While I love Marvel, these gloves are made in a similar way to the standard yet impressive T3s (which are half of the price)…

You can review the T3s here.

4. Hayabusa ‘The Punisher’ Boxing Gloves


  • Based on a film: These Marvel licensed (approved by Marvel) gloves are based on ‘The Punisher’ action movie starring Jon Bernthal, Amber Rose Revah and Giorgia Whigham so… Wearing them on your hands will be both cool and honourable to Marvel studios.
  • Smells fresh for longer: ‘The Punisher’ boxing glove has a silver lining on the wrist compartment which acts as a roadblock to bacteria, therefore giving you a better-smelling glove!
  • Protective model: Good protection comes about when a company truly cares about their customers. Hayabusa is always listening to their customers and… these gloves now come with a double strap (the only boxing brand allowed to have a double strap), quadruple foam layer, Vylar leather and lots more.


  • Expensive again: As mentioned before, all of the Marvel gloves are costly for people who aren’t interested in the sport of boxing.


If you’re looking for a glove that:

  • Looks brilliant
  • Feels brilliant
  • Protects you like a superhero
  • Yet you know it will cost you a lot of money


5. Hayabusa Captain Marvel Boxing Gloves


  • Look like a superhero: I’m a big fan of Marvel, their movies, and now their licensed gloves from Hayabusa. You’ll look like a badass and feel like one whenever you put them on!
  • Durable: With its own Vylar leather material, these Captain Marvel gloves will last a long time and help you achieve your goals.
  • Odour resistant: While the gloves are not 100% odour resistant (you still need to air them out) their silver antibacterial lining blocks bad smells from building up. Now let’s turn to the…


  • Super expensive: As mentioned above, these Marvel gloves are very expensive and you’ve got to be either a committed boxer or a true Marvel fan (or both) to be spending over a few hundred dollars/pounds. Now it’s time for the…


These gloves are epic in how they look and feel.

Fans are even calling out Hayabusa to design a headgear to match. So… should you get it?

It’s up to you.

Personally I would prefer to get the Hayabusa T3s because you get the exact same glove without having to pay an extra £80 ($110) for the design.

You can jump down to review Hayabusa T3s here or…

  • Buy these marvel gloves on Hayabusas UK store here or their US store here.

6. Hayabusa T3 LX Boxing Gloves


  • Vintage look: I like how these gloves have a vintage cowboy-leather effect due to the full-grain Italian leather (highest quality leather on the market) which is also super tough and… I also like the precision stitching which holds this glove together.
  • Wrist support: Feel free to throw power punches with any heavy bag because the splints and double straps on this glove will stop your wrists from injuries.
  • Knuckle protection: See for yourself how the four layers of foam (CRUSH ZONE™) absorb the shock of your punches nicely!


  • Still high price: The full-grain Italian leather means you’ll be paying £50 ($70) more than the original T3s and some people find the…
  • Straps difficult to use: Many have complained about the difficulty of adjusting these T3 LX gloves due to the double straps but over time this issue goes away with practice (just like learning how to tie your shoelaces).


The T3 LX gloves are one my personal favourite Hayabusa boxing gloves because the full-grain Italian leather looks both beautiful and is durable. But…

Unfortunately high quality comes at a high price.

These gloves come with a price tag of £150 ($180) which is why they are best for boxing enthusiasts and athletes.

7. Hayabusa T3 Kanpeki Boxing Gloves


  • Full-grain leather: Every glove on this list (apart from the LX above) is made from a PU leather which is synthetic (not real leather). The Kanpeki gloves (as well as the LX’s above) are 100% full-grain leather which means you’ll avoid the chances of short-term wear and tear.
  • Splint protection: Wrist support is everything in boxing and the Kanpeki’s award-winning splints stabilise your wrists no matter how hard you hit.
  • Great smell: The full-grain leather combined with the AG fabric liner (anti-odour lining) give a good smell to these gloves!


  • Colour: The brown version can look quite pale in my opinion but Hayabusa can’t help the colour of the animal skin (leather).


This is probably the highest quality Hayabusa boxing glove on this list but due to the lack of design (in comparison to their other state of the art Marvel gloves) they are rated number seven on this list.

If I needed another pair of boxing gloves (which I don’t at the moment) I’d get these due to their:

  • Award-winning wrist support
  • Quadruple foam padding
  • Durable full-grain leather material

8. Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves

(Best overall with price, quality and design)


  • The same as the rest of the gloves at a much lower cost: All of the Marvel gloves listed above are made from the exact same material. The only difference? The design isn’t as good with these (but it doesn’t mean the gloves don’t look bad!). I love the carbon effect on the front of the glove and how the coloured stitching goes in between it.
  • Wrist support: The famous (and award-winning) splints on the face of the glove allow them to stabilise your wrists to put a stop to injuries!
  • Comfortable to use: Foam padding is crucial in every boxing glove and Hayabusa have taken their T3s one step further with four layers of powerful protection! Not to mention their:
  • Durable engineered material: Hayabusa funds researchers at several Universities and together… The brand has created its very own Engineered leather called VYLAR®-2 (the most durable in the business)!


  • Need to get used to: The T3s need 10 training sessions for them to feel comfortable as the gloves need breaking in like a new pair of shoes.


The T3s have become so popular that Hayabusa have created a whole range of Marvel gloves which copy the T3s features with the only difference being… The design.

What this difference means for you is a saving of £90/$120!

Basically, you get the exact same boxing gloves but pay £90/$120 more for a Marvel design!

This is why these gloves are the best overall on this list…

9. Hayabusa Classic Laced Boxing Gloves

(Best for competitions)


  • You can fight in them: Boxers fight with lace-up gloves because they experience a snug fit:

Screenshot of a website which explains why lace up gloves are better for competition

  • Minimal break-in: Unlike Hayabusas other gloves, the classics do not require any breaking in meaning you’ll feel comfortable as soon as you put them on.
  • Durable cowhide leather: Want a glove which will last a long time? You’ll be safe with these classic lace-up gloves because of the 100% cow-hide leather (the unbleached skin and hair of a cow)!


  • Only three layers: Unlike the majority of Hayabusa’s gloves, these classic laced gloves only have three layers of foam padding and the reason for this is… Most competition gloves are generally softer so you can do more damage.


Hayabusa are one of the best boxing glove companies in the business and these classic lace-up gloves are suitable for your training, sparring, and competition bouts meaning…

The classic lace-up is an all-round amazing glove which may or may not be in stock.

10. Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves

(Cheapest glove they sell)


  • Low price and: You’ll notice how much more comfortable and better the gloves are than any other pair of gloves in the same price range (£50/$70).
  • Free hand wraps: Need a new pair of fresh hand wraps? The S4s come with a free pair of black 180-inch hand wraps which usually retail at £10/$15!
  • Wipe-away sweat thumb: How annoying is it when you get sweat in your eye during your training? It’s a pain in the ass, but… with the S4s, you can wipe away your sweat with ease thanks to the absorbing rubber thumb material.


  • Less protective: This glove may be 25% less protective than Hayabusa’s other gloves due to one less layer of foam  (but it does come at half the price!).


Overall, the S4’s are best if you’re training 1-3 times per week and you want to save money.

Honestly, I wouldn’t get them for myself as I train a lot.

If you also train a lot you want to look for a glove which offers hand protection and longevity.

You can find both of these things with the T3s I’ve mentioned above.

  • Buy the S4s on Hayabusas UK store here or US store here.

Best Boxing Glove for Youth/Kids

Hayabusa S4 Youth Boxing Glove


  • Built-in wrist support: Unfortunately, many gloves sold out there claim to have “wrist support” but… you’ll find they bend easily. These S4 gloves come with built-in wrist support which prevents your wrists from bending and reduces your chance of getting a wrist injury.
  • Low cost: Brilliant price for what you get in return.
  • Grip bar: You can easily make a fist due to the dense foam grip bar meaning you get more comfort.


  • Less foam padding: If you are an adult looking to get this glove for your small hands, you will only get three layers (as opposed to four layers) of foam but… this will be better for kids because the gloves would otherwise be too heavy and stocky.


I like how these gloves come with strong wrist support and are comfortable for anyone below the age of 15 to use.

Also, the S4s are not overpriced like many of Hayabusas other gloves.

Here are some frequently asked questions which you will want to know:

Hayabusa S4 Youth boxing gloves FAQ (frequently asked questions)screenshot

Here are a pair of hand wraps you buy alongside the gloves.

Note about information below: The section below will cover the T3 boxing gloves in more detail because the majority of Hayabusas gloves are designed around the T3s.

Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves: An In-depth Easy to Read Review

Hayabusa T3 Boxing glove review with multiple illustrations of the gloves features

This is the complete review of Hayabusas T3 boxing glove.

The reason why I’m sharing this review with you is because… the T3 is Hayabusas most popular boxing glove! So:

I’m going to break down the:

First thing’s first, what is the…

Price: How Much do Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves Cost?

Boxing gloves with a price tag labelled at £199

The Hayabusa T3 boxing gloves are expensive (starting from £99/$120) in comparison to other high-quality training gloves. And…

The T3s should be expensive because they have what many other gloves on the market do not have:

Great padding and great wrist support.

Yes, hand wraps play a big part in your wrist stability, but the combination of both good gloves and good hand wraps is twice as effective. So you might be thinking:

Why does some extra padding and wrist support make these gloves really expensive?

Because a protective glove will allow you to sink your knuckles into your heavy bag nicely without risk of injury…

Summary: The standard Hayabusa boxing T3 boxing glove starts at £99/$120 and… are priced this high because the T3s offers supreme wrist support and additional foam padding. Buy on Amazon here.

Now, what is it about Hayabusa that is getting so many people talking about them? Let me reveal the answer below…

The Brand: About Hayabusa

Hayabusa brand with an eagle flying in the air

Hayabusa is the upcoming Everlast of the fighting world… they will be the brand everyone knows.

The company was founded in 2006 by Craig Clement, Ken Clement, David Zikakis and Luke Harris.

Now you may be wondering why I have uploaded an image of an eagle with boxing gloves as wings?

Surprisingly, the eagle isn’t a joke!

That’s right!

The word ‘Hayabusa’ is Japanese for the word: ‘Peregrine Falcon’, which is the bird you can see above.

A Peregrine Falcon is a bird of impressive:

  • Speed
  • Power
  • And strength.

Exactly what Hayabusas gloves help fighters achieve!

The name represents a fighter’s determination to pursue and produce predator power above all. But…

What is so special about Hayabusa?

Sure, they could be just “another boxing brand” to you, but what makes Hayabusa stand out is:

Their innovation and ability to adapt.

Like a bird changing direction in a split second, Hayabusa quickly adapts to improve their line of boxing gloves.

How do they do this?

By listening to their customers.

This is especially true with their previous glove – the Tokushu Regenesis Boxing Glove – which had issues such as:

  • A small thumb compartment
  • Wrist scratching

Hayabusa noticed the issue, removed it and created a better boxing glove as a result.

Furthermore, Hayabusa also funds research at universities (Waterloo & Cincinnati) so they can improve the performance and safety of their gloves!

Summary: Hayabusa was founded in 2006 by four friends who have produced better fight gloves year after year. Coaches consider Hayabusas gloves to be the “gold standard in hand protection and comfort”.

So what is actually good or bad about the T3 gloves? Keep reading…


  • Lightweight: Despite having four layers of thick foam for your protection, the T3 boxing gloves are not impacted by the extra weight. Instead, they feel as light as a feather which is a great advantage during the later rounds when your arms are tired.
  • Supreme padding and protection: As we mentioned in the point above, these gloves come with four layers of thick foam which makes them really compact and gives you the ability to sink your punches into your heavy bag without injuring your hands.
  • Wrist support: The T3s have 4 interlocking splints which means the gloves will not bend at the wrist like a lot of other gloves on the market do. The T3s feel as though you’re wearing lace-up gloves thanks to the stability!


  • Small hand compartment: People with big hands find these gloves to be too small and… others online said the T3s need breaking into a lot to get comfortable. Another disadvantage is…
  • Pricing: The T3s are expensive because of their padding, wrist protection, and branding. But they are worth it for those of us who train a lot and need the best we can get.

Review these gloves on Amazon.

I’ve touched upon the padding and durability of these gloves, but are the four layers of foam padding all that separate these gloves from their competitors? Find out below…

The T3s Durability | Or: How Long Do These Gloves Last?

Circle showing a rating of nine out of ten and an illustrated strong muscle

Durability is how much something can withstand wear and tear so…

Is the Hayabusa T3 boxing glove long-lasting?

For a glove to be long-lasting it needs to be:

  • Made from strong materials
  • Moulded, stitched, and prepared by the best craftsman
  • And rigorously designed and tested for ultimate greatness because:

“Greatness is possible but perfection is not” Ray Dalio

Is the T3 boxing glove made from strong materials?

The standard T3 boxing glove is made from an outer layer mixture of microfiber vegan leather.

The reason why Hayabusa have chosen microfiber vegan leather (known as Vylar – or – their trademark VYLAR®-2)  is due to Hayabusas funded research at the University of Cincinnati which identified what the best material was to use.

Hayabusa claimed:

“With flexibility and surface resistance (abrasion), to tear and split protection, Vylar showed superior results”.

I couldn’t find any evidence to back this up – so it would be good to see how Hayabusa tested the material but for now, we can only go along with their claim. And honestly:

It is a great glove to use!

Is the T3 moulded, stitched, and prepared by the best craftsman?

The T3s are handcrafted by a team of experts who make the gloves by hand using the latest technology and machines.

Is the T3 rigorously designed and tested?

From my research, the T3 boxing glove is rigorously designed and tested due to two reasons:

First: Hayabusa has a warehouse in Las Vegas, Nevada where they always ensure every glove is of the highest quality before shipment.

Second: The company funds researchers at the University of Waterloo and the University of Cincinnati where experts are tasked with designing and testing the highest quality gloves.

Hayabusas research has led to the discovery of Vylar, an animal-free material which performs better against a “genuine leather” glove which many other gloves are made of.

These reasons give Hayabusa the upper-hand against their opponents and allow them to deliver high quality, durable boxing gloves time and again.

The T3s Protection | Or: Will These Gloves Protect My Hand/Wrist?

Hand/wrist protection with an illustrated thumb and a rating of eight out of ten

Protection is defined as something that protects you from something, like a mat cushioning a gymnast from a fail:

So do these T3 boxing gloves protect your hands and wrists? ?

While I don’t have personal experience using the T3 boxing gloves, the research I’ve found online shows that these gloves do protect your hands and wrists. For example:

Fighters have said “these gloves do not hurt my hand or wrists after a session” and “I usually get a feeling of pain in my wrist and knuckles at the end of a training session but the T3 boxing gloves were really protective”.

From my research, the majority of people said the T3’s felt very “compact” and “comfortable” to use which is probably due to the protective design the T3s have.

Many boxing gloves claim to have good wrist support and many gloves claim to have good padding.

And they are right, they are good. But they are not great like Hayabusas T3s.

First – let’s talk about the T3s wrist support:

Hayabusa is the only company in the world with permission to make a glove with a unique closure system. So often:

People ask the question:

Internet: “Should I get a pair of lace-up gloves or a pair of velcro gloves?”

And to that I say:

Me: “Get a pair of Hayabusa T3 Velcro Boxing Gloves”


Because these aren’t your typical velcro gloves.

The T3 glove is made up of four interlocking splints which make you feel like you’re wearing lace-ups.

This is because you are basically unable to move your wrists at all. Exactly what you want in a boxing glove!

Some people complain that the T3s are too difficult to put on and off, and while they are right… if you compare putting the T3s on to putting a pair of lace-ups on, the T3s are much better!

Note: If you are a Kickboxer/Muay Thai fighter I wouldn’t recommend getting these gloves because you will struggle to clinch your opponent due to the stiff wrists. Instead, I’d recommend checking out the Twins Special BGVL-3.

Lastly – let’s talk about the T3s padding:

The majority of high-priced gloves on the market are made with three layers of foam padding. But here’s the thing:

Thanks to Hayabusas research into thickness, layerings, and foam properties, the T3s don’t just come with three layers of standard foam…

The T3s come with four layers of Crush Zone™ foam!

illustration of four classic red boxing gloves

The reasoning behind this is simple:

  1. These are training gloves
  2. The goal of training is to protect yourself as much as possible
  3. The T3s give you that protection whether you’re striking a heavy bag or your sparring partner

Now, while durability and protection are essential for a great pair of boxing gloves, it’s just as crucial to have a pair of gloves which are comfortable…

The T3s Comfort | Or: Do These Gloves Fit and Feel Good?

Quote... "comfort rated 7 out of 10 with the Hayabusa T3's"

When I tried these gloves on for the first time the first thing I found was… the wrist strap was tricky to get used to.

I looked online and could see many people having the same problem. For example, one online reviewer said:

“These gloves can be tough to get on and off fast when doing my circuit training. I am getting used to it though and they are protecting my wrists well.”

I also found the inner padding slightly tough to get used to.

I looked online again and found reviews of people experiencing the same thing. For example:

“Very, very stiff gloves. This will take a lot of time to break in. But all in all, I’m happy”.

But it’s not like Hayabusa didn’t know about this, as they said themselves:

“These gloves are just like a new pair of jeans, the more you use them, the more comfortable they get. We find they break in after 10 to 15 sessions”.

I’m sure they will feel comfortable for you too.

Now, here is a common question people always ask:

What Size Boxing Gloves Should You Wear?

Here is what Hayabusa recommend:

Size chart showing 8-10 ounces for training and 14 to 16 ounces for sparring or competition

Children: 8oz

But what if you are tied between two sizes?

Always get the size up, you will be able to return them whether you buy them on Amazon here or on Hayabusas store here.

Here is what professional UFC champion, George St-Pierre has to say about Hayabusas glove size:

Georges St-Pierre Talks What Glove Size You Need - MMA & Boxing

He said:

“If you weigh over 145lbs, 16oz gloves are best for sparring because you don’t want to hurt your sparring partner”.

 “When you’re hitting the bags/pads, I like to use 10-12oz gloves because it is faster and I don’t want to wear down my sparring gloves”.

The T3s Appearance | Or: Will I Look Like a Bad Ass With These Gloves?

Circle showing a rating of eight out of ten and an illustrated magnifying glass

Let’s face it, although looks shouldn’t matter to us, we ALL want to look good in front of our mates.


Because human beings judge one other from the outside (unfortunately), and when you look good you can relax and feel comfortable.

These gloves look great because of:

  • The combination of detail: The T3s have one colour (of your choice) located within the inner hand compartment (something most companies ignore) and… the same colour is present on the face of the glove. This colour combination (with the carbon fibre effect) makes it look like your gloves are a living machine about to cause some chaos.
  • The stitching: The T3s stitching looks perfect and with my research online I couldn’t find a single bad review about the stitching.
  • The multiple colour options: Each year, the Hayabusa team are creating more and more colours due to their popularity. The T3 boxing gloves currently have over fifteen different colour options!
  • The logo: In previous gloves (such as the Regenesis), Hayabusa put a massive and less attractive logo on the knuckle area of the glove. It was as though you were sponsoring the company! Fortunately, the brand listened to their customers well and the logo is now much smaller and does not take up the entire space of the glove.

The T3s Cleaning | Or: How Much Cleaning Is Involved With These Gloves?

Circle showing a rating of eight out of ten and an illustrated disinfectant bottle

We all know that cleaning is important. But…

How much cleaning do you have to do with the T3 boxing glove?

Answer: Not a lot.

This is because these (as well as all of Hayabusas gloves) come with an antimicrobial silver lining technology (known as XT2®) which prevents bacteria growth.

If your gloves weren’t bacteria resistant they would start to smell really bad, which is true in the case of many other gloves.

The result of having bacteria resistant gloves means you don’t have to replace your gloves as often. However…

This doesn’t mean you should simply throw your gloves in your gym bag after your training session.

A damp, dark, and dirty place is where bacteria multiplies and… these gloves are not 100% bacteria resistant.

All you need to do is keep your boxing gloves separate from your gym bag and air them out after every session by opening the straps completely.

To further protect your gloves from smelling, many fighters have found the inexpensive Sports Glove Deodouriser to work like magic.

Now let’s see…

What to Look Out for With the T3s

From my thorough research, here is what you need to know:

  • It is tough to get used to (in the beginning): There have been many complaints about how the straps take ‘forever’ to put on and off.
  • These gloves are not cheap: The T3s start in the hundreds so I’d recommend getting them if you want to box for a long time or every day (or both).
  • The T3s can overheat: I’ve found online these T3s can overheat. But, if I wear my hand wraps for 10 minutes and take them off after shadowboxing, my hands are still sweaty and hot. Do you find this happens to you too? See, this has led me to believe that any glove you wear will make your hands hot due to the friction of the material and lack of fresh air… but… this is just my opinion.

Moving on…

What Is Good About the Hayabusa T3 Boxing Glove?

  • Attached thumb for sweat wiping: We can all agree that sweat in your eye is a pain in the ass when it comes to training, and Hayabusa realised this common issue and added an absorbent thumb which does the job nicely.
  • Engineered leather material: I love how they are working with Universities in order to find a glove with the best material. The T3s are made with an outer Vylar leather (non-animal leather) which is apparently “the most resistant material available”. What I’d like to see however is evidence of how this is the “most resistant material” and why the T3s are less expensive than Hayabusas other gloves made from full-grain Italian leather such as the T3 LX glove…
  • Multi-layer foam protection: It is rare for gloves to have more than three layers of foam, and many critics who haven’t tried the gloves on would say that the gloves would be heavier due to the extra layer of foam, but… reviewers have found these gloves to be very light and prevented hand/wrist pain.
  • Dual-X wrist support: How can we not talk about the T3’s wrist support? Did you know Hayabusa are the only company with the licence to manufacture two interlocking straps? These straps give you hand and wrist protection similar to lace-up gloves.
  • Easy refund policy: If you have any issues with the gloves you can return them within 45 days where you’ll receive a quick exchange or refund (with a tiny fee). However, if you’re international to the US, your custom duties/sales tax will not be refunded which is why I recommend getting them from Amazon if you’re outside of the US (you’ll still be entitled to Amazon’s 30-day refund policy).

Where are Hayabusa Boxing Gloves Made?

where are hayabusa gloves made (containing American and Canadian flag)

The location of Hayabusas manufacturing facility is unknown but what we do know is Hayabusas:

  • Headquarters are in Kingston, Ontario (Canada)
  • Global distribution centre is in Las Vegas, Nevada (United States)
  • Testing grounds (two independent boxing gyms) are also located in Canada
  • Research is done at the University of Waterloo (Canada) and the University of Cincinnati (United States)

From this, we can only imagine that Hayabusas factory is either in the US or Canada (likely the US as their distribution centre is here).

Where to Buy Hayabusa Boxing Gloves?

You can buy Hayabusa boxing gloves in three places:

  1. Most boxing glove stores (call the shop first to see if they have Hayabusa gloves in stock)
  2. Online e-commerce stores (such as Amazon)
  3. On Hayabusa’s website (best if you’re in the US as shipping is free and the prices are slightly lower)


I hope you enjoyed my Hayabusa boxing gloves review.

Now I’d like to hear what you have to say:

What do you like about Hayabusas boxing gloves?

Do you prefer another brand?

Or maybe you’re going to buy a pair right now?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below!

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