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This is the ultimate Adidas boxing glove review.

In this action-packed review, I’m going to show you what the best Adidas boxing gloves are, as well as answer the most common questions about Adidas and their gloves.

Let’s jump into it.

Top 10 Best Adidas Boxing Gloves

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1. Adidas Hybrid 100 Boxing Gloves (best all-round: Price, quality, comfort and protection)
2. Adidas Unisex Speed 50 Boxing Glove (Brilliant glove suitable for all ages)
3. Adidas Unisex Hybrid 200 Boxing Glove (best for training)
4. Adidas Hybrid 300 Boxing Gloves
5. Adidas AdiPower Boxing Gloves
6. Adidas Speed 300 Boxing Gloves
7. Adidas AIBA Licensed Boxing Gloves
8. Adidas Ultima Competition Boxing Cloves Climacool
9. Adidas Speed 175 Leather Boxing Gloves
10. Adidas Performer Boxing Gloves

1. Adidas Hybrid 100 Boxing Gloves

(Best all-round: Price, quality, comfort and protection)


Good design: I like how these Hybrid 100s are ergonomically well shaped and the ‘hybrid’ print on the thumb stands out nicely. You can also choose four different colours and my personal favourite is the blue.

Strong material: Interestingly, Hayabusas (another boxing brand) researchers found out that synthetic PU material is stronger than genuine leather and… the Hybrid 100 is made from PU material making it a strong material!

Large elastic strap: Easy adjustment is important when you’re boxing because there is nothing worse than trying to take off difficult gloves when you’re trying to open your water bottle! The Hybrid 100 gloves come with a large elastic strap meaning you can take your gloves off without a worry.


Some don’t last long: Some verified online reviewer showed that the stitching of these gloves come apart and… even the elastic on the velcro strap has sometimes come off which indicates low quality.


The Hybrid 100’s are one of the best Adidas boxing gloves out there because they are designed with a fighters interests in mind as they tick the boxes for:

  • Easy to adjust
  • Protective
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Buy these gloves on Amazon

2. Adidas Unisex Speed 50 Boxing Gloves

(Brilliant glove also suitable for kids)


Suitable for anyone: You can choose sizes from 4oz (toddlers) all the way up to 16oz (heavy adults) so you can buy them for any of your friends or family no matter their age/size!

Fast and light: The Unisex speed 50s are fast and furious thanks to their ergonomic design and lightweight materials.

Easy to use: Adjusting the straps on these gloves is simple thanks to their size giving you control of tightness even when you or your child are wearing both of your gloves.


Wrist support: You will get some wrist support with the Speed 50s but you’ll still need to buy a good pair of hand wraps to truly stabilise yourself.


The Adidas Unisex Speed 50 boxing glove is one of Adidas’ best boxing glove because the quality is brilliant, the glove is suitable for anyone and it’s also the most popular Adidas glove you can buy.

Buy these gloves on Amazon

3. Adidas Unisex Hybrid 200 Boxing Glove

(Best for training)


High-quality materials: The Hybrid 200s not only look the part but are made the part! Adidas have hand-crafted these gloves together using leather, multi-layered foam, horsehair padding and…

Taffeta lining: Holding these gloves together is a smooth, woven fabric known as taffeta lining which is incredibly strong! So strong in fact that this high-end fabric is used in the creation of ball gowns, wedding dresses and luxury curtains.

Large wrist strap: Ease of use is important when boxing and these Hybrid 200s operate with a large super-secure strap velcro closure.

Very protective: “Protect yourself at all times” is the phrase we hear often before every fight begins and this phrase also applies to your training. Adidas has revolutionised the 200s with their multi-layered foam protection (with horsehair padding) which provides ultimate comfort when hitting the bag, pad, or sparring partner.


Quality could be better: While these gloves say they are made from leather, the leather Adidas is referring to is ‘Genuine leather’ (or… the lowest quality leather you can buy) which can impact the longevity of your gloves. We now turn to the…


Overall, I’d rate these gloves as good because the mixture of high-quality materials, large wrist strap, and multi-layered foam make the Hybrid 200s an all-round glove.

You can buy these gloves on Amazon here.

4. Adidas Hybrid 300 Boxing Gloves


Ergonomic fit: Comfortable gloves make for comfortable fighting which is important for staying relaxed and not tensing up like some fighters do!

Strong materials: The 300s are made from a genuine cowhide leather which means you’ll get a glove that’ll last a long period of time.

Great looking: I love the glossy green and black finish and how the exterior velcro strap has multiple lines running across it… almost making it look like a metal spring!

Protective as anything: It’s rare to find a glove which is made with multiple layers of foam and horsehair because it can be tricky for manufacturers to make. The padding absorbs the shock from your punch and helps prevent knuckle injuries but Hybrid 300s are expensive.


Expensive: These 300’s are one of the most expensive gloves on the list (£115/$149) but while your bank account may break, your hands certainly won’t!

Complaints: One online review shows these gloves “do not absorb your punches that well” and “can tear”.


The Hybrid 300s are in the top 4 best boxing gloves today because they are the latest Hybrid version of Adidas’s line of gloves and this means you get the latest inventions such as:

  • Cow-hide leather (a strong durable leather compared to Adidas’s other gloves)
  • The best looking in my opinion due to the mixture of glossy colours and a patterned wrist strap
  • Multi-layered foam padding with horsehair giving you that extra protection when you need it the most

The only reason why you wouldn’t buy these gloves is because they are out of your budget!

Buy these gloves on Amazon

5. Adidas AdiPower Boxing Gloves


Choice of velcro or lace-up: Most gloves sold on the market today either come with a lace-up or a velcro… it is rare to find a glove which comes with both.  Adipowers offer a choice of two! Velcro is best for training purposes whereas Adipowers lace-up design is best for sparring/competitions due to greater wrist stability.

Made in the USA: Adidas’s manufacturing facility is in the USA which means buying this glove will benefit thousands of American workers.

Comfort: If you feel uncomfortable when boxing you won’t feel your best. Adidas have heard many complaints about both their older boxing gloves and competitor boxing gloves rubbing on your skin and this creates frustration for many. However… Adidas now use a soft inner lining for hand comfort (like a nice pillow for your head at night) meaning you can be comfortable when training.


Lowest quality leather: The majority of boxing gloves Adidas make are made from ‘Genuine Leather’. Unfortunately, genuine leather is one of the lowest quality leathers out there:

Screenshot of what genuine leather actually is (lowest quality of the leathers)

Injected foam: Injected foam is low-cost for Adidas but… There is less protection for your knuckles compared to better gloves on the market.


In summary, the Adidas AdiPower boxing glove is a great glove if you are new to the sport of boxing or only train one to three times per week.

If you train more than three times per week, you’d want to get:

  1. Triple/quadruple density foam padding
  2. Higher quality leather

The Velcro version can be bought on Geezers Boxing here and the lace-up version can be bought on Amazon here.

6. Adidas Speed 300 Boxing Gloves


Lightweight: Speed beats power according to Connor Mcgregor and these Speed 300s are lightweight yet ergonomic meaning you will pack a powerful punch.

Easy to clench your fist: Some gloves out there can feel too tough but… the 300s moulded foam helps you close your fist to make your punch harder and if you’re a kickboxer: help you in the clinch!

Good wrist support: The D ring hook and loop closure on these Speed 300s allow you to close your wrist strap easily without it being too small or too fragile.


High-end price: The Speed 300s are generally well priced for a boxing glove but I feel that you can get better gloves for your money, such as the Venum Elites which also more padding.

Quality could be better: Genuine leather is what these gloves are made of which is the lowest quality leather you can buy. But… genuine leather is better than no leather at all!


Overall, while the Speed 300s are a good pair of gloves they are overpriced in comparison to great gloves which fall within the same price range.

It also looks like Adidas have stopped selling them as you can only buy the Speed 300s from third-party websites such as Boxfit or Geezers Boxing (which have no online reviews)…

You can buy these gloves on Amazon here.

7. Adidas AIBA Licensed Boxing Gloves

(Best for competitions)


These gloves were used in the Olympics: How exciting right? Back in Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Olympic Games the Adidas AIBA gloves were used and they are now affordable for many!

Durable leather: Hide leather was used to craft these gloves together which is a tough leather to break meaning… they’ll last a long time for you.

Taffeta waterproof lining: How annoying is it when your gloves become soaked with sweat? While these aren’t sweatproof, the secure Taffeta waterproof lining will prevent unnecessary sweat/liquids from entering into the inner hand compartment so… you’ll also prevent the amount of bacteria growth.


Not a great training glove: The only size you can buy these gloves in are 10-12oz which isn’t good for sparring as you don’t want to hurt your sparring partners (or your hands).


A brilliant boxing glove from the Olympic Games made from high-quality resistant materials.

If I needed a new pair of competition gloves these would be my first choice!

Buy these gloves on Amazon

8. Adidas Ultima Competition Boxing Cloves Climacool


Long-lasting material: Calf leather is what makes up the outside of these Ultima gloves which offers first-class strength meaning you won’t get the problem of wear and tear even with lots of use.

Elegant design: What are your thoughts on the white stripes across the wrist compartment? I like how they highlight the all-famous Adidas logo and the glossy red makes them shine brightly!

Multiple sizes: Great gloves for both competition and training as you have a choice between 10oz, 12oz, 14oz and 16oz (10-12oz are best for competitions/bag work whereas 14-16oz are best for sparring).


Loses its colour over time: When you hit an object over and over again you break down your glove. Unfortunately, many people have experienced a loss of colour quite quickly after purchase.

Itchy for some: If you have big hands, train a lot and don’t properly air them out after use, these Ultima gloves can rub your upper hand which is never fun. But in…


I’m going to be honest with you, if you buy these gloves you might experience discomfort and like all gloves over time, they will deteriorate. However…

You’ll get a beautiful looking glove made from high-quality leather which is worth it for the price you pay, despite what some people have rated the glove.

Buy these gloves on Amazon

9. Adidas Speed 175 Leather Boxing Gloves


Good at absorbing punches: Hand-crafted ergonomic gloves with multiple layers of foam give you a great shock absorption which is needed to protect yourself from injuries.

Wide leather closing: Adjusting your gloves easily when training is important because sometimes you’re going to need to take off/put on your boxing gloves in between rounds/circuits. Fortunately for you… these speed 175 boxing gloves will adjust well thanks to their large leather closing.

Cool appearance: I love the patterned gold strips which are highlighted brilliantly in front of the black leather. The intricate pattern almost looks like a work of art! But there are some drawbacks…


Leather material could be better: One of the biggest downsides to the 175s is the quality. They aren’t made from a fine grain leather but instead… a genuine leather which isn’t as good.


Overall, the 175’s are a great looking yet great feeling pair of boxing gloves.

I’m not the biggest fan of the choice of leather they’ve used but my verdict is: these 175’s are the winner thanks to  their ability to absorb your punches and strong, easy to adjust wrist support.

Buy these gloves on Amazon

10. Adidas Performer Boxing Gloves


High-quality material: Boxing gloves are either made out of synthetic materials, leather materials or a mixture of both. These performers are made out of a tough buff leather (bull’s or elk’s hide) which make them strong and last a long time.

Low risk of hand injury: Thanks to the IMF foam (a foam with tons of padding) and integrated gel padding, you will be able to sink your shots into your opponent without running the risk of a knuckle fracture… so common in boxing. Also…

These gloves don’t overheat: Hot hands are horrible when boxing as you experience discomfort and the feeling of wanting to take them off. Luckily for you, the Performer has a moisturising wicking palm to help keep your hands cool.


There aren’t many online reviews: I couldn’t find any online reviews and these Performer gloves are no longer sold on Amazon which gives me the impression that only a few have been made.


The Performer gloves would be higher up on the list today, but, due to limited stock, you’ll be lucky if you get a chance to own them.

I have found one pair below but it might already be sold out:

Buy these gloves on Amazon

Now you know what the best Adidas boxing gloves are, find out the answers to the most…

Common Questions About Adidas and Their Boxing Gloves


Are Adidas Boxing Gloves Good?

Some are brilliant beyond comparison whereas others are downright awful.

For example, the Adidas performers are made from a special buff leather or their Adidas AIDA gloves have been used in the 2008/2012 Olympic games so…

To say all of their gloves are bad would be wrong!

To say some of their gloves are bad is true because here’s the thing:

Some are made with synthetic (plastic) materials, have bendy unstable wrists, look unattractive and are uncomfortable so in…

Summary: Adidas manufacture good and bad boxing gloves and the lower the cost, the worse they tend to get (which is good for those on a budget).

Who Founded Adidas?

Adidas was founded by Adolf Dassler (born on 3rd November 1900 and died in 1978 at the age of 78) who was a German cobbler and inventor.

His older brother (who became one of Adolf Dassler’s biggest enemy) Rudolf Dassler was the founder of Puma…

When Did Adidas Start?

Adidas started on 18th August 1949, Herzogenaurach, Germany. In comparison:

  • Puma started in 1948, Herzogenaurach, Germany
  • Nike started in 1964, Eugene, Oregon, United States
  • Under Armour in 1996, Washington, D.C., United States

Note: I have emailed Adidas to find out when they started producing boxing gloves but the management team did not know and decided not to ask their seniors.

How Much Are Adidas Worth?

Adidas’s brand value is $16,669 billion (or £13.10 billion if you’re from the UK) and their annual profit was £11 billion in 2019:

Value (in USD): 

An upward bar chart showing adidas's brand value over a course of three years

Profit (EUR): 

An upward graph showing Adidas's profit in millions of euros

Where Are Adidas Boxing Gloves Made?

Adidas boxing gloves are made in 65 countries across the globe and the brand have over 1,200 factories.

The reason why they make them in so many countries is because… it is cheaper to deliver to people within that country.

Here is the evidence where I found this information:

Chat bot on adidas website showing where they make their boxing gloves

What Does Adidas Stand For?

Adidas was named after the founder Adolf Dassler whose nickname is ‘Adi’ and decided to add the first part of his surname ‘Das’ to form Adidas.

Adidas does not stand for:

  • All
  • Day
  • I
  • Dream
  • About
  • Soccer although…

Many people who own the brands clothing do! 🙂

How Many Adidas Stores Worldwide?

Adidas has over 490 stores worldwide across 65 countries. Thirty of these stores are in the US alone!

What Is Adidas’ Mission Statement?

The brand with three stripes have ambitious goals to achieve:

Adidas mission statement

Where to Buy Adidas Boxing Gloves

You can buy Adidas boxing gloves on most e-commerce websites such as Amazon or sporting good store… But here’s what’s interesting:

Adidas is no longer selling boxing gloves (in time of writing) on their main website.

I reached out to Adidas and they said they “don’t have anything in stock right now” which seems counterintuitive with their thousands of factories globally and a long history producing boxing gloves for fighters!


I hope you’ve enjoyed my Adidas boxing review.

Now I’d like to turn it over to you.

What is your favourite boxing glove?

Did you know Adidas and Puma were created by two brothers?

Perhaps you’ve decided on a pair of boxing gloves to buy?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now! And…

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Thank you!

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