Two illustrated boxing gloves with text that reads, "for kids".

This article will rate and review the best boxing gloves for kids.

Whether your little one has just started boxing or they have been sparring for quite some time, the below models will help them learn the proper techniques of jabs, undercuts, hooks, and more

Without further ado, let’s jump into it.

RDX Kids Boxing Gloves

(Best overall)

Sizes: 6oz, 4oz

Color options: Black, Blue, Pink, Red


Perforated palm allows for better airflow: This boxing glove features small pockets to let cold air in, soak the moisture off of your little one’s hands, and flow out. As you might guess, this will keep your child’s handles cool.

Multiple features to protect your little one from injury: The most important of which is the attached thumb that makes sure your little champion’s thumb doesn’t poke out while they’re sparring, thereby saving them from an excruciating thumb injury

Hook-and-loop velcro strap allows easy on/off: Aside from that, it will let your child or their coach adjust the glove’s tightness for a better fit.


Could do with size options: As things stand, these boxing gloves won’t fit children who are aged 12 or above.


The RDX Kids Boxing Gloves are one of the best on the market, thanks to their protective features, excellent ventilation, and the ease with which your little one can put them on or take them off.

Buy the RDX Kids Boxing Gloves on Amazon here or buy them from RDX’s Official Website.

Hayabusa S4 Kids Boxing Gloves

Sizes: 6oz, 8oz

Color options: Black, Blue, Charcoal, Pink, White


Built-in wrist support reduces the risk of wrist injury: A good wrist support can also help kids to develop better techniques when punching by encouraging them to keep their wrist in a neutral position. This, in turn, will improve the power and accuracy of their punches.

Grip bar to help the wearer have a better grip on the gloves: This will help your child control their punches more effectively. Plus, by helping them position their hands correctly, the grip bar may also help improve your little one’s boxing technique.

Padded knuckle protection reduces the risk of injury to knuckles and hands: It does that by cushioning the impact of inches. This would let your child train for longer periods without worrying about the pain of hitting a firm surface.


Might be wide for kids aged 4 and under: Self-explanatory.


The Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves won’t only improve the hitting technique of their wearer. These gloves will also reduce their wearer’s risk of injury and give them the cushioning needed for long and hard-hitting sparring sessions.

Buy the Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves on Amazon here or buy them from Hayabusa’s Official Website here.

Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves

(Best overall)

Sizes: 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz

Color options: 11 different color options


Triple-density foam affords extra protection for young hands: As you might guess, this will reduce the risk of soreness and injury. The added layers of foam will also give these gloves a better chance of withstanding rough use, making them more durable.

Breathable interior mesh allows for better air circulation within the gloves: This will keep the hand cool and dry during sparring and training sessions. An enhanced airflow will also reduce the build-up of bacteria and sweat, thereby keeping odors at bay.

The curved shape of the gloves ensures a more natural grip: Your little one would thus find it much easier to develop a proper technique for punching and holding. Aside from that, the curved shape will help this glove conform to the hand’s natural shape, ensuring a more comfortable fit.


Velcro strap could be made to stick better: Multiple users have complained that they have to repeatedly re-tighten the strap during training.


The Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves will protect your little one’s hands from easily avoidable injuries and provide a comfortable and secure fit. Plus, thanks to their curved shape, your little one will be able to develop the correct sparring technique.

Buy the Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves on Amazon here or buy them from Venum’s official website here.

Fairtex BGV14 Kids

Sizes: 4oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz

Color options: 23 different color options


Multi-layer foam padding offers an extra layer of protection: The multi-layer foam padding is designed to absorb and distribute impact force, reducing the risk of injury to your little one’s wrists and hands.

Microfiber fabric has made them lightweight: In addition, it has made these gloves easy to clean and maintain, which is excellent news for parents whose kids don’t show much care for their gear once they’re done training for the day.

Built-in glove bar affords extra protection to hands: It also helps keep the gloves in place, preventing them from slipping and sliding during punches, which can improve the accuracy and power of punches.


Bigger sizes are very pricey for kids’ gloves: Self-explanatory.


The Fairtex BGV14 Kids Gloves will protect your little one’s hands and help improve the power and accuracy of their punches. What more can you ask for!

Buy the Fairtex BGV14 Kids Gloves on Amazon here or buy them from MMA Factory.

TITLE Boxing Classic Kid & Youth Boxing Gloves 2.0

Sizes: 8oz

Color options: Three color options


Two inches of molded protective foams provide extra cushioning: The result? Greater protection to the hands and rests and a lower risk of injury.

Textured surface improves grip and control: It also enables these gloves to fit snugly and comfortably, helping the younger ones focus on their training and hit harder and more accurately.

PU leather cover and cross-weave lining make these gloves more durable: In addition, the cross-weave lining allows for better ventilation, with the PU leather cover making these gloves easier to clean and maintain.


Available in a single size: Unfortunately, these boxing gloves come in a single size (8z). While Title claims that this size is universal, we think otherwise.


If your child is yet to start practicing their hooks, punches, and undercuts, the Title Boxing Classing Kid & Youth Boxing Gloves 2.0 are a must-have.

Buy the Title Boxing Classing Kid & Youth Boxing Gloves 2.0 on Amazon here or buy them from Title’s Official Website.


What are the key factors to consider when choosing a pair of boxing gloves for kids?

Start by making sure that the gloves you’re looking at are the right size for your child’s hand. Pay special attention to the weight of the gloves. The glove’s weight should be appropriate for the skill level and age of your little one.

Next, make sure that the gloves feature good ventilation to keep your child’s hands cool and sweat-free during training. Moreover, the best kids’ gloves also have an adequate amount of padding in the knuckle area to protect your child’s knuckles and hands.

Once you have done all this, it’s time to turn your attention to the closure options. Gloves with velcro closure allow easier on/off than those with lace-up closure.

What is the best brand of boxing gloves for kids?

RDX, Hayabusa, Venum, and Fairtex are all excellent brands of boxing gloves for kids.

What size boxing gloves are suitable for a 7-year-old?

Either 8 oz or 10 oz boxing gloves are recommended for a 7-year-old child. Both these sizes are smaller and easy to carry, letting the child easily handle and control them.

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